Favorite Craft Room Tools Series – Adhesives

Hi crafty friends!  I’ve gotten a lot of requests asking what my favorite craft tools are and what I would recommend as “must haves” for a craft room.  I made a list for Cricut users a while back and you might want to take a look at that list HERE.  I started out writing a single post, but it got so long, I’ve decided to turn it into a series.  On this post, I’ve made a list of the adhesives I suggest and use for general crafting.


Scotch ATG Tape Gun – I use my ATG gun ALL THE TIME.  It’s so handy!  This one comes with 2 rolls of tape.  What’s nice about this tape gun is that you can replace the tape when you run out and the tape lasts a pretty long time.  This tape gun is lighter and easier to maneuver than it looks.


I also suggest Glue Dots and/or Foam Pop Dots in various sizes.  As helpful as an ATG gun is, it’s hard to use on delicate or small projects.  That’s what smaller adhesives are for. 😉  I LOVE the 3D pop up dots too.  I use both Glue Dots Pop Up Dots and Zots 3-D adhesive dots.  They have a stronger hold than foam pop dots and still give nice dimension.


For paper crafting my favorite liquid glue is Zip Dry Paper Glue.  For fabric, I highly recommend Fabri-Tac.  It’s GREAT!


I have been using Zig 2 Way Glue Pens for a long time and they still remain a favorite of mine.  They come in different thicknesses.  I use this size and the super thick one the most.  My newest favorite glue pen is the Sakura Quickie Glue Roller Pen. It does a terrific job of putting glue in really small places.  It’s perfect for intricate work.


You don’t need removable tape until you NEED removable tape.  It’s best to have it on hand.  I like Scotch Removable Tape.  It’s super useful for taping down moveable dies, like Spellbinders, in case you want to cut in a specific location.  There are plenty of other reasons you’ll run into a need for this tape.  There are also Removable Glue Dots but I like to keep this tape around because dots smash flat and sometimes are more difficult to remove if I’m using them in a die cutter like a Sizzix Big Shotor Cuttlebug. Removable dots are handy too, especially in paper crafting.  My newest favorite removable adhesive product are these Scotch Restickable Tabs.  I use them to make easy opening and closing tabs on note holders and things like that.  I also used them HERE to make this book cover removable.


I own spray adhesives and I like spray adhesives but I don’t often use spray adhesives.  However, they’re kind of like removable tape.  When you need it nothing else will do.  I’ve used the above Stick & Spray Temporary Adhesive to make my Cricut mats sticky again.  It worked really well but I felt like I should step outside to use it.  I don’t always find it convenient to go outside during a project so I don’t use this as much as I might if I were willing to spray wherever I was working.  I have sprayed it inside but I don’t do it often.  You might also try Krylon’s Easy-Tack Repositionable Adhesive Spray.  I haven’t used Krylon’s adhesive spray but I hear good things about it.

If you need a strong permanent spray adhesive I highly recommend 3M Super 77 Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive.  I once used this to create clouds for my kids playroom.  I made the clouds out of chicken wire and quilt batting and hung them using clear fishing line.  The Super 77 was the perfect adhesive to get the batting to stick to the chicken wire.  By the way, skip making your kids clouds out of chicken wire and quilt batting unless you enjoy being covered in scratches and glue.  Just sayin’.

Mono Adhesive Tape Rollers

Mono Adhesive Tape Rollers are my least favorite adhesive products.  Certainly, they have their place in the crafty world.  There’s nothing better when you’re taking a class and don’t have a lot of room for an ATG gun or a bunch of other adhesives.  The reason I don’t like them is that they are expensive due to not holding much tape and must be refilled often with similarly pricy refills, well, if they can be refilled.  Some of them are made to be used and thrown away.  Boo to that.  I do own a bunch of these from a variety of companies.  I don’t think there is a stand out winner or loser.  It just depends on what you’re looking for and what you like.  If you’ve never had one I suggest sticking with the bigger names to get started.  Browse your local craft store and you’ll find a bunch to choose from.


Need to Restick a Cricut or Silhoutte Mat?

I run this 3L/HELMAR E-Z Dots Repositionable Adhesive over my Cricut and Silhouette mats to make them sticky again.  It works GREAT!  Just be sure you are using the REMOVABLE version or you’ll stick your work permanently to your mat. 😉

I hope this helps get you started with Adhesives for your Craft Room!

Next, we’ll explore a new section of craft room needs!

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  1. scrapper69 says:

    I use almost all the same products as you! I can live without my adhesive as I’m sure you can’t… Once we find something that works we stick with it! I guess that’s the crafters way! Hummm… New Motto! LOL


  2. scrapper69 says:

    Oops… MEant to say: CAN’T live without my adhesive… not can…. Having a brain fart! LOL

  3. I just got an ATG gun for Christmas and I love it!! I love my zig stick for the little pieces and the mono adhesives are awesome especially the temporary ones for when you’re ‘thinking’ about designs! I’ve just fallen in love with Mod Podge for gluing paper to chipboard and tons of other craft uses!

  4. CLM-Cindylu2u says:

    So excited about your craftroom tool series, love learning about new tools and it is great help coming from an experienced crafter, thanks!!

  5. ellenpool says:

    I LOVE this series!!! Being a new crafter, I’m looking forward to each one! Thanks so much!

  6. CathyinMN says:

    I’ve heard so many people really like the Zip Dry glue. I have bought two bottles and I don’t know if they are defective or what. The glue is so thick it just will not come out. I had to put the bottle upside down and it took days before the glue made it to the top (originally the bottom, but it’s upside down now). I haven’t tried using it since it’s descended. Thanks for giving up your lists of favorite products.

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