How to Decorate a Paper Mache Gift Box with SEI

How to Decorate a Paper Mache Gift Box with SEI #papermache #ModPodge #SEI #crafts

I love to do “makeovers” on things, like I did here and in this recent SEI project. I consider this a makeover even though the box isn’t really made to stay plain.  I just think, “Hey, it could stay plain.  I mean, I’ve certainly wrapped plenty of boring boxes in wrapping paper before.”  Well, since we’re not counting down to the last second of the Christmas holidays, now is the perfect time to make some customized gift boxes for special friends and family.  They’re so thoughtful and perfect for any special occasion!

How to Decorate a Paper Mache Gift Box with SEI #papermache #ModPodge #SEI #crafts

I’m using a double side perforated sheet from SEI’s lovely Athenaeum 12×12 Creative Pack.  After separating the pieces, I trimmed them to fit the box.

How to Decorate a Paper Mache Gift Box with SEI #papermache #ModPodge #SEI #crafts

I started painting the box with that bright yellow thinking it would look great but it looked like Big Bird melted on it.  To counteract melted Big Bird, I added a metallic gold color.  Then I felt like a genius…all because it accidentally turned out well.  LOL!

How to Decorate a Paper Mache Gift Box with SEI #papermache #ModPodge #SEI #crafts

Working on one side at a time, I covered each side of the box with Antique Matte Mod Podge, placed the paper pieces where I wanted them and then painted the Mod Podge over the pieces to seal them in place.  I LOVE the Antique Mod Podge!  It gives a slightly darkened hue to projects, which is perfect if you’re going for an aged look.  Check out these projects where I also used it: Tim Holtz Tissue Box, Burlap & Paper Wall Art, Tim Holtz Metal Sign.  Want to see all of my Mod Podge projects?  Here they are! 🙂

How to Decorate a Paper Mache Gift Box with SEI #papermache #ModPodge #SEI #crafts

I love this finished box!  You can see all of my SEI projects here (on my blog) or here (on Pinterest).

SEI Design Team

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Happy Crafting!


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  1. Blue Rose says:

    You are a hoot…meltled Big Bird? That is too, too, funny, you had me rolling…I’m still laughing. Your little box is adorable, love the paper. I want you to know I learn so much from you, like the Mod Podge, didn’t know there were different types…bought a bottle many, many, years ago, and I still have it. I also wanted to let you know I solved my mat problem…the lines on the Cricut mat and Silhouette mat start at a different point at the top…no more problems. Thank you for the laugh, it’s been a rough week.

  2. Blue Rose,
    I’m so glad you solved your mat problem! Thanks for sharing that with me. That makes me do the palm slap to my head. Of course!
    I hope this week is much better for you. Take care of yourself. When you feel better, take a look at Sparkle Mod Podge! It’s fun too! I used it along with (the awesome for sparkling) FolkArt Extreme Glitter paint to make this dull jingle bell more festive: https://joyslife.com/fabric-jingle-bells-with-mod-podge/
    Keeping you in my prayers,

  3. Blue Rose says:

    Thank you for the prayers, and the tips…great job on the bells…very, very, sparkly.

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