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Use Your Vinyl to Personalize a Pool Float!!

Here’s a look at why you should use OUTDOOR VINYL instead of INDOOR VINYL on projects that will get wet.

This is a “morning after” float photo.  LOL!

Even though this photo was taken after 5 boys had jumped on it in the pool all day and then all night on the floor during a spend the night party, the vinyl would have stayed on longer while in the pool had I used outdoor vinyl.  Why didn’t I?  At the time I didn’t have any on hand.  Ya gotta go with what you have sometimes, right? 

Here’s What I Used:

I used Cricut Vinyl (This is before Cricut came out with different kinds of vinyl. They used to only have indoor/removable.), Cricut Transfer Tape and the Sesame Street Font Cartridge for the lettering.  (Outdoor 651 vinyl would have been a MUCH BETTER CHOICE for this project.)

I love that Sesame Street Font.  I use it all the time.  It was perfect for this!

Here’s What I Did:

This was easy!  I just bought a float and blew it up with my trusty electric air pump.  Using my Cricut Expression, I cut the name out of vinyl and then used the transfer tape to apply it to the float.

TA DA!!!  Then I was done!

Here the vinyl had come off a bit in the water and been stuck back down.  Again, outdoor vinyl would have been better! 😉

I know these “day after” phone photos look like a hot mess, but you have to believe me that it looked great when we took it to the pool AND during the pool party.  The kids were really jumping on it too.  Frankly, I couldn’t believe the float even lasted the party, let alone after the boys jumped on it and slept on it overnight.  Surprisingly enough, I saw my nephew (whom I made this for) carry it to the pool one day recently!!  The lettering was long gone (should have used outdoor vinyl) but that float was still kickin’!!  Wow, I got my money outta that float purchase.

A personalized float is a cute gift for a pool party!

Go Get Crafty!

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