How to Unmount Your Rubber Stamps Using EZ Mount

Five Stampin’ Up stamp sets reduced to Five easy-to-store CD cases!! Woo hoo!

I finally did it!  I got all my rubber stamps unmounted, stuck them to EZ Mount and now they easily cling to acrylic blocks!  Yay!

You’ll need these items:

HINT: Use WD40 to clean the sticky off the scissors, but make sure they’re wiped of the WD40 before using them again.

Is Peeling the Stamps off the blocks or backings difficult?

I started by using new Stampin’ Up rubber stamps.  They were easy.  I just peeled them off their backing and had no trouble at all.  Of course, they hadn’t been attached to the wood blocks yet.  I did run into trouble with old stamps.

You can microwave them for a few seconds and they should peel off.  This was true for me with a lot of my stamps, but not all.  Frankly, I ended up throwing a few stamps away because I didn’t want to deal with the hassle and I wasn’t in love with the stamp anyway.  I found that those attached to black backings (for me) was a real pain.

You can microwave them for a few seconds and they should peel off.

There’s actually a container for CD’s, so that helped!

You see I have some ink pads in mine, but I noticed when I turned it around that it’s made for CD’s, among other things.

This is the final product.  I’m not the best cutter in the world, so don’t judge those raggedy circles too harshly.

These are the 5 Stampin’ Up sets all attached to the EZ Mount and clinging to the CD cases.  I just put the stickers that say what they are on the outside of the cases.  You can just stamp an image on the insert that comes with your cases, or make one out of cardstock if you don’t have any.  Then you can tell what you have without staring at the rubber and trying to decipher it.  Now that I’ve accumulated so many CD cases full of stamps I’m really starting to see the need for labeling on the sides.  If you make an insert…make a side label too.

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  1. I can’t watch the video from work so I’ll forward this to my home email and watch it tonight. It looks really cool and would be a super way for me to get more space in my craft room! I’m wondering…can you use Staz-On ink to stamp the image onto the EZ Mount (before you put it on the back of your stamp of course!)? That way, you could put the EZ Mount on the stamp like you put the stickers on the Stampin’ Up blocks and you would be able to see the image through the acrylic block to make sure you don’t stamp upside down! Just food for thought…..

  2. That sounds like a great idea! If I didn’t already have everything mounted, I’d give it a try. Ok, you have to test that out and report back!!

  3. I have just started getting into stamping, only have a couple of SU sets. So this will be great info for my future purchases. Thanks!


  4. scottandcarr says:

    Hey Laura..
    there is a video on YouTube that shows exactly that…the lady uses Staz-On to stamp on the foam. Worked PERFECT!

    …and I just realized this is a YEAR after your post! OOPS!!!

  5. dgutierez1 says:

    Thanks so much – this will be an upcoming project. I dont have many rubber stamps to unmount but I really want to get my clear stamps into cases so they are organized better!

    Deanne G
    [email protected]

  6. CraftinTeresa says:

    Yahooo!!!! I was using my clear stamps last night and thinking how I’m frustrated with my current storage of these stamps and other waiting-to-be-mounted stamps, and here you are, coming to my rescue again, Joy! Never thought of using CD cases! Thank you again! : )

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