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Iris Fold Birthday Flower Card

Iris Fold Birthday Flower Card #SilhouetteCameo #SVGCuts #irisfold #birthdayCard

I bought the Iris Fold Cards SVG kit from SVGcuts a long time ago…and did absolutely nothing with it.  Why?  I was completely intimidated by it.  I mean, look at all those folds!  Right?  Well, it is MUCH easier than it looks AND there’s an assembly video to go with it, so don’t let it scare you off!

Iris Fold Birthday Flower Card #SilhouetteCameo #SVGCuts #irisfold #birthdayCard

Probably the hardest thing is deciding what paper to use.  Choosing patterns and colors is not a natural gift for me, so I tend to buy coordinating paper kits that are double sided.  I always say how much I love them and I’m saying it again…I love them!  I’m using the Hello Summer Echo Park paper by Lori Whitlock but it’s a few years old and might be hard to find.  Another close option is Summer Bliss Echo Park paper also by Lori Whitlock.  You should be able to find that without much trouble.

Need help with the Silhouette Cameo?  Check out my tutorials here.

Iris Fold Birthday Flower Card #SilhouetteCameo #SVGCuts #irisfold #birthdayCard

You fold and glue all those pieces of paper that I showed in the previous photo, then you glue them down to the flower, alternating the colors.  Again, it’s all in the video so don’t freak out (like I usually do).  It’s really not difficult.  You just need to pay attention to your color order.  So, maybe don’t watch Orange is the New Black and talk to your friends on the phone while you do this…because you really will want to hit Larry…so you’ll need both hands.  (If you don’t watch Orange is the New Black then you won’t need both hands to hit Larry, so you might be able to do everything at once.)

Iris Fold Birthday Flower Card #SilhouetteCameo #SVGCuts #irisfold #birthdayCard

For real.  It’s all about the Xyron X.  That’s how adhering little letters doesn’t make you want to crush things with your bare hands and rip your project to shreds.  Um…it’s possible that I’m not terribly patient.  Just sayin’.  The Xyron…I love it.

Iris Fold Birthday Flower Card #SilhouetteCameo #SVGCuts #irisfold #birthdayCard

We’re almost done!  By the way, I got that wood grain paper from Lori Whitlock’s This & That Echo Park paper pack.  To do all the detail gluing work, like that thin edge of a flower that’s sitting on the wood grain paper, I used this clear liquid adhesive by Art Glitter with the ultra fine metal tip.  I also used it recently here.  When it came to the big pieces, I did what I always do and used my Scotch ATG gun.  I can’t craft without it.

Iris Fold Birthday Flower Card #SilhouetteCameo #SVGCuts #irisfold #birthdayCard

If I can find a way to add a bottle cap, I do it!  I don’t know what my thing with bottle caps is but I love them.  You can find all of my bottle cap posts here.  In this post, I show you how I created a bottle cap embellishment like the one you see on this card.  I even have a bottle cap Pinterest board…so weird.

Iris Fold Birthday Flower Card #SilhouetteCameo #SVGCuts #irisfold #birthdayCard

I added some bakers twine, ribbon and a button all from my stash.  Every time I can make ribbon work in one of my projects I’m super proud of myself because ribbon and I have just never been part of the same team.  I have to really struggle to find a way to make it fit in naturally but I think I did that here.  AND a button?!  It was like I won the “outside of my craft stash comfort zone” award on this one.  I sooo should have played the lottery today.

Do you struggle when it comes to using certain craft items?  What things are tough for you to incorporate?

Have a super crafty day!

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  1. Blue Rose says:

    What a cute card. Didn’t know SVG had an Iris folding kit…wow, that makes life easier. I love their tutorials, and their kits, but really haven’t gone through the store from end to end…think I’d better now to see what else I may be missing. Question about your ATG…I use the 1/4″ tape with mine, but find that it keeps slipping off the roller, any suggestions on how to prevent that? I load the roll per instruction, but it just slips when used. Great job on the card.

    1. Hi Blue Rose,
      My first thought was that you’d need to reload the tape but it sounds like you have it in right. My second idea is that you might try opening the gun’s loading area and roll some of unused tape forward until it is more taut. You then might also try holding down the trigger and rolling some of the tape forward. Watch it as it rolls and make sure there isn’t some stickiness gumming up the works. Lastly, you might try tearing the tape off at a spot near the roller, removing all of the used tape and reloading. Make sure there isn’t a buildup of sticky stuff anywhere. Also, see if your tape is sticky enough. Sometimes if it’s old that can cause a problem. I hope some of these things help! 🙂 (Yes! Those Iris folding kits Do make life easier, don’t they? Awesome!)

  2. Kathleen Bertoglio says:

    I love the card! Thanks for all of your awesome ideas too.

    1. Thank you so much, Kathleen! 🙂 That’s so sweet!

  3. Mine used to do the same. It was quite annoying really. So I just took off that black piece and stuck a piece of paper in between…you need to put holes in the right places so it fits. But it has worked fine after that.

  4. Hello! What a great card. I’m going to buy it today…thanks! 🙂 Can you tell me where you purchase your ATG Gun refills? I get mine from Hobby Lobby but they are such tiny rolls. Your roll looks huge!

    Tricia 🙂

    1. Hi Tricia,
      I’m so glad you like the card! Yes, I’m happy to tell you where I get my refills. I’ve been buying them on ebay for the past few years. I buy them in bulk so I always have them on hand. Look for a seller with good feedback who sells ATG tape refills or even ACID FREE ATG double-sided tape. Check the size that’s being sold. For example, I usually buy 1/4″ width for my tape but there are other widths available. I’ve also ordered from The Tape Depot. Here’s what I ordered: Reverse Wound Transfer ATG-7502 (I order the 1/4″ roll 12 pack.) Here’s a direct link to that item: http://www.thetapedepot.com/cart/component/page,shop.product_details/flypage,shop.flypage/product_id,10292/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,1/ I hope that helps!


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