Quick “I’m Thinking of You” Gift…

Sweet! I used chocolate covered orange candy from Trader Joe’s in the bag.  Yum.

A Little Background on My Friend…

My hairdresser, Michelle, has also become my friend.  I don’t get any special discounts at the salon or anything (so sad), but when I’m running late she only mildly picks on me and never takes it out on my hair, LOL.  Also, she designed a special color just for me, so I walk around looking “faux natural” all the time.  Well, so natural that people often ask where I get my hair done.  Michelle is a hair genius, so I think that people mean it in a good way.  (I’ll dwell on that later as I stare into the mirror and panic.)   The only evil thing that Michelle does is use a different hair product on me every time she is styling my hair prior to me leaving.  Then she whips out the newest product to explain how she made me look so put together (from the neck up).  Like a TV infomercial, I start to believe that I TOO can do this at home…and buy said product.  I have a whole drawer full now and they do all work great, but that magic that Michelle does?…yeah…not always reproducible at home.  Know what I mean?

Well, she’s been cracking me up on Facebook lately and I wanted to show her that I appreciate her, so I took this to her…

It’s just a simple little bag of chocolate candy, but with these extra touches it becomes something special.

Best of all, she liked it a bunch!

Here’s What I Used and Suggest You Keep On Hand…

Ok, do you remember when I told you that I cut out all those little scallops and keep them around for quick gift creation?  I did…right here… Cricut Mini Monograms Scalloped Circles Idea.  Well, they came in very handy when I was about to run late getting to my 10 am hair appt with Michelle.  I used these…

and I used…

  • The Stampin’ Up “Think Happy Thoughts” stamp set for the round sentiment & flower
  • A clear medium circle brad from Recollections (found at Michael’s)
  • Ribbon from Michael’s
  • Stampin Up Cello bags in Medium (these are a MUST HAVE!! I LOVE THEM)
  • Crop A Dile Big Bite (punched the hole into the ribbon for the brad to go through)
  • Ink is from Stampin’ Up
  • Paper is from PaperTrey Ink.com

I Say…

Get those Cello bags in small, medium AND large from Stampin’ Up because they are such good quality and work better than anything I’ve used.  They’re sturdy too!  You can staple them closed like I did here for my niece (see bag of candy) and they won’t tear or anything.  Awesome!!

Anyway… I also say keep some kind of hard candy on hand.  Chocolate isn’t always the answer (I know…what a lie…) but in this case it really could melt before it gets to the person.  Think about sending things in to your child’s teacher, for example.  Who knows what condition chocolate would be in by the time it made it’s way to him/her?  Could be a disaster.  Could make you look like anti-Martha Stewart.  You don’t want them to think you were pulling a trick on them by sending them in some bag of mess…it should look like a gift when they receive it.  So, keep hard candy on hand unless you’re delivering it personally…I’m just sayin’.

Also, keep some kind of ribbon on hand.  Ribbon makes you look like you went the extra mile…even though it’s just ribbon.

Ribbon + Candy + Bag + Tag = You’re a Rockin’ Crafter.

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  1. Do you mail order the Cello bags? I think it is a great idea to keep them for small Thank you occasions.

    1. I get all my Cello bags from Stampin’ Up distributors. 😀 HTH!! 😀

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