How to Use Sizzix Dies in Cuttlebug

You CAN Use Sizzix Dies in the Cuttlebug

After using the Sizzix Create-A-Bow (that’s a link to it on Amazon) in my Sizzix Big Shot in these two posts POST 1 and Post 2, I had a lot of questions about whether or not the dies could be used in the Cuttlebug.  They can!

Here’s how:

First put in the B plate, then add your die face UP, lay your paper over than and then sandwich the other B plate on top of that.  You’re all ready!

Now you roll it through.  If you’re new to using dies in your embosser I want to prepare you for the fact that the newly pristine and lovely B plate that goes over the top of your die will soon be cut up, marked, marred and otherwise ugly.  Don’t worry about it.  You haven’t done anything wrong and there’s no way to keep them looking pretty except not to use them.  If it really bothers you and you’d like to have them clear for your embossing only uses, you’ll have to buy an additional set.

Those words say,  “Wishes, wishes.”  They’re left over from this project.

After cutting out 5 sets of bow pieces I decided that this time I would try making a smaller bow by leaving out the 5 largest pieces.  It works just fine!  I suggest using a double sided for best results.  Thick cardstock doesn’t work as well as paper because it wants to crease.  Each time you make a cut you also get those buttons.  I think that’s a great added bonus because I was actually considering buying a Martha Stewart button punch, but when I looked at it on Amazon it had gotten bad reviews.  I kept going back and forth and … well, now I don’t need it! 😉

I used a brad to hold the leftover pieces together.  Next, I used a red Copic marker to color the brad from that boring brass to red! 😀

I thought this looked pretty and has many functions. You can use it as candles in a scrapbook or on a card.  Use it to give some interest to a page or as a picket fence.  I’m actually using mine as a bookmark or you could have 5 bookmarks if you take them off the brad. 😀

Now for the Give Away!

I bought this for my give away because I love mine!

It’s a Cuttlebug with all those accessories!  FUN!!  Super Friends please leave a comment to be entered for a chance to win.  How can you become a Super Friend?  Just register so you can leave a comment…that makes you a Super Friend!  I’ll announce the winner on Monday, Dec 2o.  Good luck and thank you for being here!

And the Winner IS:

# carrie Says:
December 14th, 2010 at 12:16 PM
What a fabulous give-away! Thanks for the chance to win. I am so glad I discovered your site. I love the Cricut info that you share. Enjoy seeing Zippy in your picture presentations and he looks so cute dressed for the holidays.

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  1. SpunkyOne says:

    Wow…. I’m lost for words. I heard the Cuttlebug and Big Shot could do so much to help with my card and scraping, now I know I have to have one, but… which one to get.
    I’d sure put this to good use.
    Your projects are FANTASTIC Joy!!

  2. So I wonder does Zippy Santa say Zho Zho Zho (instead of ho ho ho) LOL! I would love to get this prize…I don’t have a Sizzix or cuttlebug now and think I could get a lot of good use out it. Thanks for the chance Joy!

  3. Zippy is so cute in his Santa suit! Thanks for showing us how to use Sizzix dies. I knew you could but had not tried it! I would love to get the bow die!
    Thanks Super Joy!

  4. JerseyJenn says:

    Awww….Zippy is so cute! I really love that bow die. I wonder if it’s too late to ask Santa for one. And thanks for the chance to win that pretty blue and white Cuttlebug. I have the Expression that matches it and I would love to have the matching Cuttlebug and accessories!!

  5. Zippy sure looks spiffy! Love the giveaway!

  6. thank you for this great giveaway. would REALLY love to win this. good luck to everyone

  7. Oh my gosh, now I NEED that bow cutting thingy! LOL

    Merry Christmas, Joy!!!

  8. tmcdonald says:

    Oh my goodness. I have been wanting a cuttlebug for the last 2 months or so. It would be totally awesome if I won it. And if I don’t, then congratulations to the winner. I think I will buy me one for Christmas. LOL

  9. Tell Zippy he is welcome to come over to my house for a visit anytime!! He is super cute!!! I didn’t know I could use Sizzix! Super Cool info to know!! And the Cuttlebug giveaway is also Super Cool. Thanks

  10. You are so funny, I love coming to your blog! Zippy is absolutely adorable and such a fashionista!

  11. Love Zippy and his Santa suit! Thanks for the great giveaway! I love seeing all of the projects you do 🙂

  12. shewhodreams says:

    I love coming to visit! You always have me laughing and learning something new! Thanks for all the great info you give out and all the great chances to win.

  13. Ho Ho Ho Zippy ! Thanks for helping Joy with her Christmas Spirit …LOL And whatever you paid for your Santa outft is worth every penny…you look fabulous !!! Tell Joy thanks for the chance at that adorable blue’s my fav color. Merry Christmas to you both !



  15. Scrappycat says:

    Aww Joy you’ve trained Zippy well, he is such an enabler!!! Love this idea and the colors you’ve choosen! Zippy is also looking quite festive!!!
    Now to have a cuttlebug…that would be an awesome present!!!

  16. Zippy is just too cute in his Santa suit!! Can he come visit?!? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can make your own “professional” looking bow! The colors are so vibrant and fun!


    Such a great giveaway! You really do love us LOL

  17. Jennikel00 says:

    WOW! What a SUPER DUPER Giveaway!! Thanks for the oppurtunity Joy!!

    Happy Holidays!!

    Jennikel00 at yahoo dot com

  18. Wow…that’s a great prize give-away…Thanks for the oppurtunity Joy!!.. I have this on my christmas list…Happy Holidays!!
    Rebecca Minor

  19. sherry2545 says:

    love your bow and what a great giveaway, my favourite colour to 🙂

  20. Zippy is so like a girl, Shop shop shop. cute outfit.
    You know I have to get that Sizzix Create-A-Bow!
    Your bows are outstanding! Thanks so much for showing us how to do Sizzix dies in the Cuttlebug.
    Now for the Super Joy Loves Her Super Friends Give Away, you RoCK!!
    P.S. Zippy is absolutely adorable!
    created2bunique at ymail dot com

  21. saundra24 says:

    Zippy’s outfit is hawt! I’m so glad I’m a Super Friend!!!

  22. Just found your site Joy. Awesome. Zippy is so cute in the santa outfit. So glad I’m a Super Friend now. Would love the Cuttlebug. Thank you for the opportunity. Good Luck to all with the great giveaway.

  23. Aww, I would love to win this. Ive been wanting this for awhile now but cant afford it. Maybe i’ll win it.
    But on another note. Thanks for the great ideas. My first purchase will be the vinlology from you. I just love this blog!!!!!!

  24. octbride11 says:

    Well I just found your site today but I will have to say that after seeing everything on here and this great giveaway I will be on this site alot!! You have great ideas and I just love it! Hope I can with this I have been wanting one but just cant really find the money to spend on it!

  25. Better hide your credit card from Zippy, although he looks pretty good in that Santa Suit. Fabulous giveaway

  26. Those are so cute.

  27. Love Zippy in his Santa gear!!!! I did a double take when I seen his name because my pup is named Zeppy (short for Zeppelin) but if he sat on anything of mine, it would break as he is a 140lb Newfoundland…but oh, so sweet and loving! Love coming here to see what you’ve created…that bow is so so pretty…this is the first I heard that Sizzix has a bow making die!!! Way cool! TFS!!!
    arcocha at yahoo dot com

  28. Love that Zippy and his antics! I didn’t know that sizzix made a bow template, so that is cool and your bow is so colorful. I would love to win the cuttlebug and create some wonderful projects!

  29. Juliet_baby says:

    Thank you on the tutorial on cuttlebug. Zippy os too cute in his Santa suit. I didn’t know they actually sell clothes for zhu zhu pets. That is really interesting and makes it even more fun.

  30. Happy2Bme says:

    You have a wonderful site with so many great ideas. My daughter and I look at your site daily. You have great give aways too! Thanks for all that you do!

  31. The cuttlebug looks really neat to use. Sorry I am a day late. I like using your ideas. Thanks a whole big bunch.

  32. Howdy Joy- This is a wonderful gift some super friend will be getting! I must say Zippy looks dashing in his new red suit!

  33. Awww. Zippy is so cute. I didn’t realize that you could color the brads with Copics. Awesome tip! TFS

    stacy at mycraftingtime dot com

  34. Zippy , Zippy, Zippy what a rascal he is. Oh but what a cutie in his santa suit. Love the bow, attempted one for myself, it came out okay, not as pretty as yours! Thanks for the chance to win the super friend give-away. It is on my wish list.


  35. I’ve been wondering about using the sizziz dies.
    This was really helpful and the timing was perfect!
    I just love that bow and it would be great to be able to make my own & make them unique!
    I’ve got to get some of those Copic markers, I’ve heard so much about them.

  36. The bow looks amazing! Too bad I dont have a big shot or a cuttlebug or else I’d purchase the die already. 🙂

    I didn’t know that you can color the brads with Copics? I don’t have copics either.. but looks like I may have to purchase a few.

    But, Zippy is way too adorable! Love the santa suit on him!

  37. OMG! That is awesome. I have 2 Zue Zue friends that Zippy can hang out with and stay out of trouble! Thanks for being SUPER JOY!

  38. Bad Zippy! I’m so glad that you’re no longer mad at him… he looks so cute in his Santa outfit.
    I like that bow die. I may have to invest it in. TFS !

  39. Thanks for the help using the sizzix dies. I have used my cuttlebug so much that it is starting to give me problems. Leave it to me to wear out a cuttlebug. I sure love using it though.

  40. christinethornhill says:

    super give away!!! This is on my wish list… I found ur blog over the weekend…love it!!

  41. Oh My Gosh Joy, Zippy looks SUPER cute in his suit!!!!!
    and you are just sooo Super sweet, what an amazing giveaway!!!!!! I do not have a cuttlebug yet, and I know I am not getting one for Christmas…..thank you sooooo much for the chance to win!!!!!!!

  42. Hi Joy, thanks for the tips on how to use the sizzix with the cuttlebug ! I would love to get this new platform of the cuttlebug ! Thanks so much for the chance to win Joy !

  43. Love the project. New to your blog. I really like that die, guess I need to add to my ever growing list of things I want/need.

  44. I, so love Zippy’s outfit…..and the Cuttlebug is cool too….:)

  45. WOW! Great prize! Thanks for all your inspiration!

  46. I just found your blog and am enjoying reading through the posts.

  47. wow now thats a suppppper give away…good luck all!!

  48. luvs2scrap says:

    Your projects are always great. I can’t wait to see what you have planned next. I just love that cuttlebug.. my favorite color is blue…Awesome giveaway

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