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Hamburger Family Mini Album – Mini Book Blog Hop

Yummy mini album!

I had such a good time making this mini album using the Oishii svg files from Lettering Delights.  I’d been wanting to use those adorable shapes and cute food and found that the perfect way to use them all was to…build a hamburger!

I used the print and cut function of the Silhouette Cameo to help me create the album.  In the pictured on the left, you can see the paper part being cut out.  On the right,  I’m using the Cameo to cut shapes out of a cereal box which I’m using as a thin chipboard.

Zip Dry All the Way

I used Zip Dry Paper Glue to stick all of the paper to the chipboard/cereal box.  I don’t know if you’ve tried Zip Dry but I’ve been using it for years and I just love it!

A sticky situation.

I covered the photo with the piece of chipboard I wanted it to fit and used a pencil to help me create cut guidelines.  Then I cut the old fashioned, non-electronic cutter way…a pair of scissors.  Say what?!  It’s what people used before there were die cut machines.  Ohhhh!  LOL!

Creating a Tag with a Punch

Time to add details to the hamburger!  Here I’m using the Bumpy Road punch to help me create a fun little tag fitting for an Alabama celebration.  That’s a photo from a little party our family had for the recent National Championship game.  We’re (obviously) Alabama fans.  RTR!!  You can find the “Happy Tideings” sentiment in the Pun in the Sun stamp set.


Just between you and me, I thought that I might not be able to punch a hole through the top of the hamburger because I added so many layers to it before I remembered that I was going to have to punch the hole.  As it always has, the Cropadile chomped through the layers like a pro!  Want to know how to use the Cropadile?  Check out my video.

Let’s Eat!

Since I made a hamburger, I decided to choose family photos that were food related.  I hope you enjoy looking at them!  See all the Lettering Delights fun Oishii food images.

The back of the bacon.
The back of the bacon.

This is my oldest son when he was about 3. He’s covered in melting ice cream.  Sentiment from “Sweet Popsicle Puns” stamp set.

The back of the tomato.

Here are my kiddos about 5 years ago at the Hard Rock Cafe eating the biggest sundae they’d ever seen.  The “chocolate” sentiment is from the Tag You’re It 2 stamp set.  “Every day” sentiment on the bottom is from the Yummy Puns set.

That’s one blue kid! – Other side of the pickle.

Here’s my youngest when he was pretty little enjoying some super junky junk.  It was one of those things I only let him have once in a BLUE MOON.  I used a mix of Holiday and Everyday Occasions stamp sets.  They’re made to mix and match so you can make the sentiment that best fits your occasion.

Cheese! (The other side of the cheese.)

I had fun using Washi tape to add some fun to the pages.  I used Zip Dry paper glue to add these brads.  I broke off the bending parts of the brads so they’d lay flat.  The “Friends” sentiment comes from the Yummy Puns stamp set.

A fun feast!

Those hot dogs look burned up but they’re not, I promise!  LOL!  You can find a recipe for the “Firecracker footlongs” here.  The sentiment comes from the Pun in the Sun stamp set.

Go see what these talented ladies have made!

Joy: You are here!  Welcome!
Jenny: http://jennyplace26.blogspot.ca
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Patty: http://craftykitten1.blogspot.com
Maria: http://joyfulstamper.blogspot.com
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Staci: http://preciousmem.blogspot.com
Debbie: http://bugjuiced.blogspot.com
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Time for a Giveaway!

Leave a comment for a chance to win this fun 12×12 paper pack by Echo Park!  A winner will be chosen on January 24, 2013 and listed on this post…so check back! 😉


Pat N. says:
JANUARY 13, 2013 AT 2:16 PM
Well, that is just the cutest mini-album I’ve ever seen. You really did build a hamburger! Very creative and such a cute way to savor those memories. lol! I think I just made a punny!

Have a Happy Day!

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  1. This is soo adorable! Your making me hungry lol. I love all the pieces of it and the way you made it into an album, soo creative!!


  2. Joy your mini is adorable! I love shape albums! And i didnt know that i could cut cereal boxes with my cameo!!!! I am super excited!
    Deb C

  3. cutie jensen says:

    Joy this is beyond adorable!! Love it! That hamburger looks so happy and cute!! Great job and inspiration!!

    Kimberly 🙂

  4. That. Is. Seriously. Cute. I love mini-albums an that may be the cutest I’ve ever seen! Off to see the rest!

  5. super cute mini album. you make it look so easy!!! TFS

  6. Krafty Kim says:

    Love this mini album! I’ve been making mini’s for a little while–they make great crafty gifts to give. I recently made one that reminds me of your hamburger–I used a set of coasters from the dollar store that were printed on one side and shaped to look like a sandwich! Now I need to get out my Joy’s Life stamps and see which ones will go with my pages. Thanks always for your inspiration!

    And, thanks for a chance at a givaway!

  7. That is one adorable mini book Joy! Loved seeing your family photos too! Now I’m hungry for a cheeseburger…wonder why??

  8. katschriber says:

    you sure put alot of work into this. how cute!

  9. suekimmet says:

    This was a great hop. Your cute hamburger was one of the many, many cute albums, lots of creative ideas here. Thanks for hosting!

  10. so cute! how appropriate for me as I just bought a couple of cricut books for mini albums, i wanted to make one at a crop next weekend. So what perfect timing your blog hop is for me! yippee!

  11. Seriously Joy…this is one of the cutest, a funnest (ok, not a word, but you know what I mean!) mini books I have seen!! I would never in a MILLION years have thought about assembling a mini to look like a food item. 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!
    I can not wait to see the rest of team’s albums. 🙂

  12. ChelleBelle says:

    OH, MY, GOSH!! Joy, how the heck do you come up w/ this stuff? You have more creativity in your pinky toe than I have in my WHOLE body!!!! This is the cutest thing I have seen in a L—O—N—G time!! I’d love to stay & inflate your ego some more but I do need to go check out the rest of your team!! HAGD

  13. katschriber says:

    came back to say, your design team did an excellent job. love minis. i’ll be working on mine when i finish the project ‘s’ i’m working on. nice hop!

  14. Janet Licari says:

    Howdy Joy! What a great idea for a mini…very clever of you to think of this. Off to see what the rest of the hop has in store.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  15. sooooo cute! all of these recent print and cut projects you are doing are making me want to buy a good printer and use that feature. I never thought I would, but the images are just too adorable to pass up!

  16. Loved your mini album! Your designers did a super job on the blog hop!

  17. I have made many mini’s before but none like this. It is just plain adorable. I think you had fun making this. Love it!

  18. beckyfisch says:

    This mini is so cute! I love the different layers of the hamburger as each page. Great idea!

  19. Well, that is just the cutest mini-album I’ve ever seen. You really did build a hamburger! Very creative and such a cute way to savor those memories. lol! I think I just made a punny!

  20. Joy, I SMILED when I saw this!! What a terrific idea and it is absolutely ADORABLE! Love how your worked your stamps in it! I’m going to have to try this out. Thanks for letting me be part of this awesome team!!


  21. breakfast@tiffanys says:

    Love your mini album idea! Such a cute book to showcase all those great family photos, thanks for sharing!

  22. Janet Licari says:

    Stopping back to say what a wonderful job everyone did on making their mini albums and using your stamps. Beautiful job everyone!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  23. I love the hamburger, and thanks so much for the info on cutting cereal boxes! I’d love to win the paper, thanks for he chance!

  24. What a fun idea for an album. Love all the shapes and photos. Thanks for the recommendation of the zip dry glue–I have thought about buying it.

  25. Too cute! My son even saw it on my Facebook newsfeed and wanted to see it up close – lol.

    1. Awww, that’s so sweet, Amy! I hope your son liked it!

  26. Billimina says:

    This is the cutest album! I’m inspired to try to make one!

  27. DanielleMW says:

    Very inventive! (And cute.) 🙂

  28. That mini album is too cute! Did cutting the cereal box dull your blade? I’ve cut the backing of a paper pack and it killed my Cameo blade.

  29. Don’t know why it says I am logged in as GoogleUser19. I am Laura Karaba (Mama Karaba). LOVE your burger book! So “TASTEFULLY” done! THe hop was a blast. Such creative ideas!

  30. You are fab, Joy! A brilliant mini and I enjoyed your photos of your children. Your blog is terrific with links and videos for great product. Love it 🙂

  31. oh I love this Joy! what a great shape mini, adorable!
    you just inspired me…

  32. OMG! This mini album is tooo cute!!! TFS

  33. jksmitley says:

    Such an original idea. Still need to try cutting the cereal boxes! What would we do with out you!

  34. melisaalzammar says:

    I love, love, love your hamburger mini album. What a cute idea. I love Echo Park paper. They are my favorite paper company. Thanks for a chance to win this awesome paper pack. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, I don’t have this paper yet and would love to add it my collection.

    Melisa Alzammar

  35. CathyinMN says:

    Your mini album is absolutely adorable — so cute! I love the phots of your family that you added — they’re perfect for the album. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  36. Adorable fun album! Would love to win and use this as my inspiration piece! Thank you.

  37. Ahh would love to win the paper pack! 🙂

  38. davisbabe says:

    Too cute!! I just love this idea for a mini album- I’m a sucker for food with faces! And it is so nice of you to have such a great giveaway!!

  39. What a great idea! Thanks for the instructions regarding the cereal boxes; much appreciated.

  40. This print and cut feature of the Cameo makes me wanna buy it! It is again another fab creation!

  41. JaimeLynn says:

    That is the most adorible idea!! It gave me the idea to make like a personal kids book for your baby or toddler with family pictures added in the story. The kids would love it. Thanks for the ideas.

  42. Joydee1963 says:

    Wow,Joy that is cutest chipboard album!! Great job!!Need to try cereal boxes.Joy

  43. Adorable album! I actually got a Cameo for Christmas but haven’t had the courage to give it a try yet. I also have a bunch of cereal boxes I’ve broken down for die cutting. Hmmm… methinks I REALLY need to try it soon!

  44. Adorable! Its a gold mine of ideas and tips here! Thanks for the step by step!

    1. Pretty Nerdy,
      I appreciate that! Thank you so much!

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