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Sweet Treats Cricut Cartridge Quick 4th of July Firework

Happy 4th of July!!

Are you in a hurry to crank out some last minute 4th of July decorations or cards?  Or do you just need some things to decorate your scrapbook with a fireworks theme?  If you think you can’t make fireworks because you don’t have the Independence Day Cricut cartridge or the Stand and Salute cartridge…don’t give up yet!  If you have Sweet Treats you can make this fast and easy firework!!  Just take a look below:

What a great hidden treasure!!  You can even make little treat boxes for your guests…or self.

That’s a cute firework!  Why is it on Sweet Treats?  I have no idea.  I’m just glad it is!

You’ll find the firework on page 54.

I hope this helps you quickly create something or at least notice other options for something you might already have.  I hope you have a wonderful day.  I will be celebrating the 4th of July with family and friends.  I hope your holiday is a safe and happy one.

Here is a picture of Domino.  He has worked so hard at his cat job that he fell over into the floor as if he is dead.  (He does this often as a dramatic gesture.)  Though I’m unsure of his true nationality since he had a French history when we adopted him, I am sure he will at least enjoy this as a day to be with family and get some much needed rest in the garage since my Mother in Law is allergic to cats.

Here’s how I label my Cricut Cartridge booklets.




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  1. Joy…My very “spoiled” french bulldog would NEVER accept being exiled to the garage….he is so spoiled he would expect my mother-in-law to go to the garage.

    1. I totally understand your bulldog. 😀
      Domino sleeps on a weight bench we have out there. He pretends he just finished working out. When he isn’t sleeping he waits at one of the garage doors in hopes something will happen. LOL!

  2. Hope you are enjoying your day! Thank you for pointing out that cut on the Sweet Treats cartridge! I don’t think I ever noticed it . . . or if I did…wondered what the heck it was for! LOL!

  3. Love your cat, Joy. We had a black and white named
    T.C. ( The cat wore a tuxedo!) We loved that cat and miss him. I currently have an all white cat named Ceasar ( like great Ceasar’s ghost) We are the 3rd adoptive parents….he thinks he is a dog and all but calls me mamma. Crazy I know!

  4. My cat must be related! He spends a lot of time in that pose too!!! hehehehehehe….

  5. In honor of the 4th of July my kitty ‘Rocket’ takes the same pose! Sounds like a lot of cats that have Moms who craft have a lot of belly up time :)~

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