Want to Get Published in Craft Magazines? You Can Do It!

 Want to Get Published in Craft Magazines? You Can Do It! #hobbylobby #cricut #crafts #getpublished #howto

I’ve never been interested in getting published until this year. I decided that I’d make it a goal for 2014. I’ve been highlighted on different blogs and by different companies but there is just something great about seeing your work in print…or in a digital magazine too, I guess. Though for me, print is better. I just like turning the pages. Like…I recently bought this book by Ana White, even though the same projects are on her blog for free. Must. Turn. Pages. Plus, I like to tote a book or magazine around with me, especially near water. (This being present on my mind since my son just jumped into the pool with his phone in his bathing suit pocket. Our family needs to keep it low tech near water.)

Want to Get Published in Craft Magazines?  You Can Do It! #hobbylobby #cricut #crafts #getpublished #howto

I’m happy to report that I got published in the 2nd Quarter Issue 2014 of the Hobby Lobby Scrapbooking magazine.  That was super cool!  It’s still in the stores, ’cause I was checking myself out in there just yesterday.  LOL!  I’m in there as part of an ad for Glue Dots.  I’ve been on their Design Team since 2011 (blog hop tomorrow, btw).  You don’t have to be on a Design Team or part of an ad to get into this magazine though!  Just create your project and apply here!

For the Best Chance of Getting Chosen

When applying to magazines be sure to fit the requirements for the call.  If it’s for Halloween, create Halloween…even if it’s still Spring outside.  Put on a scary movie and get into the crafty mood. 😉  The biggest thing you can do for yourself is to make sure you have good lighting for your photo as well as a nice background.  I’ve seen plenty of spectacular projects get overlooked in the crafty world because the photos were too dark, too small, too…something.  If you’ve done all you can to make your photo look great and it still isn’t, try manipulating it in some editing software.  You don’t need pricy software!  I swear by PicMonkey for quick changes and ease of use…and I even have Photoshop…gathering dust.  Want a free week of PicMonkey Royale features?  Click here.

Want to Get Published in Craft Magazines?  You Can Do It! #hobbylobby #cricut #crafts #getpublished #howto

Sometimes they Contact You

Sometimes you don’t need to apply at all.  I made that “Oh Happy Day” project above…back in September 2013, I think, and posted it on my blog.  In December, I was contacted by Northridge Publishing who asked if they could publish it.  I had to box it up and send it to them and they gave it a professional photo shoot.  I’m sure it was pampered and given the star treatment.  Clearly, it got to eat some popcorn and travel…while I was at home…without a postcard or call from it at all.  They offered a small gift certificate and All Access to their magazine for a few months in exchange for it being published.  Um…I still can’t access the mag and haven’t received the gift certificate…so…  When you decide to let someone publish your work, consider how important that particular piece is to you.  If you think, “I could make another one, it’s just paper and I only want to see myself in print”…then print is payment enough.  Right?  So…I should just let it go.  I mean…you should just let it go. 😉  (Even though the only way I could even see my project in their magazine without paying for it is because it is part of the preview.  Just sayin’.  ..letting it go…letting it go…)  UPDATE: I’ve been reminded (by Helen in the comments) that the payment can take a few months.  Right!  I forgot that.  It’s a well known rule.  Unless you’re me…and totally forget.  In my mind everything is Amazon Prime fast…and then there are those “face reality” days, right?

Want to Get Published in Craft Magazines?  You Can Do It! #hobbylobby #cricut #crafts #getpublished #howto

My “Oh Happy Day” Project Published in Cricut Magazine Birthdays Idea Book May 2014

Apply to These Craft Magazines

Here are some craft magazines can submit your work to:

Hobby Lobby Magazine

Northridge Publications (for Scrapbook Trends, Cricut Magazine, Cricut Ideas Books, Create Ideas Books, Cards Magazine)

Paper Crafts

PaperCraft Inspirations

Stitch Craft Create

If you know of other magazines that you think would make a great addition to this list, let me know and I’ll add them.

Be unafraid!  Submit your work for a chance to be published!

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  1. Congrats on your publications! It can take 2 or more months to get your project and ‘payment’ from being published in Cricut. It does get a bit annoying. I am not sure about access to the digital magazine though since last time I was published, I already had a subscription. I think they should give you access as soon it’s published though, so you can actually see it!

    1. Thanks, Helen! I was supposed to get access in April from what they said but I’ll chill about “payment” for sure. 😉 Thanks for reminding me! 🙂

  2. Hi Joy! Congrats to you on being published! What a fun accomplishment! I used to think how fun
    it would be to get published, but I’ve been in a bit of a “crafty rut” and not doing much creating these days!

    1. Thank you, Teresa! I can certainly relate to the crafty rut. I think it’s important to take a break for as long as you need until you feel creative again. I try to read, see movies, travel (even if just locally), try new recipes and make plans for things I want to do, places I want to see and changes I want to make in order to get creative again. When all that doesn’t work…I buy more craft supplies. LOL!

  3. Hi Joy,
    Your post is so timely for me! I, too, was contacted last December by Paige at Northridge Publishing with the opportunity to be published in the June 2014 Cricut magazine. Her email spelled out specifically that I would receive an email with an e-gift card to Craft Junction and an All Access Pass to their publications for the month of June, and that I would receive the email about one week prior to the month of publication. I didn’t get any such email, so I reached out to Paige on May 30 and again on June 3 with no response. She also has a blog. From reading her current profile, I’m having a feeling that she is no longer with Northridge. I wound up purchasing the June Cricut issue online and my card was not in it! You can imagine my disappointment. I just sent Paige a message via an email that was attached to her blog. I’m hoping she will answer so I can at least obtain a point of contact at Northridge if she is no longer there. Maybe my card was published in something else? But I better not get my hopes up too much. Thanks for listening. If you want any more specifics about this, email me at panoppen at Comcast dot net.

    1. Hi Pat!
      I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. I hope, like Helen suggested, that they just take longer than we expected. I’m so sorry to hear that your card wasn’t in there, especially after you purchased the issue! That’s so disappointing! I hope that it will come out in the next magazine. I’m so glad you left a comment because it’s good to know I’m not alone but then again, it’s bad to know that you experienced that! I’m just hoping that if we give it some time it will all work out. I’m crossing my fingers for your card to come out soon!

  4. Joy,
    I am so proud of you. Great job! Thank you for today’s blog, it helps me in so many ways. I know we all think about having our creations in some type of magazine, but there is always that little voice that prevents us sometimes. You are an amazing person, with so many talents, you deseve to be recognized in many publiscations. I hope this is the beginning of more good things to come. Congratulations, it is well deserved.

  5. Joy, I received an email from Paige and she confirmed that she’s no longer at Northridge, but she gave me the name of the editor to contact since she has no idea what happened to my card. She offered that it’s possible it could appear in a future issue. I hope that’s the case. Fingers crossed! I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your comments.

    1. Pat, That’s good to hear! Thanks so much for letting me know. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you too. <> Have an awesome weekend!

  6. Congratulations on getting published! I think it’s every crafters dream! I am constantly trying to do better things just for a shot! 🙂

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