eBrush Giveaway & Joy Christmas Tag

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Have you seen Craftwell’s eBrush before?  It helps you get airbrush effects from your markers.  So cool!  I used it to turn a plain office supply store manila tag into the customized tag you see below.


This tag is what I created after trying the eBrush for the first time.  I can only imagine what I’ll come up with as I continue to use it!


I used a lattice stencil and sprayed over it with a red marker that was included with the eBrush.  I made a few of these tags so I could add them to Christmas gifts.  I used a lattice covered one and solid colored one to create the tag shown in this post.  I think it’s so cool that these used to be plain manila tags!  Just a little airbrushing changes them completely.


Just think of all the ways you can use the eBrush!  Here I used it to color white fabric letters so that they match the tag.  Next, I colored white ribbon to perfectly match too.  Why be stuck with plain white embellishments?  Make them the color or colors you need!


To finish up my tag I added some Stickles (glitter glue) around the edges, on the reinforced hole and on the airbrushed letters.  I showed the finished tag to my husband and he said, “That’s great!  Now I just need you to make some more so I can put them on your other presents.”  LOL!  So, when you start making tags with the eBrush…make a bunch! 😉

Leave me a comment telling me what you would make with the eBrush!  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below too!

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I am a Brand Ambassador for Craftwell and received an eBrush for creative purposes.

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  1. Fabulous Joy Tag, Joy, hee, hee…the eBrush is on my Christmas list but to win one would be super fabulous. Thanks for sharing such an awesome product from Craftwell.

  2. Kristin Sullivan says:

    This is great! I can’t narrow down what I would make with this as the possibilities are endless!!! To be honest – I would stencil a canvas with a saying for my cousin’s baby’s room – he is arriving around Christmas!

  3. CathyinMN says:

    What a fun tag! I would be making a lot of backgrounds for the cards and scrapbook layouts that I make. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. would make great home decor.

  5. Joy, this is fabulous! Love the stenciling with ebrush on the tag, so beautiful! Would be great to win one myself cos I don’t have one. Hehe. Good luck to everyone who entered!

  6. Not sure what I would make but I would make it with my daughter.

  7. What an amazing giveaway!! I have been drooling over this amazing tool forever!! I would lovelovelove to own one of this amazing machines and winning it is the only way that it is going to happen! Thank you for the chance to win one!! It would be a dream come true!!
    Your tag is fabulous! I love the lattice!! TFS!

  8. Beautiful tag, very creative. I have wanted one of these amazing tools ever since I first saw it online. It is at the very top of my Christmas wish list but Santa is skipping our house this year so winning an ebrush is the only way I’ll be getting one.


  9. I would love to try making some tags. I have quite a few that I did not know what to do with.

  10. Susan Falendysz says:

    I NEED this to add to my collection of crafting tools!! 🙂

  11. Susan Miller says:

    I’m a sucker for tags, so I’d probably start with those! But panels for cards would be great too, or for scrapbooking.

  12. Oh man, there would be so many things to make; cards, tag, background pages for scrapbooks, etc.!

  13. Alysia ahsam says:

    I’ve seen a quite a few things made with this Ebrush and I have to say that it has got my attention. I’d be using my Ebrush on my fabric projects that I make like for instance my felt flowers-to make them much more realistic. I’d also make a stencil of the names of the recipients of my fabric gift bags and personalize it that way or ebrush my frosting on my cuppy cakes. You see, my possibilities are quite endless.

  14. I’d use it on my fabric projects-to make my felt flowers look realistic, stencil names on my gift bags for Christmas & decorate my cuppy cakes!

  15. Joy! This product is brilliant! I think this would be fabulous to use on stenciled scrapbook pages, to make your own wrapping paper, and for coloring ribbon! Fabulous give away!
    xx Susan E

  16. Carla Hundley says:

    This looks so easy and
    fun! I’d like to use it to
    airbrush some stencils
    onto some white
    organizers cubes!
    Carla from Utah

  17. RUby Moser says:

    Wow what a great giveaway!! I would love to own this! I have been wanting one ever since I first saw it! What would I make with it? More like what would I not make with it! The list is endless. Mostly cards, scrap booking and gifts for friends and family. Thank You for the opportunity to win!

  18. I was on the tc cruise and would have loved to have won an ebrush! I have 10 year old twin granddaughters who come over all the time and want to CRAFT!! I love to craft and scrapbook and make cards! this would be a fun addition to my crafting!

  19. Annmarie miller says:

    would like a new tool to use with markers

  20. Ok, I think I NEED this, not want it!!! You know, some items are just like that, needs, not wants, LOL I would LOVE to have one to help me make one of a kind amazing cards to share joy where I feel it is needed! *Hugs*

  21. Wow I haven’t been by in awhile as have been busy but decided to come and get some Christmas inspiration from you and I am sure glad I did now.

    I would use this machine as you did with a stencil to add clouds and tree’s to the background of my stamped images. I would also love to be able to colour my embellishments to match perfectly.

    Thanks for the chance to win, I think I completed all the steps.
    Kim x

  22. I love it, think I would use it for decorating cards as well as tags, maybe my book covers.

  23. Benn really tempted by the ebrush, love to win one

  24. Would love this as my friend and I love making cards for all occasions this would give them that extra bling

  25. shirley woody says:


  26. I am so inspired by the ideas you showed ! Being retired now, I have the time, but not the budget for the eBrush. If I had an eBrush I would design gorgeous baby clothes for my 4 month old grandson, and my newest grandson who will be here in April !

  27. Yes, I saw the Ebrush on Terri Sproul’s blog and fell in love with it. Sure beats the hand atomizer one that gives you carpal arm!

  28. I’m a card maker that loves trying new techniques. I think this is a tool that could keep me busy for a long, long time! I love the idea of making embellishments to match my projects like you did.

  29. marchelle says:



  30. Rita DeCook says:

    I agree with most…where does one start to imagine what to use this on. Certainly a “new toy” I’ll have to check out…winner or not.

  31. Bobbi ann says:

    Wow pretty tag.
    I would make layouts and cards.

  32. I have watched the demos on HSN and have it on my wish list. Winning would be great. I have some ideas for some altered art projects that I could use it on.

  33. ShelleyJo says:

    The ebrush would be awesome to have!!!

  34. Renee Dean says:

    Would love to win the eBrush! I can just see all the endless things I could do…and even more time spent in the craft room 🙂

  35. Joy, awesome tag! I LOVE that you used the eBrush to tint so many elements of the project to tie it all together. The possibilities are just endless. I have an eBrush too (so please take me out of the running to win one so someone else can win it). I love what it can do with the markers that are compatible. I want to ask you the BIGGEST favor ever… as an ambassador to Craftwell would you pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top BEG them to make an adapter tip for Promarkers??? I have the full set of colors (love them too) and they don’t fit in any of the adapter tips. Boo hoo! 🙁 So many US retailers are starting to carry open stock Promarkers online (like Joann.com… a big carrier of the eBrush), plus all the UK crafters that have greater access to the Letraset Promarkers, it would TOTALLY be worth it for Craftwell to sell an adapter as a separate accessory. I don’t see a way to contact Craftwell with product requests on their site and the Contact Us link won’t work if you don’t use Outlook for email. Thanks! I’ve been a long time follower and was excited to meet you at a Scrapbook Expo in Atlanta a few years back. Keep up the awesome projects! Congrats on your latest Design Team post/collaboration with Craftwell 🙂

    1. Karen,
      What a great suggestion! I’ll definitely pass that on to Craftwell! Of course, I can’t make any promises but I will mention it today. 🙂 To contact them you might also try their Facebook page , Twitter and Instagram pages. For email you might need to copy and paste the address: cs @ craftwellusa DOT com. (I wrote it out that way to cut down on spam.) 😉 Thank you so much for your awesome comment! I hope to see you again at the Scrapbook Expo this year. I swear I start getting excited about the next one the minute the current one is over. LOL! Hugs!!

  36. Oh wow so cool! The possibilities are endless! You could even stencil on a wall, t-shirt, canvas bag, scrapbook pages……. Thanks for the opportunity Joy!

  37. Mary winstanley says:

    I would make background for cards, at least to start with!

  38. This would be a wonderful tool for me. I get super duper cramps in my hands these days so I have practically given up coloring on most projects. I have a manual airbrush marker tool…too much work! Good luck to everyone entering!

  39. Commented before but entry did not register in that robo form.

  40. I love this. Your tag is adorable! I can only imagine the fun of having this to play with.

  41. Donna Strander says:

    Stamp masking, various wood and canvas crafts

  42. What a great tool!! I’d love to try it out and have some fun!!

  43. Angela Karklus says:

    I would use the eBrush for cards and try it out on backgrounds for vinyl crafts.

  44. Joy,Me and Christopher has been fans of yours since you started,,,And we have been watching,,But a lot been going on,Now we have some time now to comment on your post…And yes ,,I still have a book that Christopher has your projects in..:) We love the tags…Hugs

  45. Oh I LOVE this Joy! I would love to try to stencil a design on my headboard and match it to my dresser and night stands. (Maybe try to airbrush some abs on myself after my holiday weight gain. I can’t seem to stay away from all of the See’s candy 🙁 )

    Great project!

    Simply Silhouette
    aka: Cricut Chick

    1. Laughing so hard, Julie. Soooo hard! If you do a good job on those spray abs, I’m going to need you to come over and do mine. We should sell a spray abs stencil! Yep. Someone’s going to make a billion with that idea.

  46. Sandy Alvarez says:

    not sure if I have the skills to do this but sure would love to try

  47. Hi- love the card! I would put all the fabulous stencil I own to better use when cardmaking! I make my cards for Operation Write Home and I am always looking for fun ways to vary my style and the eBrush would be a fabulous addition to my supply of tools! Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. Mary Sternberg says:

    I was amazed at your tutorial showing how you can use the ebrush to paint ribbon and add designs to cards and tags. My mind is spinning with the possibilities. What I thought was just a tie-die tool, actually has a plethora of uses. I’d love to add this to my crafting tool box!

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