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Cricut Create a Critter 2 Bear Valentine

When people ask me what Cricut cartridge they should buy as one of their first ones, I always suggest the Create a Critter cartridge.  It’s cute, fun and easy to layer.  I love it! .  Not too long ago, Cricut came out with the Create a Critter 2 cart, that’s the one I’m using today.  Here are some other projects using Create a Critter.

Cutting the flowers with the Cricut Expression 2
Cutting the flowers with the Cricut Expression 2

You’ve seen me use my Silhouette Cameo a lot lately but my first love was the Cricut.  As I was discussing with my friend Susan F. on Facebook the other day, I am an equal opportunity die cut machine appreciator.  LOL!  Just because you love one machine doesn’t mean you can’t love another. 😉  I also use and enjoy the KNK Zing and the Sizzix Eclips as well as the Cameo.  Here are things I’ve made using the Cricut.  I even made a whole DVD about using vinyl with the Cricut!

Xyron makes adhesive easy!
Xyron makes adhesive easy!

I cut the bear out at 3″ and the flowers out at 1-1/2″.  Next, I ran the pieces through my Xyron.  Have you used one?  It’s soooo easy!  You put your item through one side and pull it through (like with the X in the background) or crank it through (like with the blue Xyron on the left) and your crafty item comes out with adhesive on the back all ready to stick to your project.  There are other inserts for Xyron’s too.  They’re sooo cool!  Here’s a post where I use a larger Xyron.

Stickles make glitter BEARable.  LOL!
Stickles make glitter BEARable. LOL!

I have a love/hate relationship with glitter.  It looks pretty but it always ends up stuck to my face like a wild glitter weekend beauty mark or in my eye.  Solution?  Stickles.  I’m using them to give a glittery effect to the flowers and bow, without the mess.  Want to know more about Stickles?  Check out these posts: What’s a Stickle? and Stickles Compared.

Punch it out!
Punch it out!

I’m using the Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page Loops Punch Set to help me create a border/tag and to punch the corners.  I also inked the bear in brown to give it some dimension.

This sentiment is from the “Tag You’re It 2” stamp set.  Need more stamps that fit with the Create a Critter cartridge?  Check out my “Lots of Pun” stamp set.  I made it specifically to work with the first Create a Critter cartridge.  It has many other uses too!


Woo hoo!  One winner will have a chance to win both a Xyron 150 and the Xyron 250.  I used both of these great products in my post above!

This giveaway is provided by:

Have you been to their site lately?  You should go check it out!  They have a new owner AND a new look!  Go visit them at www.memorymiser.com!

To be entered for a chance to win these 2 Xyron’s: Leave a comment telling me what you like to make when you craft.  Do you scrapbook?  Make mini-books?  3d projects?  Vinyl?  What’s your favorite thing to make? A winner will be chosen on January 22, 2013 and listed on this post…so check back! 😉

And the winner is:

JaimeLynn says:
JANUARY 20, 2013 AT 10:47 PM
Hi joy,  I am new to your site but so far have loved your projects. I found you looking for a way to make waxed paper bags. You see I am a girl scout leader and the very first girl scout cookies were cooked by mother and daughter at home and put in waxed paper bags with a girl scout sticker seal to hold it shut and sold door to door. I am plannig on replicating that for my parent cookie meeting. But on that note I do many projects that these machines would be useful for. At the end of the year, for one example I do what I call a memory page. I guess it’s like scrap booking pages for a hole troop, than i laminate the page when i’m done a put a fancy ribbon to hang it from so the girls can see what they have done that year. Like i said it’s alot of pages and glueing so this would help out greatly.  Thanks, Jaime D.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. SherriKay says:

    I mostly make cards, but I love to use vinyl and make altered items as well. I think the Xyron machines are the best!

  2. I make a little of everything but mostly cards. Right now I’m working on birthday cards. Your card is so cute. ????

  3. I love to scrapbook, but lately I have made mostly cards. I love my little Xyron. Would love to try the Xyron 250! Thank you sharing all your ideas! Too cute!

  4. I just got a cricut and have made invitations, greeting cards, and vinyl monograms so far!

  5. Cricut Chick says:

    Oh Joy! This is so dang cute…I love to make 3D projects lately….They are my favorite but I will always love making many cards for friends and family….Boy…could I use these Xyron’s…

    Thank you for the chance to win:)

    Cricut Chick

  6. Love your bear card, so cute. I agree Create a Critter and the new Create a Critter 2 are perfect to start off with. I make mostly cards, but have been making a few scrapbook pages lately. Both are fun! Thanks for the chance to win!


  7. I am a scrapbooker, cardmaker, school project assistant, planner, cutter and completer… (lol) , volunteer library administrator to our teen Anime/Manga club, and overall creator of all things my kids ask for… LOL… so i LOVE to create… for me that is the fun… and I just love my Xyron… the only problem is… it’s used by everyone in my home…

  8. I am a cardmaker, cutter for decoration and misc for kids. I hope to learn vinyl and etching this year! Crafting is my way to release stress….need to do it often! 🙂 I have a Xyron but sadly it has not been used! Still learning! Thanks

  9. mom2molly says:

    I scrapbook and make cards. My passion for making cards has recently turned into a little side business. It’s my creative outlet and a way for this single mommy to make a little extra money! 🙂

  10. OMG! Thanks for blogging about the Xyron “machines”! I like to design and make cards and the gluing part is what makes me crazy. I NEED THOSE XYRONS so I can say good-bye to the spray glue that gets clogged at the nozzle and the glue stick that gets all over the front of the pieces. Joy, your blog rocks…excellent resource for every aspect of paper crafting.

  11. I just started getting into crafting so I am actually trying a little of everything…purchased some of your stamps, a cricut expression 2 and cuttlebug…I am in love!!! I am always checking out your blog for ideas and inspirations! I really wanna dabble into vinyl but I have to take this one step at a time 🙂 I have never seen these machines bc I am so new so I am glad I read your blog…great information! Keep posting the good stuff…I am hooked!!

  12. Jeannette Butler says:

    Lately what I’ve been crafting is cards and the Xyron is such a huge help! They work fabulously for ribbon! I run 2 or 3 strips the same length (however many will fit) so as to not waste the adhesive and save them for another project. I do continue to work on scrapbook layouts for my son’s graduation from Lackland Air Force Base in Oct., 2010.

  13. Would love it for making cards! Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. I love to make cards (though new) and I still love to design layouts for scrapbooks. My newest project is to make a mini book (with inspiration from your blog hop!). These xyrons would make all projects so much easier!

  15. this is so cute Joy,
    the Create A Critter’s are my favourite carts……I also recommend them to new Cricut users
    now what do I craft…….what don’t I craft…lol
    I like to make cards, scrap, alter items, oh and vinyl…love it
    I love to put vinyl on anything…..
    thank you so much for the chance to win….

  16. GrandmaRenee says:

    I love my Create a critter2 cartdridge & my Xyron’s. I would love to win these for my granddaughters (9 & 7), who I gave my mini cricut to. This way they can do things at home, rather having to wait to come to grandma’s (not that I mind) to get my cartridges. They are getting very creative. Both girls started Cricuting when they were 3 with me.

  17. tlcscrapn says:

    I like the Create a Critter cart but can’t decide on the old or new one! Your card is adorable!! I have been scrap-booking since I was in my teens. Lately now in my 40’s I mostly create cards, calendars, and home-decor. I am new to Cricut and having a blast learning to cut layers. Before artharitus I did all my cutting with a craft knife:( where have I been??? Thanks for sharing your inspirations with the world!

  18. I love to make mini albums they are my favorite!! I could really use these Xyron products!! Thanks for the chance.

  19. beckyfisch says:

    I make a lot of cards, but lately I’ve been itching to get some scrapbook layouts done…I guess my favorite thing to make goes in cycles!

  20. I am a scrapper and keep running scrapbooks for both of my grandchildren. Its like looking at their lives in pictures. I also like to make cutouts of characters to decorate their rooms and the Xyron’s would really help in sticking all the little pieces together. Thanks for the chance to win and I think your card is adorable.

  21. Super cute card!!! i love my Create a Critter Cart also. Debating if I want to get the Create a Critter 2. I make lots of cards and I also scrapbook. trying to start a 25th Anniversary book for my sister.

    mimicaro9650 at yahoo dot com

  22. i really enjoy making 3d items, finger puppets for the kids, basic shaped for toddler play, and cards. hoping to conquer some vinyl projects this spring

  23. I Love to make cards, and really like using my cricut for some of my cards. Some I use punches, and just cut paper for the designs. I have the Create-a-Critter cartridge, and Really like it. Would love the chance to get the Create-a-Critter 2. I have used the Xyron small size – it is So useful for putting adhesive on small items. Thank for the chance to win these things.

  24. I love 3D paper projects and making cards! It seems I am always in the middle of a card or paper project constantly! I would love to win it would make my crafting easier! Thanks for the chance!

  25. jksmitley says:

    Create a critter is one of my favorite cartridges too! I am mostly a scrapbooker, but love to make cards and home decor projects too. I want to make some of the wood blocks with vinyl sayings to give as gifts! Thanks for the give-away!

  26. Really cute card. I make a lot of cards. I do a few other paper crafts but the cards are my favorite . Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. dolphin6859 says:

    I love your card. My favorite thing to do is make cards. I got my cricut last January and I am hooked. I like lots of embellishments. I get a lot of ideas on blogs and u tube. Everyone gets a homemade card from me. I sell them to family and friends and do craft fairs.
    Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve always wanted one.

  28. I mostly make cards, but love to make different boxes and holders for treats. I just have fun “cuttin’ and colorin’, stampin’ and stickin’…. Love all of your projects!

  29. Darling card! Bears are such cute little critters! There are so many machines out now to choose from….not sure which one to start on. I need to take that time to investigate all the different cutting machines. I do have a Big Shot…no plug ins necessary! Whoo hoo…I seem to have a negative force field around me that messes up anything electrical! Haha…Yes, I do try to craft daily and one of my favorite crafting projects is card making as I get to give them away and secondly I do scrapbook which is my favorite crafting projects. I love how you get to relive the memories when you are putting those pages together and I have many many little memory books to give away too. They (minis) go together much faster and are very much like a greeting card with those happy memories. Thank you for sharing and for the chance to win something fun and exciting and also that doesnt require being plugged in! Whoo hooo. Enjoy the rest of January! Huggies

  30. While I love to knit and do it constantly (Tv lends itself to multi-tasking!), card making is my go-to craft. Fast, creative, employing lots of different techniques, and you end up with a fun item to share – the perfect craft!

  31. Right now, I am really enjoying card making, but I also love to scrapbook. I JUST got Create a Critter, so I’ve been playing with that a lot.

  32. dianagribling says:

    So cute. I love finding a project that uses tools I have. I have so many cricut cartridges that I am not sure what to make with them so thanks for the idea.

  33. such a cute bear! I love the color combo and the look of your card. I really got into making cards this last year and I love how they get better looking the more that I make. those are my favorite. I also love making 3D paper crafts and pages.

  34. I love to make cards and items for the home.

  35. I love making cards, I would like to complete more scrapbook LOs this year

  36. Just getting started with Card Making. Love your blog!

  37. I love doing vinyl projects. Vinyl on glass, vinyl stencils, subway art. But I also LOVE LOVE LOVE all the cards you make others that I see, so I think card making is in my future!!! 🙂

  38. I love this card. I plan on ordering this stamp, love the saying. Like so many of the others, I do a lot of different things. It’s too boring to just do the same thing. Thanks for a chance to win.

  39. Just re-discovered you on YouTube. Loving your tutorials and your enthusiasm. So fun. Would be superfun to win, if for no other reason than one of them is purple.
    Thanks for sharing your talents.

  40. Very cute. I like the bouquet of flowers and the use of stickles. I mainly make cards and am also part of a church card ministry.

  41. I love to scrapbook and make banners for parties.

  42. TNScrapbookingMom says:

    I love making cards and doing etchings. I am also getting more into vinyl banners, that I make for the car club that my husband and me are members of and have just started making journals and personal calendars.

  43. With four little ones I love to scrapbook. I have recentlly taken an interest in cards. Thanks for the incredible giveaway, the bear is so adorable 🙂

    Renee Richardson
    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  44. crystalsnap says:

    I use my Cricut for everything…. scrapbook, cards, vinyl, glass etching, making t-shirts, etc….. It’s still pretty fab when I pull the cut image off the mat. Love it!!!

  45. Thanks for offering the blog candy. I make cards and 3d projects, I also make t shirts with vinyl. Love your
    site, you’re so funny some times! 🙂

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