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Bind It All, Design Studio, TOP SECRET book…

I bound this cute little book for my sons’ game “cheat codes” using my Bind It All!

This is the 2nd book I made with my Zutter Bind It All.  (1st I made this Alley book.)  I tried cutting the chipboard down a bit with my Fiskars paper trimmer. Um, that does not work. That’s why there are jagged edges on one side. Oh well, that’s how you learn.  This cutie book is for my boys and their game “cheat codes”.  Instead of gluing on regular paper, I used some adhesive paper (from the DCWV brights adhesive mat stack) that I had that almost perfectly fit the book. I didn’t think it was going to stick at first, but it did.  So, that’s what covers the insides and outsides of the book.

I used Diamond Stickles (my fav) to decorate the atom (the swirly thing, LOL).

I made the design using Design Studio with Plantin Schoolbook and then I cut it out with my Cricut Expression.  At the time I made this book, I only had the trial version of Design Studio.  I had ordered the full version, but it hadn’t come yet.  The way the trial version works is that you can create your own designs using all of the Cricut cartridges currently available, but you can only cut with the cartridge that originally came with your Cricut.

Here’s the back!!

Now…go get Crafty!


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  1. Too bad you are limited to using their artwork. If you could use your own artwork like a CAD system does and has for years, Cricuit would open a huge market for the machines. A system like Apple uses on iTunes (Trademarked product) that prevents redistribution of their products could be incorporated so the original artist can not give or sell their artwork.. I would be like Cricuit in that respect… It is my art you can’t have it!

  2. You can also use a software program called Sure Cuts A Lot 2 by CraftEdge Inc. You can check it out at craftedge.com Sure Cuts A Lot 2 software is very similar to Make the Cut in that it lets you create your own designs and allows you to cut them out with your Cricut.

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