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Strawberry Treat Boxes

Strawberry Treat Boxes #SilhouetteCameo #EpiphanyCrafts #Xyron

I love strawberry themes so much that every year for my birthday my husband throws me a strawberry party.  He makes me a strawberry cake and serves strawberry drinks and ice cream.  So, when I saw these precious strawberry treat boxes, I had to make them!

Strawberry Treat Boxes #SilhouetteCameo #EpiphanyCrafts #Xyron

I resized the file to make smaller boxes and used the Silhouette Cameo to cut everything out.

Strawberry Treat Boxes #SilhouetteCameo #EpiphanyCrafts #Xyron

I attached the tops of the boxes using the Xyron 510.  It’s easy to use.  You just push the paper through that front slot, crank the handle and it comes out the back.  Separate the strips of paper and your paper pieces are sticky on the back.

Strawberry Treat Boxes #SilhouetteCameo #EpiphanyCrafts #Xyron

Epiphany Crafts makes some of my very favorite crafting tools.  You add paper, a bubble cap and punch out your own embellishments.  It’s so simple and creates an amazing finished product.  Their products get two solid thumbs up from me.  Here, I’m using the Shape Studio Flower.  Next, I added the Flower 25 Bubble Caps.

Strawberry Treat Boxes #SilhouetteCameo #EpiphanyCrafts #Xyron

I attached the new bubble cap flower using Zip Dry paper glue.  Later, I decided to create flowers from a different patterned paper.

Strawberry Treat Boxes #SilhouetteCameo #EpiphanyCrafts #Xyron

The perfect stamped sentiment can make the project!  I’m using Joy’s Life Yummy Puns stamps.  You can buy them right in my little ‘ole store!

Welcome to the Joy's Life Store!

Strawberry Treat Boxes #SilhouetteCameo #EpiphanyCrafts #Xyron

To create the center of the flower, I used Epiphany Craft’s Shape Studio Round 14 along with their Round 14 Bubble Caps.

Strawberry Treat Boxes #SilhouetteCameo #EpiphanyCrafts #Xyron

I think this beautiful adhesive rosettes ribbon by May Arts gave some sweet and soft dimension to these precious boxes.

Strawberry Treat Boxes #SilhouetteCameo #EpiphanyCrafts #Xyron

I wish you berry happy crafting!

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  1. Maguerita says:

    Hi Joy, there are 3 things that to me in nature are family – CLOSE family – that would be the STRAWBERRY, the Rose and the Crab apple. And thus every year during autumn when those sour very red little crab apples fall i strip the tree, go and buy the last strawberries I can find and pick a whole lot of Double Delight rose petals (must be organic) and I cook a jelly. My son craves that jelly when it’s all gone. I throw 1 clove and a few allspice berries into the fray. The petals are the very last to go in (but those HAVE to be of a fragrant variety of rose). When you get one in your mouth the aftertaste is rose, without imparting an all rose flavour to the crab apples and strawberries. It’s exquisite on ordinary scones with whipped cream and a splodge of this stuff. Thanks for this article – beautiful – you surely are artistic!

    1. Maguerita,

      Your jelly comes to life in your description! I can almost see process and smell the fragrances. What an amazing creation and memory you share with your family! I hope to make something that amazing one day. Thank you for telling me about it, Maguerita. I feel like I was there for a minute. 🙂

  2. These are just way to cute, Joy! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much, Penne! They were fun to make! 🙂

  3. Mendi Yoshikawa says:

    These turned out adorable! Love the embossed detail and the super cute rosette trim! 🙂

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