Joy’s Life Cricut Vinylology – NOW SHIPPING

THANK YOU for the AMAZING RESPONSE to Cricut Vinylology! We’re already into the 2nd manufacturing run! I’m so excited about this DVD and look forward to hearing what you think! 🙂 THANK YOU ALL!

I’ve got some GREAT NEWS!!  My Cricut Vinylology DVD is scheduled to begin shipping this coming Saturday TODAY!! AND…(but wait, there’s more)…it is TWO DISCS of projects and information and over 3 hours of content!!  You’re going to SUPER LOVE IT!!

Here are some of the things you’re going to learn to do:

  • Apply Vinyl to the Inside and Outside of Windows (like your house OR car!!)
  • Create Vinyl Wall Decor
  • Give Vinyl TEXTURE
  • Glass Etch
  • Create T-Shirts, AMAZING Glass Block Design, Magnets AND MORE!!
  • REUSE Vinyl
  • Layer Vinyl
  • Learn about different kinds of Vinyl AND Transfer Tape
  • Learn both Wet AND Dry Vinyl Application

In my DVD’s You’ll Learn Techniques to help YOU Release YOUR Vinyl Creativity!!

Wow…I’m out of breath just saying all of it! 😉

Click Here to Go to My Products Page so you can order yours!!

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  1. mom2tayandbay says:

    Joy, do u need a deep cut blade for vinyl?

    1. Mom2tayandbay,
      I just use the regular blade. Some people use the deep cut, but it’s not necessary. 😉

  2. I’m so excited for you!!!!

  3. Love all the information you have for all to see here
    I have left you an award if you would like to pick it up at my blog site

    1. Thank you Debbie!! 🙂
      Super Hugs,

  4. Can’t wait!! We are (husband mainly) painting my new craft room right now–so when my DVD comes I will be taking a crash course. Do you have any good sources for Vinyl for the wall?

    Katsews at Gmail dot com

    1. Katsews,
      I like Cricut vinyl (you can buy in many craft stores where they sell Cricut) and Oh My Crafts vinyl. You can also check out the link to H&H vinyl I have on the bottom left hand side of my page. I like shopping with them too. 😉

  5. bbcairlets says:

    I have the Create machine, and without the multicut function, I am afraid to invest in vinyl because I don’t know if my Mama Bug will cut it. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Bbcirlets,
      You don’t have to have the multi cut function to use vinyl in your Cricut. So…go get yourself some vinyl!! 😉 Have fun!
      P.S. In my Cricut Vinylology DVD I use a Cricut Personal in one of the projects just to show that you can cut vinyl with the baby bugs or the Expression. 😉

  6. Thanks for the many ideas you give. Thanks again.
    Great gift idea for teachers.

  7. I have never used vinyl before, but after seeing your project, I have to go get some. These look incredible and I’m sure the teacher who gets them will love them. Great job!

    bamiester @

  8. I can’t wait to get it
    I can’t wait to get it
    (imagine this in a school girl sing song voice)
    yes…am I ever excited!

  9. christhedolllady says:

    I just ordered your DVD! I can’t wait.

  10. I’ve always wanted to try vinyl. this would be perfect!!

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