One Zutter to Bind It All…

Um, yes that was a nerd reference to Lord of the Rings.  I couldn’t help myself.  Should I now proclaim myself as cool and not a nerd?  No.  That would only give me permanent nerd status.

Ok, so this week’s purchase (yeah, if this were all I’d bought regarding crafts this week, DH would think I’d been taken over by pod people).  Anyway, this week I bought a Zutter Bind it All.  LOVE IT!!  Well, haven’t even used it yet, but did put it in it’s pink carrier (like a new baby) but I still LOVE IT!!  I also got the pink tool kit for it.  Ahhhh….pink.  IDK just what I’m going to make first.  Hmmm…  You can bet it’s going to be some kind of book that I’ll also use my Cricut to design.  Sadly, I have to wait until I get back from a trip I’m taking my babies on.  But then… Woo hoo…Crafting Table here I come!!

Also, this week I bought 2 Cricut cartridges.  Shhhhh!!

Seriously though, I got a great deal.  I got Pooh and Friends, which I don’t even need, but was only $17 and change through somebody on Amazon!!  For $17, it was a “must own”.  Then, I used my Cricut points…I finally got to 800, to order the George cartridge.  Hey, I actually thought that would be free (silly me), but it was $13 for shipping UPS.  Come on, $13 for shipping?!  Well, still.  Happy to have spent $30 on 2 carts.  Yay!!  So excited to get back home and play with all my toys.

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  1. Brendasjoy says:

    I got the blue BIA lucky you with the pink one! You will LOVE the Pooh & Friends cartridge!! I really love the frames for my camping and outdoor photos.

    1. Thanks Brenda! That’s a great idea about the frames for camping!! 😀

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