Cricut Halloween Post-It Craft Paper Gift Bag

I used the Happy Hauntings, Oct 31 & Pumpkin Carvings Cricut cartridges.

Yesterday, I created that Happy Haunting sentiment using Post-It craft paper and stuck it to my Cricut Imagine.  Here’s a link to that post.  I was curious if it really would be reusable, so I waited 24 hours and I peeled it off of my Imagine and stuck it to this bag.  It restuck just fine!! YAY!

See?  It was stuck on the Imagine and now it’s on the green bag.

I think it’s soooo cool that you can just buy plain bags at the dollar store (or wherever) and then dress them up using your Cricut.  I don’t know about you, but if I’m using a gift bag to give something to one of my children I try to keep and reuse that bag after they are done with it.  Just think, one bag could be redecorated and reused over many occasions.  That’s a fun way to recycle bags.

This is the Pumpkin Carving overlay using the Cricut Imagine.

Time to cut it out.

I’m using some of the leftover Post It craft paper from yesterday.  That’s why it looks all chewed up.  LOL!

All cut and ready to remove!

You just peel off the back and stick it down.  I then used a Signo white pen and added a few funny details. 😀

Do you love the headstones?

Next, I decided to use the Oct 31 Cricut cartridge to make a creepy spider.

I know it’s made out of paper, but it still moved in a creepy way when the fan blew on it.  shudder…shudder…


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  1. Sheryl Kemper says:

    Oh I love your crafting graveyard! SO cute! I love it. Can you email me a link to this post-it paper you got? Love ya!!

  2. I love decorating bags!

  3. I saw that 3M paper & wondered what to do with it. Dang – something else to add to my want list. It would make layering sooooo easy.

  4. You make learning so much fun!! I would like to get my hands on some of that new 3M paper.

  5. Love the headstones! Very cute!

  6. I love post it paper. You have the greatest tips on thinking outside the box. thank you for the ideas.

  7. I am loving the headstones…ok, coffins, bags, post-it paper designs…I have a lot to do to keep up with you! Thanks for all the jump starts to creativity! You’re awesome!
    thomfam at inreach dot com

  8. I really need to get some of that post-it paper! Thanks for all of the great tips – you are definitely one of my daily stops!!

  9. Cute bag!

  10. scottandcarr says:

    That spider made my skin crawl!
    As always, LOVE your designs!!

  11. OKAY!!! Now that I own two cricuts the small one and the large one, since you have the imagine, is it really a must and how do I convince the hubby I MUST have it? Please send me some marketing words to sell it to him LOL!!!!! Is it really a good investment or should I wait for the next machine to come out which will probably be called the “MIRACLE”? lol Why are there so many inventive people out there and why I am I a “gotta have it type of person” ? 🙂 lol

  12. Wow now that’s being green. Love it. I went to our joanne’s and they don’t carry the paper. Will have to check online, but this was awesome

  13. sy3_smith says:

    I have to keep my eye out for that post it paper. hope you’ve seen the photo paper!

  14. Always love your projects and knowing you can “restick” that paper is handy info! Thanks Joy!

  15. very nice! I always hover after gifts are open so I can make sure the bags don’t get tossed! I have some bags that have been passed back forth for years! Great idea to decorate the plain ones to suit the occasion!

  16. I haven’t tried that paper yet. I wonder if it would hold well for something you wanted to last longer.

  17. harleychickx2 says:

    Very cool!

  18. Good to know that you can reuse it!! Cute bag!

  19. What a great idea! I need to find that post-it paper! I haven’t seen it for sale around here yet.

  20. Love the spider. Love what you wrote on the thumb stones. TFS

  21. winnielosie says:

    Love the gift bag Idea. Sooooo cute.. Vicky

  22. I so love the bag idea… thanks for sharing.


  23. Such a neat idea for a gift bag. I just love your ideas

  24. I love decorating gift bags! Thank you. Kathy

  25. pcrusberg says:

    I’m with you. Why throw away a perfectly good bag? I’ve even ripped on the tag if it’s written on and just make a new one. Thanks for the great project!

  26. Great Job Joy!, still waiting for my carts . Now I have a project to make once I get them. Thanks so much for sharing.

  27. Love the gift bag

  28. I am going to get some of this paper. I like the udea of reusing the gift bags & decorating them to whatever theme.

  29. clairbear3 says:

    So neat! Love all these Halloweeen Ideas!

  30. MissMichelle says:

    Do you ever sleep? Does your brain ever shut down????? You are so creative!

  31. that spider looks to real…….love the ghosts and the

  32. This bag came out sooo cute. The kiddos and I just made treat bags using freezer paper thanks to one of our favorite blog buddies hehe. Thanks Joy for all of the awesome ideas.

  33. Andrea6760 says:

    Hi Joy! I would like to introduce myself, I’m Andrea from Pittsburgh, PA and found your site from someone mentioning it on their YouTube video. She said that you knew everything about Cricuts and Im so happy I found you!! I also watched a few of your YouTube videos and had to come join your site. I am just starting to look through your site and am blown away already!! I love you Halloween bag and the scary spider comment was just how I felt just looking at the

    I am looking forward to finding more great ideas here. Thank you so much for putting together this site for us and for sharing all of your wonderful ideas.


    1. Andrea6760,
      Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re here! 🙂

  34. I got to get some of this paper. Reusing bags and decorating yourself is so much cheaper then buying those $4 or so bags. Thanks for all the ideas

  35. Thanks so much for posting this…love your photo comments! And I agree…that spider is pretty creepy looking…just imagine if you had used a velour topped paper to make him a little fuzzy to the touch…yick! 🙂

  36. flipflopdiva says:

    Loving this paper!! Will definitely have to have some!! Just got the Happy Hauntings cartridge this weekend!! Can’t wait to use it!!

  37. That paper is so cool, I’d never heard of it before. I’m going to have to get me some, thanks for the link.

  38. Never heard of post it craft paper… The bag looks great!

  39. finecrafter says:

    Love the tombstones! As for the spider, you can keep it- you should’ve seen the HUMONGOUS spider I had to kill in my house the other night- I HATE THEM! But I love your bag!

  40. christianek78 says:

    love the bag…I have to get Happy Hauntings and that 3m paper…my list of things i want is growing…lol

  41. That is cool! I’ve been dying to try out that Post It paper!

  42. Awesome projects! I’ve had my eye on those Post-its!!

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

  43. Super cute bag, loving the crate paper.
    Kim xXx

  44. Just got these two carts. Need to get busy and put them to good use.

  45. Christine says:

    So cool! I have to buy some of that glitter stuff.

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