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Decorating Craft Pumpkins – Vinyl, Carved, Decoupaged

If you’ve followed me for a few Halloween’s then you know that I heart craft pumpkins!  When I say “craft pumpkin”, I’m talking about the ones you can buy at Michael’s or other craft stores that come in a variety of colors, are carvable and hollow on the inside.  Here are links to some of the craft pumpkins I have carved or otherwise used for decoration.  I’ve also included one by a guest poster that is AWESOME!  I hope you enjoy them!

Monogrammed Craft Pumpkin

I get this out every year!  I created the “D” template using the Cricut Mini Monograms cartridge.  Here’s the link to the post explaining how I made it.

Vinyl Decorated Pumpkin

Here’s a vinyl decorated pumpkin I created.  Here’s a link to that post for more info.

Decoupaged Craft Pumpkin by Guest Christina K.

Christina uses an orange foam pumpkin, but you might also try a craft pumpkin in white.  Then you could skip the spray painting step.

These are so beautiful!!  Here’s a link to the post so you can make them too.

Craft Pumpkin for Floral Display

This one is pretty simple.  I used this Heat Knife to cut a hole in the top.  Then I plopped my fake flowers into it!

My First Craft Pumpkin Carvings – From Real Pumpkin Templates

These are the first craft pumpkins I carved back in 2007.  I used templates from a pumpkin carving book, laid them directly onto the pumpkin and carved straight through the paper.  I used one of those little punch things that came with a pumpkin kit for real pumpkins.  It took forever.  That’s when I realized a heat tool would help soooo much!

In the pumpkin below you can see I haven’t removed the paper template completely from the pumpkin yet.

I hope you go buy a craft pumpkin and have some good (seedless) Fall fun!


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  1. Joy, I love your pumpkin projects…especially that last carved one! I have one of those heat knife tools somewhere…I must find it. This looks like lots of fun! TFS.

  2. I LOVE all the projects! I have 3 of those craft pumpkins… But I just used Vinyl on mine! Not crafty enough to want to put holes in them! LOL


  3. I do love your pumpkins! I love how easy the floral pumpkin is but looks so good-and the carvings are amazing. ALL of them are great! Thanks for sharing!

  4. kaperture says:

    I gotta try the pumpkin projects. Great post. I’m adoring the DAMASK PUMPKINS soo much! TFS


  5. Wow… those pumpkins are totally amazing! I am totally inspired!

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