Halloween Vinyl Decorated Trick or Treat Bag – GIVE AWAY

Expressions Vinyl sent me some great vinyl to try out (and something great for YOU TOO!). 😀 Today I used their white iron-on (heat transfer) vinyl to create this fun bag for Halloween night!  You can make one too!

Here’s what I used:

You’ll need heat transfer vinyl and an iron for sure!  I used the Mini Monster’s Cricut cartridge for everything.  I bought the bag in a set of 3 at Hobby Lobby.  Did you know they have an online store too?  They do!  Ok, I know you see that mat says Pazzles.  Well, I don’t own a Pazzles machine, but I was curious if the Cricut could use their mats too.  The answer?  Yes AND no.  I had to cut it down to make it fit, but it works just like a regular Cricut mat.  Frankly, that was a rather boring experiment.  LOL!

Here I am cutting the iron on vinyl.  You have to cut it with the shiny side down AND use the flip button.  I teach you all about using heat transfer/iron-on vinyl (and lots of other vinyl too) in my Cricut Vinylology DVD.

AH HA!  He’s all cut out and weeded.  He’s a bit sticky from the mat, but he’s just fine and ready for some heat. 😉  He was cut at 8 1/2″ and is from page 48 in Mini Monsters.  When I’m just doing vinyl projects for myself, I only use an Exacto knife for weeding.  I used to work in a vinyl sign shop that’s what I did there. 😉

I’m using a Teflon sheet to cover the vinyl so I can iron it.  You need to put something over the vinyl before ironing directly on it.

I hope you like it!


EXPRESSIONS VINYL has donated a $25 Gift Certificate to ONE WINNER and also has a coupon “PUMPKIN” good for 10% off all purchases in October!  So, go do some shopping AND leave a comment below to be eligible to win the $25 gift certificate.  I’ll use Random.org to choose a winner on Friday, October 30, 2010.


# tas66 Says:
October 22nd, 2010 at 10:02 PM e
This is so cute. Thanks for sharing. I am suppose to go back to work next week , maybe I can get your DVD then. I want to play with iron on vinyl so bad.


I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY with lots of treats!!

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  1. pcrusberg says:

    I’ve never used the iron-on vinyl before. You make it look really easy though. Thanks!

  2. amandawoodau says:

    Love it!! I have never tried the iron on vinyl before. Will have to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is so cute! I’ve never tried vinyl before and I’m thinking now I just might have to!


  4. Wow thats too cute.. Iron on what will they think of next,,
    Got the love the cricut!!
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Cute halloween bag. I have bought all my vinyl from expressions. Sure could use some more!

  6. Love that bag. I would love to get my hands on some vinyl to try out a project or 2 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I usually never win anything, but I sure hope I do this time. I would love to do this for my mom for (changing the design) for Christmas.

  8. I’d love to try out some heat transfer vinyl….looks easy enough even for me!! Cute bag…thanks for the tutorial! And the humor!

    ~Sharon C.

  9. This is a really cute trick or treat bag Joy!! I haven’t tried heat transfer vinyl yet but think I’ll go check out the Expressions Vinyl site…..you made it look so easy to use!! TFS

  10. cruella63703 says:

    Very cute treat bag. You are really becoming an expert on the vinyl. I would love to win some vinyl. tfs

  11. have not gotten my candy yet this year but did get a punkin pie today!

  12. stoneware says:

    Want to try the vinyl very badly, but need the vinyl! A 25% coupon will certainly help with costs!

  13. SherriKay says:

    Great bag! I always buy my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. It’s a great place to order vinyl! A coupon would be great to win.

  14. nicolette2803 says:

    This is fantastic! I have been wanting to try iron on stuff, and this looks great!

  15. Thanks so much for sharing the iron on vinyl project, I’ve been wondering how that works!

    Thanks for all you do for us!

  16. Thanks for showing me how to do this- If I ever gather my guts to do this I will let you know! Im new at the cricut but have some vinyl, Im just a big chicken!-

  17. that is the cutest!!! was looking for a bag for my kids-think i will make my own now!!

  18. Very cute. And it looks like that bag could hold a lot of candy!

  19. This is so cute. Thanks for sharing. I am suppose to go back to work next week , maybe I can get your DVD then. I want to play with iron on vinyl so bad.

  20. that’s so cute. You must be just having a blast doing all this crafting!

  21. Super cute bag! So simple, I’ll have to try it!

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

  22. What a great Halloween Bag Joy! I LOVE Expressions Vinyl…. I ordered some vinyl from them last month and their prices are GREAT! 🙂

  23. CathyinMN says:

    Cute halloween bag! Thanks for the vinyl giveaway.

  24. CraftinTeresa says:

    Am I too late for Friday give-a-way? It’s 10:24pm here in WA. If I am, Howdy anyway! LOL!

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  26. Sheryl Kemper says:

    Very cute idea Joy. I just love all your ideas.

  27. helen4211 says:

    I really need to be trying some vinyl stuff…cant wait to try it out. hbadmone@yahoo.com

  28. I love vinyl! Really want to try iron-on!

  29. harleychickx2 says:

    My son would LOVE this!! I could make his whole wardrobe glow!!

  30. aimeerocks says:

    Wow! Great project! LOL! You ALWAYS do great projects! This can be great for putting your candy in on Halloween!

  31. I have used the vinyl for a banner and now I can’t wait to try the iron vinyl for tee-shirts.

  32. I love the idea of iron vinyl. Thanks for the cute idea. Kathy

  33. Cute bag. I checked out Expression Vinyl and am very happy that they ship to Canada.

  34. Cute, cute bag, love the bag. Perfect for the kiddies to collect their candy in as well me to do the shopping with lol.
    Kim xXx

  35. Hi Joy, This is my first visit to your website. I love all that you’ve done. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain your techniques. I will be visiting quite often. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Welcome Pauletta,
      Thank you so much! 😀

  36. very very cute Joy, loving this iron on vinyl, thanks for sharing this with us…

  37. sandrarena says:

    Love the bag! Love the DVD! Love your ideas! Thanks for teaching.

  38. This is so cute! I almost ordered some “free” bags from an online site, but realized that I could make my own!!


  39. Very cute!! I would love to win some vinyl. I enjoy working with it but have never done it on fabric.

    mjrick1224 at yahoo dot com

  40. Oh the fun, so many things to vinyl!!! love your treat bag

  41. Cute cute cute – I haven’t tried iron-on vinyl, but am thinking I really should – personalizing my little girl’s clothing with breaking the bank is always a great thing!

  42. Cool, thanks!

  43. GinaDecor says:

    I have recently started working with vinyl and am loving it!
    Looking for a better source than my local craft store.
    Thanks for a chance to win!


  44. finecrafter says:

    Love your bag. I’ve got to get my hands on some of this vinyl! Is it as easy to work with as the regular vinyl? I wonder if they have a glow in the dark version. Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. scrapsalife says:

    Adorable! I just love it – and may have to make one real quick for my kiddo to carry T&Ting.

  46. paperdiva says:

    I love vinyl. I have used it to custom decorate some jars on my kitchen counter, but didn’t know they made iron on vinyl. Oh, the possibilities. I just had to order your DVD to see the other applications for it. Joy, do they make “glitter vinyl” for us decorating diva’s ?

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