Favorite Craft Room Tools Series – Paper

Hey Superfriends! Today in the Favorite Craft Room Tools Series, let’s talk paper.  If you’ve missed the previous 2 posts in the series, click to see Part One (Adhesives) or Part Two (Scissors & Trimmers).  This series is in answer to requests I’ve gotten asking what my favorite craft tools are and what I would recommend as “must haves” for a craft room. Paper is one of the most subjective things to talk about.  Everyone has their own favorite brands and they are very dear to each crafter’s heart.  I’m going to discuss some of the different types of paper that I use and I’ll mention a few favorite brands too.


Cardstock is thicker and more durable than paper.  I use both in crafting.  So, what are they both used for?  Here’s an example:  Crafters often use cardstock as the main part of a card and then will apply paper to that base.  Now, that isn’t a firm rule.  How and when you use paper and/or cardstock is up to the individual crafter.  Generally speaking, paper is thinner than cardstock so typically you wouldn’t use paper as your card base (the typcial folded card).

Here’s a cardstock vs. paper example: Peace, hope, joy card In that card, the green background is cardstock, folded to form the main part of the card.  The red and white plaid print is paper.  I chose paper because it was easy to use with a paper punch (hence the name “paper” punch, LOL).  You can use punches with cardstock but it is more difficult to punch through.

A few of the brands I like that you can find in almost any local craft store: (DCWV) Die Cuts with a View,K & Company. Found in select craft stores & online: Echo Park, Bo Bunny, Bazzill.  For best stamping results, use a flat paper or cardstock instead of one that has any texture to it.  I’ve been buying Wausau Paper Card Stock, 92 Brightness, 110 lb, 250 sheetsfrom Amazon for over a year for my stamping but am sad to see the price just went from $6 to $11.  If you can get it for around $6, I highly recommend it.  I use it for everything from printing, test runs, Cricut Imagine use and stamping.  I hope they get the price back to normal soon.


I’ve got your number, Vellum.  I see right through you! LOL!

There are different kinds of vellum but I like using cardstock vellum.  You can run it through a printer, stamp on it, tear it and see through it.  Well, mostly see through it.  It’s translucent, not transparent.  It’s fun to use.  I used it to make one of my favorite items of the Christmas season, Peppermint Tea Light candles.  You’ll can see it in the peace, hope, joy card shown above.  I also used it on this altered composition book.  The coolest thing I did with cardstock vellum was print these cool labels and then age them to make creepy Halloween bottles.  I love that stuff!  Regular, non-cardstock vellum is much thinner than cardstock vellum.


I make sure to keep foil paper in a variety of colors on hand.  My favorite brand is American Crafts Foil Specialty Paper.  You can find it online and in some local craft stores.  It’s great to use around the holidays or any time you need a little extra shine.  One thing I really like about it is that it can be run through an embossing machine.  I used it here to create these fun tools for my friend’s HGTV premiere party and here to make a Thanksgiving banner.

There are so many kinds of paper that I could go on for days with this post!  Here are a few that deserve to be mentioned too: Glitter Paper, Adhesive Backed foam, glitter, fabric and felt “Paper”,Corrugated Paper, and Kraft Paper.

There are so many that you could know every paper and as soon as you look away, there’s a new paper available!


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  1. scrapper69 says:

    YUP! Gotta have Paper and Cardstock! It’s a crafters “MUST HAVE”! I enjoy using the Stampin’ Up Cardstock for my card base and all kinds of pretty paper for the rest! LOL I also enjoy using the American Craft White Cardstock for my Imagine…OH and the smooth Bazzill White Cardstock too! Great Cardstock! Thanks for sharing your input… 🙂


  2. Well now my lovely SIL is going to be a happy camper when I start to order some cardstock vellum from her! One of the go to paper packs I always drool over are the DCWV but I never seem to be at the store the same time they are on sale! lol I just got the Imagine for Christmas and was wondering what the best deal on card stock is so I am definitely going to check out the wausau cardstock.

  3. CLM-Cindylu2u says:

    Loving this series!! I have seen several things I’ll be adding to my wishlist, dear hubby might not be too happy. Was looking at the Wausau paper at Sams club I think it was around $8 will have to pick some up incase they raise the price too, thanks Joy!!

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