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SPOOKY SPIDER & How to Make Cuttlebug Embellishments + Videos

Well, SuperJoy has some SUPER things coming up and needed some time to do them….soooo… Here’s a card I made last year.  I used a lot of cool things to make this card.  I have more information about it RIGHT HERE!!

In a totally separate post I showed you how to use Cuttlebug folders to create embellishments!  Say What?  Yep. Click RIGHT HERE to find out how I did that.

I heart embossing folders.  Do you?  They are so much fun.  I love finding new things to do with them.  Have you seen my video on using ink with them?  That’s a technique I LOVE!!!  I love it with extra little hearts floating around. 😉  (Good grief…extra little hearts?  Really?  What am I in junior high over here?  LOL!)


Since I’m talking about embossing, let me go ahead and mention this other video I did.  People are always asking me what my favorite embosser is…hmmm…that’s tough.  However, I did make this video comparing the Big Shot and the Cuttlebug.


Lastly, in this video I demonstrate the Sizzix Texture Boutique embosser.  It’s so cute!  It’s shaped like a purse.  LOVE!  You’ll see the demo closer to the end of the video.  The title of the video is actually “Cricut Life is a Beach 5 o’clock Somewhere…”.

Sizzix Texture Boutique Embosser Demonstrated



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  1. Joy, that is a cute idea. I have that cuttlebug folder and made a card using it. I love your idea.

  2. Cuttlebug is on my wish list….I have been using a rolling pin but not quite the same. So much good information in todays post. Thank You for being so Super!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  3. love when you post some oldies but goodies. my cuttle bug is my favorite tool and I have that folder you used in this project! thanks!

  4. Great card, love the use of the embossing folders. I also love using my embossing folder’s to give texture to my cuts.
    Kim xXx

  5. I love embossing and I love my cuttlebug folders, but I’m also very anal, so how do you get the ink off of your embossing folders?

    1. Littlen,
      I use water soluble inks, so I can just rinse them off. 😉 The kind I use is by Stampin’ Up. I show them in the folder inking video…I think. 😉

  6. I love when you give links to older projects since I don’t always have the time to go way back on a blog! Thanks for sharing this cute project with us!

    1. JenCinMt,
      Oh, I’m so glad you said that. 🙂 I hesitate getting in the way back machine, but I thought it might be helpful too. 😀
      Thank you!!

  7. This is so cute!! Still waiting for those cruddy crafts so I don’t have to tell you how amazing you are!! 🙂

  8. Those double embossed embellishments came out really great! I’ll have to try this technique some day!

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

  9. I love using embossing folders and every time I go to the scrapbook store, I always seem to come home with another one or two…Thanks for showing new ways to use them.
    thomfam at inreach dot com

  10. This is Super Cute JOY! 🙂 I never would have thought to use that cuttlebug folder as Embellishments…. Now I’m gonna have to try it! Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  11. I love what you did with the cuttlebug folder. I want one so bad. Hoping Santa will bring me one this year 🙂 Great videos.

  12. I love the spider webs on this card!!!!! And happy that I learned some new tricks with the cuttlebug Thanks 🙂

  13. Super cute! I just got a cuttlebug and am still trying to figure out everything I can do with it – plus, I need to build my folder library 🙂 Thanks for sharing another great project, even if it is from last year!

  14. You’re always thinking outside the box!! Love all your techniques!! I really “heart” my Cuttlebug folders but “heart” my texture plates even more!!! They do an awesome job!! You Rock, as usual!!!!

  15. Love the idea with the CB folder. I’m definitely going to try this out! It’s always interesting not only to learn techniques but to see how they’re applied. Love your card!

  16. I also love embossing folders. I don’t have either machine you used, I have the old red style sizzix. Still works for most all things except for the wider dies.
    angel hugs

  17. I love this idea of using cuttlebug folders to embellish! This card looks way better than something you could ever buy from the store!

  18. These are great! I just bought the Sizzix texture embosser at Michael’s for $15 (with a coupon). First time I had ever seen it at the store near me. I was so excited!

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