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How to Make Your Own Cricut Imagine

The Cricut no longer works with Make the Cut software.

Although this was a cool technique it is no longer possible with the Cricut.

Imagine being able to print and cut images without having to buy the Cricut Imagine.  Here’s how!!

I think the Cricut Imagine is cool.  I thought I might want to buy one, but after my friend Jin came up with a way to cut out printed images using a Cricut, I thought I’d see if that satisfied my need for the Imagine.  You know what?  It did.  Here’s what I imagine…not spending $500 – $600 on something I can do with things I already have.  I’ll just sit patiently and wait for the next awesome product. 😉

In this video I talk about Make the Cut and Lettering Delights.  You can find out more about them by clicking on those words or the links on the right of the page.


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  1. Joy & Jin,
    I absolutely love this idea. I am so thrifty it is sometimes scary, and I can’t “imagine” spending $600 on a machine, unless of course it walked my dog. LOL
    I don’t have MTC, but I do have SCAL and I definately going to try this.
    Thanks so much

  2. Amen Joy! I Imagine it won’t be in my craft room anytime soon. It’s just WAY out of budget. I’m a bit upset that they will have cartridges that will only be for the Imagine also. Thanks for the tips on this software. Do you have to have photoshop for it to work?

    1. Heidi,
      I’m sure some other programs will do the same thing…I just don’t know which ones to suggest. 😉 You have to have some kind of software to help you print in the same spot and make everything black. So…anything that can do that (and import into MTC) will work. 😀

  3. Thanks for the video, Joy!! I love the MTC!! I’ll never buy the cricut imagine. Not just because of the $600 price tag, but because of all the extra money on ink and cartridges that you’d need for it to work. Plus, all of the patterns and colors are predetermined??? That just seems less “homemade” to me. I have one suggestion for you…I’ve used MTC with the hinge method for cutting on the cricut, and the results have been a little better. Thanks again for all your videos and your great sense of humor!!!

    1. Erintw2gs,
      I’ve got to try the hinge method next. Honestly, I just recently figured out how to do it, but I haven’t tried it! I agree with you about the Imagine making things seem less “homemade”. I’m sure we’re going to see a ton of cool projects with it, but I stick by that “less homemade” feeling. 😉 Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  4. I’m freakin out!!! 🙂 This is awesome. I don’t have Make the Cut, only DS. Is it very time consuming to do things in that program? And do you use it alot? I think I might download that free version you were talking about.

    1. Gigi,
      “Are you freaking out?” LOL! I don’t use Make the Cut as often as I used to, but I really think that after delving into the Lettering Delights offerings I’m going to use it more. I really do like the software and have tried Sure Cuts a Lot in the past and didn’t like that at all. I know some people love SCAL, but I found it to be too difficult to quickly learn. When I got Make the Cut I was thrilled how easy it was for me to pick up without reading directions. LOL! Now, that doesn’t mean that I learned all about it intuitively, I had to read directions for many things, but I could more easily do some basic things right away than with SCAL. Plus, they have a good forum full of people who use the software and can answer all kinds of questions. You should definitely try the free trial version! Have a good time!

  5. Omg, that’s awesome. you should also check out this video


    it shows you how to cut out figures from 4×6 pictures on your cricut. it’s not that hard but i have to work on getting perfect measurements but it’s a great idea. my poor cricut has been abandoned lately so hopefully i can make more projects soon. yesterday i made an atg gun stand out of chipboard and it’s fabulous! i did have some problems with cutting chipboard on the cricut, do you have any suggestions? what settings do you use?

  6. wow Joy…you are really “Super Joy”.

    TFS your hard work here with us. Now, I need Photoshop and Make the cut. 🙂


  7. Well now, you saved me from spending more $. Imagine what I can do with PS and MTC?! I can add patterns of my own to images and cut them out. I will have to try this now!.

  8. Joy, I’m a newcomer to your site, however, you are quickly becoming a favorite! I won’t be spending $600 on a diecutting machine with limited abilities either! Thanks for so generously sharing your creativity with us.
    MCF’s Mimi

  9. You should really try the hinge method that Cleversomeday came up with, I think it is much easier! Also did you know you can print directly from Make the Cut? It is just solid colors, but you can take any image and color it and print, then use the hinge method to cut. I love love love Make the Cut and I think it’s a shame PC doesn’t come out with a more useful software for the Cricut and instead tries to sell us another expensive machine!! Thanks for the video!!

  10. Wow! The creativity of people never ceases to amaze me…this is awesome! I think the Imagine is a cool machine, but I just bought my Expression and can’t imagine ‘upgrading’ (would it be upgrading??) to the Imagine. Get it?? Can’t “imagine”…..he he he. Thanks for sharing this video and technique!

  11. Joy you rock!!! This is amazing…i have make the cut and love it.. i am trying to get photoshop but what a great idea… not another big machine in my little craft room…

  12. OMG! Thanks so much for this Joy! I went right to the Lettering Delights website and started playing. I don’t have PS, so I used MS Picture it, and it worked great. It doesn’t have the funcionality of PS, but it is able to adjust the image to black and white..so it worked great. I have already created a layout, I love this! thanks again, you are really the Super Joy!

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  14. Well I didn’t want an imagine machine and now I have seen this I definitely don’t want one, this is a great way to use images. I don’t have make the cut but I do have sure cuts alot 2 so would think this could do the same I will sure try.
    Kim xXx

  15. Joy,
    Thanks for making this video to help people visualize this process. I’ve got a post on my blog that lists print and cut resources and I just added your video to the list. I believe you have an error in your measurements because I get better results than the Imagine without measurements. Take a look at these links
    and this technique specifically
    and see if you do not get a better end product.

  16. Jus a thought, but have you tried using the card board with the hole in it from the shadow as a template of where to place your shadow? You would be able to see exactly where you want the shadow to go, attach the shadow, then remove the template. Does that make sense? You would not need to hold it up to the light.

  17. Wow! Very interesting. I don’t think I could handle that program. I have the Design Studio and I don’t know to well.

    Denise 🙂

  18. Love this! I knew I could use my Expression – but the other methods were much more involved – with Inkscape and vectorizing. 🙂 Thanks so much! Though I don’t have MTC, I do have SCAL, so I should be able to do something similar!

  19. Thev more I look at your site the more cool stuff you show me how to do! I had tried to do something like this a year ago and it did not quite turn out right. I used DS and Corel Paint Shop Pro. It cut way too close to the image. I did not think about doing the “shadow”! Too cool!:)

    1. Hey Charlene,
      Sadly, no. Make the Cut no longer works with the Cricut at all, so this process no longer functions. I’m glad you asked that question. I’ll update that post and video to reflect the change.
      Thank you!

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