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  1. Thanks for showing us the new Cricut Lite. I check my Wal-Mart today and they did not have any. 🙁 Cannot wait to see what you make with it!

  2. Oh Joy!! You are soooo funny!!!! After you mentioned your nail I could not stop looking at it!!!!! But I cant wait for these carts to start selling for cheaper!!!

  3. I called 3 local Wal-Marts and they do not have them either. But all the other carts are on clearance so maybe they are only going to carry the Lites? I thought that corn looked like pancakes too LOL. I like the box that the cart came in. Wish they were all that nice and duable. I think they are a bit over priced though. Maybe 20 or 25 would be a fair/better price point.

  4. My Wal-Mart has most of them. I am disappointed in the price. Most of them are super cute but I am not sure I can stomach paying $40 for each one. I will probably wait awhile and see if I can get them cheaper anywhere else.
    Ruthie 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for sharing!! Love the videos, can’t wait to see your creations with your FIRST lite cart.

  6. did I hear right that they are $39? They look cool but I was hoping they would be a little cheaper…Guess it depends on how much is on them also…Just gonna have to wait and see..

  7. Joy, your video’s crack me up… you are so funny! 🙂 Thanks for the awesome video and can’t wait to see what you make with it. Love the little BBQ! I think that is just adorable. 🙂

  8. This is the first time I hear about them. I will have to visit my WM.The images here are really cute but I think I will wait for the sales. 🙁

  9. Thanks for sharing!!! Loved your video, your too funny 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you create with it. I so want that cat one when it comes out too!!! 🙂

    1. CuddlyBuddy,
      That’s so sweet! Thank you!
      It’s just fine when people come by but don’t comment. 😉 I’m just happy you come by. 😀
      Thank you Again!!

  10. I was just at Wal-mart and saw ONE of these cartridges. They only had the Hoot n’ Hollar cart. I had to pick it up and take a look. There wasn’t a price tag on the hanger so I put it back KNOWING full well I didn’t need to purchase ANOTHER cart this week. I figured I’d wait and see on pricing… I think $39 is a bit much. They did however have a GREAT clearance sale going on! For what I spent on paper and goodies I probably could’ve bought the cart! I’m a sucker for a good sale 🙂 Thanks Joy!

  11. I did not know about these, but they do look like fun, I will wait to see if I can get them online cheaper that is just me.
    Thanks for showing us so much, I love everything you teach us


    What do you know about the Sizzix Texture Boutique Embossing Machine? It is cheaper than the Cutterbug and I am still looking to see where I can get the cheapest and best machine but I am running out of time, my bday is next month


  12. I was just at a Wal-mart yesterday in NH and didn’t see them. I looked on the website and they aren’t listed there either….hmmmm…might be time to stalk wally-world!

    1. Hey Luna_tic72,
      Yep…it’s time to start stalking Wally World! LOL! 😀 They don’t have any info on Provo Craft or WalMart. Also, these carts can’t be uploaded to the Gypsy and aren’t on Design Studio YET. That’s just because they are so new, I think and hope. I’m hopeful that they will make them available on the Gypsy. (crossing fingers!!)
      Good luck on your Wal-Mart adventures!

  13. Joy I’m just seeing this for the 1st time and I love it! This looks really neat. I along with a lot of other people think its a little spendy, but all in all I will get these. Love the pkg’ing also. Thanks for sharing your video.

  14. Thank you for this video – that cartridge is too stinking cute!! When to 3 WMs in my area this weekend and not a single one was to be found. I am like you – – – also want MEOW. But now I want Block Party too

    1. LOL, Disneypal…I know!! We want one, then we see another…then we want that one! 😀
      I hope you find them soon. I’ve been to 9 Walmarts so far now and only found them at 2. CRAZY!! (Totally crazy that I went to 9 Walmarts, but we’ll ignore that.) 😉

  15. Lucky you to have that many wm to stalk for carts.. ha ha
    our one has the worst section of all wm on the earth. they will never get these.they have no others. I sure hope I can find other methods to feed my craving of these carts.. bad bad habit.. I know..

    1. Imafarmgirl,
      A bad habit we all have, LOL!! I hope you do find them soon. I’ve been to 9 Walmarts now and only 2 had them. Of those 2, one only had one kind. I hope they’ll get to more Walmarts soon. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the one close to you gets them! 😀

  16. I just found your site. Thanks for the review on the new cricut lite cartridges. I have not heard of these until now, so I must go check my Walmart ASAP. I am now following your site!!!


  17. Ok that was sooooooooooo funnny… the extra graphics on the video… I got such a kick out of it.. and you just tossed stuff around and hey at least YOUR nails are painted hahahha.
    I stumbled across this information about Cricut lite. Can’t say I’m impressed.
    Strange.. you know the box reminded me of the discarded VHS tape boxes.. you from video rental stores.
    I hope they don’t become a cheap company with cheap quality products.
    I’ve seen some titles. They sure look interesting… How are they a step UP from Solutions??? what because of the plastic case??? thats why they would charge MORE???
    I hope you got your steak!!! LOL
    All the best. Monica

    1. Thank you Monica! Hey, I did my nails last night (won’t everyone be surprised?) LOL! 😀 I have to say I didn’t do a great job, but at least I got rid of the chipped paint. Woo hoo!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed my video. I love it when people get a kick out of my videos. It makes me feel like I won the lottery…without the actual cash. LOL!
      IDK Why they are charging like they are for the Lite. It’s CRAZY!! I do think those boxes boost the cost, unless the got a deal on used VHS cases. 😉 Maybe the extra charge is for that EULA sticker over the cartridge. That thing is irritating and unnecessary. I’m sure it’s probably printed in that booklet thing I don’t read. 😀
      P.S. I got my steak!! DH is the best! 😀

  18. Joy you are so funny! Thanks for the look at one of the new cartridges. You’re right, the corn looks like some kind of funky pancake. Come on people how hard is it to make corn on the cob?

    Thanks for the laughs!

  19. I’d rather the regular carts came in the old VCR packaging. Those seem a little more sturdy.

    1. Poppycock you’re right! Some of those old VCR cases were nearly indestructible. Remember the ones from the video stores? You could probably build a house on a foundation of those. LOL!

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