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Anna Griffin Coffee Mug with Xyron and SVGCuts

Anna Griffin Coffee Mug with Xyron and SVGCuts #AnnaGriffin #Xyron #SVGCuts #3d #crafts

Isn’t this coffee mug pretty?  Does it stun you like it does me that you can make things like this out of paper?  I’m blown away, every time.  Anyway, today I’m using paper and embellishments by Anna Griffin along with the Farmhouse Kitchen svg file by SVGCuts to help me create this beautiful mug.

Anna Griffin Coffee Mug with Xyron and SVGCuts #AnnaGriffin #Xyron #SVGCuts #3d #crafts

I cut everything out using my Silhouette Cameo.  Need help using your Cameo?  Check out my Silhouette tutorials!

Anna Griffin Coffee Mug with Xyron and SVGCuts #AnnaGriffin #Xyron #SVGCuts #3d #crafts

After I cut everything out, I used a liquid glue to put the mug together and the Xyron Creative Station to help me adhere the side panels.  The Creative Station is cool because you can run so many pieces through the adhesive at once.  It makes putting together projects go much more quickly.  Yay!

Anna Griffin Coffee Mug with Xyron and SVGCuts #AnnaGriffin #Xyron #SVGCuts #3d #crafts

See how many pieces you can get sticky at one time?  Nice!  If you’ve never used a Xyron before, it’s really easy.  You put the pieces into the machine, hand crank them through and cut off the finished product.  Next, you peel the clear top sheet off of your pieces.  Now you’re ready to remove the pieces and stick them onto your project.  Easy.  Fast.  Fun.

Anna Griffin Coffee Mug with Xyron and SVGCuts #AnnaGriffin #Xyron #SVGCuts #3d #crafts

One of my favorite things about using svgs from SVGCuts.com is how sturdy they are.  This cup is made up of a base layer of Anna Griffin pink paper and then covered with the decorative paper.  There were even inserts for the inside of the cup that would add to the structure and to the look, if desired.  I decided not to use them but it gives you an idea of the quality and thought that goes behind the creation of those svg files, doesn’t it?

Anna Griffin Coffee Mug with Xyron and SVGCuts #AnnaGriffin #Xyron #SVGCuts #3d #crafts

This mug holds so much that I filled it with shredded paper just to give it some extra filling.  That makes it a perfect vehicle for gift giving!  I previously used the rest of that candy for some photos that I took of some of my projects.  Those projects were published in the Hobby Lobby magazine in the 2nd Quarter and some other projects and the photos I took of them were later published in the Hobby Lobby magazine in the 3rd Quarter too.  Woo hoo!  Are you looking to get published?  You can do it!  Check out this article I wrote about how to do that.

Anna Griffin Coffee Mug with Xyron and SVGCuts #AnnaGriffin #Xyron #SVGCuts #3d #crafts

I think the Anna Griffin paper and embellishments really make this mug lovely, don’t you?  I hope you enjoyed this project.  Now go get crafty!

 I wrote this post while participating on the Xyron Design Team.  I received Xyron and Anna Griffin products for the purpose of this post.

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  1. I can not get enough of http://www.SVGCuts.com Love their items and everything fits together perfectly every time. Of course the trick to putting the items together is watching their videos. Mary explains and shows how to put each thing together.

    1. I agree, Phyllis! Mary’s videos are a great help. I use them often!

  2. Blue Rose says:

    Oh my gosh Joy, that is amazing. Sure doesn’t look like something you’d find in a farmhouse. It is gorgeous. I so love SVGCuts, use them often, and like Phyllis stated, everything fits so well. They really do a great job. Did you also do your flower? That would make a great gift for any coffee or tea drinker. Great job!

  3. GORGEOUS selection of paper and what a beautiful, feminine cup…My adult son’s birthday is coming up and I can use a ‘football’ theme for his fall birthday and fill with some K-cups ….thanks for giving me the idea!!!! Just love all of SVG cuts projects!

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