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Hand Santa-tizer Vinyl Santa Cricut Scandinavian Christmas

There’s a new Cricut Air 2 machine out now, but you can still use it to make this!

Hand SANTA-tizer! I’m cracking myself up!

 I actually woke up this morning thinking, “SANTA-tizer!!” and laughing.  Frankly, I wanted to make one for my boys that had Santa holding a taser so I could do Hand Santa Taser, but I ran out of time.  Too bad.  Their childhood will surely suffer from lack of Hand Santa Taser.  Oh well.  You can’t do everything.  LOL!

UPDATE: In 2012, I made a stamp set with this saying in it!  See “Oh Christmas Puns“.

I’m really enjoying this cartridge!

Today I’m using my Cricut Expression 2, the Cricut Scandinavian Christmas Cards cartridge (Could they come up with a longer name? LOL), store brand (meaning the cheapest I could find while at the grocery store) hand sanitizer, my Gypsy and black, white, red and a beige vinyl.

Need vinyl? I like to buy mine from Expressions Vinyl.

Looking for some Gypsy tutorials?  Here are some videos that might help you.  Go back a few pages to get to the beginning of the series.

You can make separate tabs for all your needs.

See all the open tabs on my Gypsy screen?  Sometimes I open up several tabs and label them by color or media, that way when I begin cutting I can look at the tab and put the right item or color on the mat.  I started doing that in this project but then I decided to make everything smaller so I put them all on the same page, grouped them, shrank them and laid out different pieces of vinyl on the same mat for cutting all at once.

The Cricut Expression 2 does a great job cutting vinyl!

Need help using vinyl with your Cricut?  My Cricut Vinylology DVD can help!

Once the vinyl is finished cutting I use an Fiskars craft knife to cut the vinyl down to a manageable size and to weed the vinyl.  “Weeding” is the process of removing the vinyl I don’t want to use from the vinyl that I do want to use.  Next, I will use transfer tape to help me layer the vinyl.

Don’t look! Santa doesn’t have his beard on yet!

Once you begin layering the vinyl it really comes alive, doesn’t it?  I love this part!

Hand Santa-tizer vinyl santa cricut scandinavian Christmas

 I buy my twine from Whisker Graphics.  I really like all of their pretty twine offerings.  They’re always coming out with limited time seasonal twine too.  I like that!  To add some twine to the top of this bottle I use a few Glue Dots to hold the twine in place.  Then I just wrapped the twine around it.

Santa keeps his hands clean with hand SANTA-Tizer.

And Now for a Give Away brought to you by…

Memory Miser.com has generously donated the Cricut Scandinavian Christmas cartridge for one winner!  YAY!

To be entered for a chance to win this pretty and fun cartridge just leave a comment telling me your favorite thing to make at Christmas time (or during your winter holiday celebration).  I’ll use Random.org to choose a winner.  I’ll list the winner here on Saturday, December 17.


Submitted on 2011/12/13 at 7:54 PM
This is such a cute, cute project! You crack me up! I like to make cards for Christmas.

Have a GREAT DAY & Come visit me again tomorrow for Day 3 of the 2 Million Hits Celebration Give Away!

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  1. my fav thing to make at Christmas besides cards is making presents and decorations. SO SO SO love your Santa-tiser!! I am NO good at layering vinyl!! tricks?? tfs such an awesome giveaway -would love to give her a good home 🙂 parkernana5atcox dot net

  2. crystalsnap says:

    Eat, eat and did I say eat. There are those special dishes that you only make for the holidays. Spend time with my family!!!!

    Thanks Crystal

  3. RachelMarie says:

    I am so gonna make this “hand santa-tizer” for my kids’ teachers. They’d love it…..and so do I. My favorite thing to make for Christmas would probably be Christmas cookies along with any homemade gift.

  4. Cute Santa-tizer!

    I love to make pumpkin rolls. I have family and friends that look forward to my pumpkin rolls. 🙂

  5. Such a fun idea. I need to decorate some hand sanitizer for the nursery. I love making my aunt’s caramel corn. YUM!!!

    P.S. Saturday is the 17th, not the 12th 🙂

    1. Amerika,
      Thank you!! Apparently, I don’t know how to read a calendar. LOL! I changed the date to the 17th. 😉

  6. CathyinMN says:

    What a cute idea! Thanks for the chance to win that fun cart. I like to make Christmas cards and plates of goodies for family and neighbors (usually cookies and fudge). I also like to make other small items for small gifts that I might see during the year — glitter ornaments, etc.

  7. margievisnick says:

    This funny and adorable! My favorite thing to make at christmas is cookies!

  8. Love making Christmas cards – usually make the next year’s during Christmas and NewYear’s when I’m in the Christmasy mood. Love to make chocolates, but they are too tempting this year, so I’m not.

  9. mom2molly says:

    I like making my handmade Christmas cards, but my favorite thing to make at Christmas time is Mexican Wedding Cakes! YUMMY!!

  10. Love the Santa-tazer idea..as my hubby is an officer, I think he’d think its hilarious.

    I love making gifts for my family..usually some kind of home decor items.


  11. Tracy Hewlette says:

    This is a very sweet idea – my favorite thing to make at Christmas is the Christmas dinner. MMMM TURKEY!

  12. I have been enjoying makes gifts for my kids’ teachers. I also love baking Christmas cookies – gingerbread men , spritz, pb blossums, sugar cookies. Um, better get on that with less than 2 weeks to Christmas 🙂

  13. My favorite thing to make at Christmas is TIME….it is so easy to get caught up in all the rush and festivities that we miss the thing that makes the holiday special….spending time with those we love and that love us….so slow down Friends….watch a movie with a child, make so time to just listen…..:-)

  14. Krafty Kim says:

    Love the Santa-tizer! I’ll have to remember it for next year–already have kids’ teacher gifts ready!

    My favorite thing to make at Christmas time is FUDGE with pecans from my mom’s tree in the front yard back home. (Sigh …)

  15. Santa-Tiser! tehehehehe…. LOVE it! When I told my Hubby that… He thought I was NUTS! I think I got a pattern going on…. it always involves the hubby and me being NUTS! LOL My favorite thing to make during the holidays involves food! I LOVE to bake this time of year! I have an old fashion Fudge recipe from my grandma that I make…. NOT the kind that has marshmellow cream! I mean really OLD FASHIONED Fudge!!!! It involves LOTS of SUGAR!!! and HAND mixing/stiring…. It’s soooo tiring to make that I have to enlist my older boys to help stir it every year! Of course they love the fudge so their always willing to help stir it! 😉 In fact I’m the only in my family that has been able to recreate her fudge! I’m soooo excited about it! It only took me a million tries before getting it down pat! 🙂 Have a great day Joy!


  16. You crack me up too. You are so funny and sweet. My favorite thing to make for Christmas is cheese balls. Everyone loves mine and that is what they ask for every year. I love the cheese balls too but am glad I only make them for Christmas or I would be a bouncing ball by now! Regina

  17. They are so cute. I will have to try and make one. Do you have any suggestions on how to easily remove the label from the santizer bottle that you buy? And the favorite thing I love to make during the holidays is Peanut Brittle.

    1. D051669,
      I DO have a suggestion for removing the label! First peel as much of it off as you can and then use Goo Gone to help you get the sticky off. I was going to add this photo to my post but at the last minute I didn’t. I should have! 🙂
      Goo Gone & Hand SANTAtizer bottle.
      I hope that helps!

  18. shoespink says:

    Wow so very cute love it. You always make me laugh you are so funny !
    Thank you for all of your FUN hard work.
    I like homemade oraments on my tree. So we make something new every year.
    My kids also get to pick out a new store bought orament.
    I stared this when our first baby girl was born 25 years ago.
    She will be 26 on the 18.
    We have a 21 years old boy & 14 years old girl.
    Wow 26 years that is a long time.

  19. My favorite thing to make during Christmas would be gift tags to match this years paper. I get to be creative and change things up if I want. It makes the packages much less commercial.

  20. Love the Hand Santa-tizer . That would make great stocking stuffers. I like to make little token gifts like you just made and give to my pokeno group and other friends

  21. clittleton says:

    This is really cute!
    I love to make ornaments and this year I’m trying a garland with pictures of Christmas memories past-present.
    Thanks Joy and Memory Mizer!

    Cheryl 🙂

  22. You are tooooo funny! I enjoy making my cards and also I try to come up with some small gift for my close girlfriends, aunts and cousins. This would be a perfect little gift. Too bad I haven’t played with vinyl yet.

  23. You have the cutest items. This is the 1st blog i have ever subscribed to, and love it!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas.

    1. Thank you Jenkindi & Welcome! 🙂

  24. TNScrapbookingMom says:

    That is such a cute idea. My favorite thing to do is making cards, but this year I have started making my own gift tags and the best thing that I have started doing for Christmas is making my own wrapping paper. This idea has been such the best thing to decide to do, because my little girl has really been loving to help mommy come up with the different designs for everyone gifts.

  25. Jeannette Butler says:

    Love the idea! My favorite thing to make, though it doesn’t happen every year, are Swedish Tea Rings.

  26. Christine says:

    Love your hand Santa tizer!
    I love to make Christmas cookies.

  27. I’m still haha-ing at your hand Sana-tizer! Super cute. Your posts always make me laugh. During thr holidays I love to make Christmas cards 🙂

  28. love this! would make a great teacher’s gift. I really should get over my fear of working with vinyl and order some to make these for next year! right now I am loving making treat bags with fancy toppers! if I don’t win this cartridge, I just might have to splurge and buy it – it looks so cute!

  29. WOW! I love it!
    Clean hands and a happy Santa to go with the cleaning!!GREAT!

    My fav things about Christmas is being with my whole family! I miss them, and it is so fun just to visit with them all!

    Thanks, Antann

  30. I love making Christmas cards for friends and family it gives me such joy thanks
    upnurse at aol dot com

  31. mousemomma says:

    This is such a cute, cute project! You crack me up! I like to make cards for Christmas.

  32. ladybugCarrie says:

    What a super cute project and a great idea! My favorite thing to make are gift tags. I try to make each one different and unique.

  33. Super-cute and full of punny fun! I love helping my 5 yo son decorate picture frames for his gift-giving. Thanks!

  34. Cute pun (and gift idea). I love making cookies with my sister-in-law.

  35. scrapbooknut67114 says:

    Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing. I love making peanut clusters, cookies, peppernuts, peanut brittle and cinnamon rolls during the Christmas season and giving it as Christmas gifts. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  36. jlchambers67 says:

    Love this idea!

  37. My favorite thing to make during the holidays are memories. Corny, I know but long after the gifts are opened and long after the last cookie is eaten, I savor those memories of family and friends being together. My only GD will be five next week and seeing the holidays through her eyes is such an awesome experience.

    Oh, and this Hand Santa Tizer! She will love it! 🙂

  38. I love this idea so much that I think I recreate it for a cute gift for teachers. At this time of year, I enjoy making TIME to relax. I’m a wife, mom and teacher so relaxing time is hard to come by. I am truly blessed!

  39. suzette220 says:

    Love the hand Santa tizer. Very cute! During the holidays I love making ginger bread houses and cake pops 🙂

  40. karenladd says:

    The thing I love making at Christmas time are handmade cards! I love coming up with several different designs and deciding who to send the to!

  41. Oh Joy, you crack me up love the idea about the taser though. I think this will decorate a bathroom or kitchen real well. We go through a lot of hand sanitizer around here.
    My favorite is to make anything homemade. I make all kinds of things from cards, to quilts. I think I have dabbled in almost every craft there is. This year my girlfriend and I decided we didn’t have enough money so we are doing all homemade for each other. I have several ideas in mind and looking at the date best get my rear in gear!
    Enjoy all your projects.
    angel hugs
    angesl52.005 at gmail dot com

  42. meredeEnA says:

    Santa-tizer cracks me up! I love to make tags that coordinate with the paper of the gift’s wrapping. The wrapping gives me direction and a challenge and it’s so much fun to do with all my different Christmas papers. Thanks for asking!

  43. crosskris1 says:

    I love making cards and gifts for friends and family but I especially love having family get together and enjoy watching the children unwrap their presents! Love Christmas.

    dietzrobles at yahoo dot com

  44. lindagk23 says:

    I love making cards, ornaments and of course making cookies and sweets for trays we give to friends. We all have a wonderful time getting together and doing this. It is so much fun! Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration and for the chance to win! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  45. RichStampin says:

    My favorite thing to do is decorate my 3 Christmas trees, One with standard ornaments, one with the pin and sequins ornaments my mom made when I was a child and the third, well that’s the edible tree with nothing but edible items on it.

  46. I love making decorations for Christmas and every time I see another new idea I want to make it!!! For me, Christmas could be year round just for the decor alone!!

  47. your hand santa tizer project is sooooo funny! i’m thinking I want to make one for my 3 YO daughter… she calls it Hani-tizer. I’m sure she would get a kick out of the santa-tizer!

    My [new] favorite thing to do for christmas is make Silvanas, it’s this sweet Filipino delicacy that I just found out about from my sister-in-law… I’m filipino and have never heard of it before! It’s a crunch, creamy frozen cookie that kind of reminds me a little bit of the Milano Cookies. This year, we are making them with Macadamia Nuts… YUM!


  48. NancyRuess says:

    Well my favorite thing, (this year) has got to be our neighborhood cookie exchange! It went well, and with the hopes of having more from all who attended! I love Christmas, and spreading the JOY to as many as I can! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  49. javajunkie says:

    Your hand SANTA-tizer is adorable! I’m just starting to get comfortable using vinyl so I’ll have to give it a try. My favorite thing to make at Christmas is decorated sugar cookies.

  50. My favorite thing to make are homemade gifts! They vary each year, but coa–coa and Hand scrub (with cute, scrapbooked labels, of course!) stick around year after year!

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