Favorite Craft Room Tools Series – Border Punches and More

Hey, my crafty friends!  I hope you’re doing well today.  I’ve got my coffee balanced in the one clean corner of my messy desk and am ready to talk about border punches for this part of the Favorite Craft Room Tools Series.  Here’s hoping none of the things on my desk shift while I write this or I’ll be wearing my coffee.  LOL!  If you’ve missed the previous 5 posts in the series, click here to see a list of them all. This series is in answer to requests I’ve gotten asking what my favorite craft tools are and what I would recommend as “must haves” for a craft room.

If you missed the Basic Punches post, click here.  Ah, the beauty of a detailed paper punch.  They are the next step in paper punches after starting with basic shapes.   Some of the punches I discuss below aren’t as simple to use as basic shape punches but they are worth trying.  Like the basic shape punches, most are durable and easy to take with you when you’re going to a crafty event.  I’ve included tips on how to use the different varieties of punches discussed below.


Martha Stewart punches are addictive!
Here’s a link to a post I wrote:

My favorite border punch manufacturer is EK Success.  They also make punches for the Martha Stewart brand.  I recommend any of the EK Success punches EXCEPT circles (simple shapes).  I’ve never had a EK Success or Martha Stewart circle punch that cut without tearing.  Maybe I just have bad luck with that brand and simple shapes but it’s why I stick with Marvy Uchida (as discussed in this post).  Just sayin’.  Will you have the same experience?  I don’t know.  I’m sure some people swear by their EK simple shape punches but I’m not one of them.  I don’t swear by them, I swear AT them.  Again, if they work for you then you surely don’t need to rush out and buy something else.

Some cool Martha brand punches to check out: Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page, MS Deep Edge Punch,Martha Stewart All Over the Page punch. (I haven’t tried the All Over the Page punches yet.)

Here’s a link to a post I wrote:
How to Use Martha Stewart
Punch Around the Page Punches

and a
rant about the Drippy Goo Punch post.
(Dear Martha, so sorry.)

Here’s a link to a You Tube Video by the Martha Stewart teamHow to Use the Martha Stewart All Over the Page punches.

A Few of My Favorite Punches

Imagine this is an awesome photo.  I wanted to add some more photos for you but I’m having some computer issues and need to put my tech guy (DH) to work on them. 😉

I really like the Martha Stewart Loops Punch.  Here are some posts where I used it: herehere and here.  No matter how much I’ve complained about the drippy goo punch (see above rant), I LOVE it!  I most recently used it to make this Post It Note holder.


Ok, I’m not counting this EK Success punch as a basic shape as discussed yesterday.  Basic = square, rectangle, circle, triangle.  This isn’t a set of perfect rectangles (this is how my brain categorizes).  LOL!  This is one of my most treasured EK Success punches, the EK Success Photo Labels, Large .  It works great with a variety of stamp sentiments…like Joy’s Life stamps…did you like how I threw that in there?  LOL!  Seriously though, I like to use it for tiny words and as well as whole stamped sentiments.

Ok, the next Favorite Craft Room Tools Series post will not be discussing any more punches!  LOL!  We’ll delve into a brand new topic.

I hope to see you here again soon!

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  1. scrappingrandma says:

    When you say MS punches are addictive you are so right…..I just received a new set from HSN today. The new punch all over are great…I now have 26 ….Thanks for all your tips and videos….Still my favorite site…

  2. I think I must order some of these. I have seen so many fun things done with them.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. CLM-Cindylu2u says:

    LOL you crack me up!! Just finished watching the videos on the MS punches and always wondered why I couldn’t get them to line up right, arrgh!! So thank you very much, now I can punch around the page correctly.

  4. I did it!! Thanks to your site and cricut patterns, I bought one and boy am I having fun. I’m doing scrapbook pages now and it’s fun. Thank you for the ideas. Now to get the punches.

  5. scrapper69 says:

    Now you’re talkin! EK SUCCESS Punches are THE BOMB!!! And Yes I have the basic shapes in these… (crawling under my rock) I use to have the Marvy… but they gave me trouble! How funny they work great for you and give me trouble… but the EK Success ones worked like a charm! tehehehehe Anywho… LOVE any Martha Stewart punch too.. they are sooo pretty! This has been emjoyable going through the series with ya! It’s nice to know we have lots in common! 🙂


  6. Hey Joy — my “go to” basic shape punches are the Creative Memories ones. I have never had a problem with them, but I love the fact that CM guarantees their products, so I always know I can send it back if I need to. Also, they just came out with an awesome new border punch system and they have a couple “punch anywhere on the page” ones.

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