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How to Stamp on Cotton Muslin Bags

Giving a gift in a reusable bag is thoughtful and useful.  In this video, I show you how to stamp on cotton muslin bags to make your gift giving even more personalized.

In this video, I’m using: 3″x5″ cotton drawstring muslin bagsVersaFine Onyx Black ink and Joy’s Life stamps: Joyful Hearts, Tag You’re It One and Two.

How to Stamp on Cotton Muslin Bags at www.joyslife.com

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  1. Super cute project Joy! I wondered how well stamps would show up on those bags – glad you showed us!

  2. These are super cute! And totally affordable for someone on a budget…especially my daughter-in-law who has to come up with end of the year teacher’s gifts.

    I am wondering: Would the ink take better if you placed a cushion, such as a mouse pad or other spongey mat, under the material? I know it works better for me, if I do that, when I am stamping on paper.

    Am loving your “52” projects. Thanks!

  3. Very cute. I like the twine replacement and was surprised you didn’t have to put something in the bag to prevent it from stamping through.

  4. I love your “52 projects”! I have stamped some bags for Halloween and loved how they turned out. I’m going to try this way to put the teacher’s gifts in. Thanks for the twine replacement idea!

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