How to Use the Silhouette Cameo – Tutorials, Videos, Projects and More

There’s a new machine out!  Don’t miss this post! >>> ** The NEW Silhouette Cameo 3 Compared to the Silhouette Cameo 2 **

Silhouette Cameo Tutorials and Help for New and Seasoned Users #SilhouetteCameo #diy #tutorials

Congratulations on your new machine! I know you’re going to enjoy it! You’d be surprised how many people come up to me at craft conventions I either attend or work and talk to me about not understanding how to use their die cut machine. I begin to ask them questions so I can offer helpful advice and you know what I hear so often? “I haven’t even taken it out of the box.” As my husband would say, in the comic voice that he’s honed to be between Cooter from Dukes of Hazard and Barney Fife, “Well, there’s your first problem.” So, let’s get that bad boy outta the box. Remember: This machine works for you, you don’t work for it. Show it who’s boss and don’t let it intimidate you.

»»»»»You can find all of my Silhouette Cameo tutorials by clicking here««««

Here are just a few of the tutorials you will find!

You can check them all out on the Silhouette Tutorials page, as shown above.

»»»»»Click on the photos below to go to the corresponding post.«««««

How to Print & Cut Using the Silhouette Cameo #SilhouetteCameo #diecut #tutorials

»»»»» or watch the VIDEO«««««

How to Cut Cereal Box Using the Silhouette Cameo #SilhouetteCameo #diecut #tutorials

»»»»» or cut it WITHOUT a mat«««««

How to Import Photos Using the Silhouette Cameo #SilhouetteCameo #diecut #tutorials

The photo link tutorial has been sooooo helpful to people who’ve run into crazy cut problems!

How to Stop the Silhouette Cameo from Cutting Outside the Cutting Mat Area #SilhouetteCameo #diecut #tutorials

This is fun to do!!

How to Customize the Silhouette Cameo Control Panel with Digital Paper #SilhouetteCameo #diecut #tutorials

»»»»» Or customize it with a photo«««««

And…Don’t Miss this fun video!

If you haven’t tried the Silhouette Sketch pens, you should!

How to Use the Silhoutte Sketch Pens #SilhouetteCameo #SketchPens #tutorial

New tutorials will continue to be added to the Silhouette Tutorials page so be sure to check it out!

Think you want a Silhouette Cameo but aren’t sure?  Check out this post.  You’ll find all kinds of info about Silhouette compatible software there too!

See all of my Silhouette projects here.

Happy Crafting!

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