Hello Kitty Greetings Cricut Cartridge Birthday Card Times 2

Today my kitty, Domino, has been acting completely CRAZY!!  He’s howling and running around the house…basically doing things he doesn’t normally do.  It’s all because he can’t find the kids.  🙁  Today was their first day back to school.  Poor Domino.  Maybe this card will make him feel better?  I hope it’s his birthday.

The REAL Story is…It was my sister-in-law Lizard’s birthday and I needed to make her a card.  Yes, I really call her that.  No, it’s not her name. 😉  So, I made this card.  When I was through I decided that I didn’t like it.  So…

I cut it up and made this…

Cute…even though the pink parts aren’t long enough on the left and it drives me crazy.  You know what?  I was having an “off” day.  Does this happen to you?  You just have those days where you shouldn’t be driving the Cricut?  Yeah.  Me too.

However, I did pull out the Martha Stewart loop punch around the page.  Hey, that reminds me!!  I got a bunch of new MS stuff that I haven’t played with yet because I was producing Cricut Vinylology.  Woo hoo!!  I’m off to shop in my own craft room!  LOL!





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  1. I think you did a great job Joy. Although I have to admit I do like the second one a bit more. I love how you “cut it up” and it still looks great. I can never do that.

  2. patches_523h says:

    Thats what makes it special the little goof ups.
    Cute card. And Happy Birthday to you S-I-L.
    Its my DH Birthday too!

  3. It is adorable! I am so glad I am not the only one that pulls projects apart and remakes!

  4. Yes, Joy. I have those days more often than I’d like! I do like the second card better, but the first was cute, too. I didn’t even notice the pink strip until you pointed it out, but I am that way about my own work. I am a perfectionist with my cards, so it takes me hours to make the same card most whip up in minutes! I love how you used the MS punch just to the corner on one side!!!

  5. Hello Joy I love your Hello Kitty Card… It really adorable love all the colors you picked out… how you get the pink loops around the card is that a on the cart or did you cut it with a punch ??

    Love your Blog

    The Scrapbooking Queen

  6. Loved the second card too! Sometimes a rework is just what is needed to make it look right or be visually right!

  7. It’s about time you posted one of your creations, it made my day. I think both cards are very cute, the second one a little cuter. Edge punches are fun, love to use them.

  8. flowerdisco says:

    I like the second one better too 🙂

    I was just going through my Give a Hoot cartridge and I found a lot of borders there. 😀

  9. I liked both of the designs….but liking that punched border on number two quite a bit! She’ll be happy with it!

  10. Hi Joy,
    I loved both of your cards. I know my granddaughter would love it also.May have to copy it.

  11. Want to go, But I dont drive long distances, and Hubby will be working : ( If he wasnt working, Hed take me. Saddened.

  12. Mine day was this last sunday. the glue, the cricut cutting mat & I where not friends at all. Your card came out great and I am huge hello kitty fan.

  13. winnielosie says:

    i actually like both cards either one of them are cute as a bug

  14. I like the first card but I love the second, a far better choice.
    Kim xXx

  15. Super cute, Joy! I hate it, too, when the piece isn’t long enough. I’ve been known to slit it behind the top-most layer so that it will fit. I do that fairly often with ribbon because I’m pretty sure I can use that one inch I’ve saved somewhere else ;o)

  16. scrapingrammie says:

    Joy, Just ran across your website through You Tube, looking for info using the cricut lite cart… I loved all your projects, but especially this card. I do a lot of scrapbooking for my 7 yr. old twin grandaughters, (thus the name scrapingrammie.) Your videos have been very helpful, as I am needing help with the more difficult cartridges. Thanks for all your help. I love all types of crafting and can`t wait to see some things you do for Christmas.

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