SuperJoy Loves SuperFriends Monthly Give-A-Way!! Special Edition! DAY THREE!


Wheeeee!!!…Day THREE!!

Today’s Give-A-Way is for 2 MORE of my Favorite things: K & Co. paper (in particular I LOVE this little stack) AND a 3-pack of Stickles. My love for Stickles is widely known.  If you don’t know what they are just read this post HERE.  To enter just leave a comment! I’ll use to draw a winner on May 21. Good luck!

If you’d like to learn about three different kinds of Stickles click HERE.

I used my stack of that paper to make these Easter Crosses HERE.

I also used my stack of that paper as the polka dotted background
on this paper milk carton HERE.

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  1. Wow – wouldn’t those stickles look great on a sunflower card! Thanks Joy!

  2. I am new to stickles..and I am loving them! I would love to add these colors to my summertime cards and scrapbook pages! Thank you for a chance to win another great giveaway!!

  3. I love stickles!!! I use them on the Outlines cards I make all the time!!!!

    1. 😀 LOL Lorijandreau!! I’m a bad influence when it comes to Stickles! … or a good influence, it depends on who you ask!! LOL!

  4. had a couple of Stickles and used them a few times and then started reading your site and now that couple stickles is started to grow. Love them

  5. The colors, pattern, design is so beautifuly done on the paper. It is my favorite as well. I havent used stickles but have always wanted too. Thanks again for such AWESOME products!!

  6. Thanks for another opportunity to win. I have yet to try Stickles, so would LOVE to win!!!

  7. i have been ify about stickles i think of them as that glitter glue. would soo love to try it.

  8. LOVE Stickles!! The paper pack looks pretty also. Thanks for the chance to win……..

    Tammy M

  9. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

    kcmarlowe at hotmail dot com

  10. I have seen so many of ladies on fb and blogs using stickles, that I bought some yesterday to try out. I love em! This color set would be a nice addition. And who doesn’t love paper and could use some more!?!

  11. oh wow Joy! what cute paper! And yes definitely know your love for stickles but also UNDERSTAND haha. they are amazing!
    thanks so much for the awesome give aways!
    I definitely en-JOY them!

  12. Stickles are the greatest way to embellish something without a lot of mess. They are my favorite and I will continue to use them a lot in the future.

  13. i love k and co paper! and believe it or not, i have never used stickles!! so that would be great to get to try them out! thanks so much!

  14. I can’t get stickles where I live so I really want to win this … pick me pick me lol!

  15. Great giveaway, I only have a couple bottle of stickles but they are great.

  16. I LOVE the Stickles glitter glue!!! I don’t have too many, but I’m slowly building my stock!

  17. I love using Stickles! I am working on getting all the colors and I don’t have these. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. On the first day of Joymas, our true friend gave away,
    A cartridge(Destinations)of Paris in the spring.
    On the second day of Joymas, our true friend gave away,
    A package of Zip Dry Glue.
    On the third day of Joymas, our true friend gave away,
    A pack of K&Company paper, and a 3 pack of Stickles.

    Concider yourself lucky that you can’t hear me sing.
    Not a good sound. LOL
    Good luck all.

  19. Loving these give away’s. Your not only giving a chance to stock scrapbooker;s & card maker’s supplie’s. Your giving me a chance to save on gas in my car.
    Paper & Glue. That could be two car trip’s for me.

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