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Gypsy Smiley Cards Digital Cartridge Devil Vampire Card

Smiley Cards is a fun and really different cartridge!

Well, my friends all good Halloweens must come to an end. 😉  I’ve enjoyed these last 31 days of crafty Halloween and Fall posts.  It’s been a challenge for me, but I’ve enjoyed it.  I’ve loved reading all of your comments especially.  I will soon choose 5 winners who’ve left comments on non-give away posts to win some crafty prizes.  I like that idea so much, I’ve decided to do it again next month too! 🙂  Alright…let’s get on with this card and some peeks at the Smiley Cards cart!

I was happy to be chosen to do some early testing for the cartridge downloads that are part of the Nov 1 release of some carts for the Gypsy.

This screen is showing some shorthand text messages.  Do you like word bubbles?  This cart has a lot of word bubbles in different shapes on it.

You’ll also find a bunch of emoticons (text-like faces) and a cards function.  My favorite thing?  It has a DONUT!!  It also has pie!!  There’s also a pretzel and a beer/root beer.  So…YAY to this cart, LOL!

I increased the sizes of these before I cut them out.

I used my Gypsy to weld 2 backgrounds together to form a card made of out 2 devil/vampire heads.  I’m not sure why he has horns and vampire teeth…whatever…let’s just go with it.  Maybe they’re just ears?

I love that American Crafts foil paper.  It’s GREAT!

I used the ATG to glue the red foil cardstock to the black cardstock.  Zip Dry paper glue was the perfect choice for the teeth.

Here’s the card before I applied Stickles to it.  Stickles are a wonderful glitter glue.

You can read more about them in these posts I wrote:

What’s a Stickle You Ask?

Stickles Distress, Glitz and Regular Compared.

Here’s the inside of the card.  You can use a white pen or put some white paper inside so you can use any color pen/pencil to write a note.

All Stickled up and ready to go trick or treating!

Well, time to pack up the Halloween cartridges for a while.  Let’s move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas!  I have a lot of fun things coming up in November and a really special event planned in December.  We’ll talk more about it tomorrow.  For now…I’ve got some trick or treating to get ready for!


Come back tomorrow for a video and to hear some of my plans for November! 😀


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  1. like the red shiney paper!

  2. This is cute! I can’t wait to get my free “smiley” cartridge download in November.
    My Gypsy is registered and ready to go!
    Don’t know what I’d do without all your great tips and ideas!

  3. Such a cool card! I love that red paper, perfect choice!

  4. Super cute card, love the stickle effects. Have not seen this foil paper before. Well have to find some and try it out. It has been sooo much fun following all you Great Spooky posts. November watch out Ms. Joy is coming!! I can’t wait!! Thank you for all the helpful tips regarding the gypsy, I would be lost without them. Have a Super Fun and safe Halloween.

  5. Joy,
    As usual, I love it. I have seen so many great cards from this cart, I can’t wait until the 1st to get here.
    One more day to go 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Super cute card. It think I am going to like that Smiley cart. Can’t wait till I get my Happy Hauntings cart in mail next week. Really looking forward to November and December ideas.

  7. always_painting says:

    This cart looks great. Cannot wait to see the entire cart tomorrow. Your card turned out wonderful. The stickles really add a lot. Had a wonderful month enjoying all your projects. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for November! Thanks so much for all you do. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  8. sparksgal says:

    How cute is he?? Great job – love the colors and the added stickles really add a lot to it. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I bought my gypsy recently just to get the free carts. I think I made the right choice.
    I hate to see the Halloween posts come to an end. I have been so excited I’ve checked your site first thing every morning.

  10. How cute! I can’t wait for my download….only 1 more day! 🙂

  11. This Smiley cartridge is one of the cutest cartridges I think PC has come out with in a long while. It definitely has great possibilities. Thanks for sharing your great talent.

  12. ChristiK76 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these pictures.

  13. How cute! I have friends that definitely need to get a “devil” card!!! LOL! Thanks for sharing and have a great day! Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!

  14. harleychickx2 says:

    Love his cute little face. Thank you for sharing your sweet skills with us!

  15. Love this little devil, so very cute

  16. shewhodreams says:

    Love love love this! I have had a great month with all your projects. Thanks so much Joy! Can’t wait to see what comes next.
    hugs Christina

  17. Too cute! I almost got to download my gypsy early (cricut sent me a link) but the beta test failed (which is what they were expecting) so I was thrilled to be chosen for the test download…but I can wait for Nov. 1 to download the smiley cartridge…I think I’m going to have fun with it! Thanks so much for your entertaining halloween posts! I have thoroughly enjoyed them!
    thomfam at inreach dot com

  18. scottandcarr says:

    I have been counting down the days until the download!! I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow! I even have the day off from work. Thanks for this sneak peak and card idea! It’s great! And I’ve REALLY enjoyed the whole month of October. You know, I’ve even gotten out of bed on two different nights once I remembered that I hadn’t checked your site that day! THAT’s dedication!! LOL!!!

  19. I love the card. I think it is supposed to be a bat head – that is why the ears and the fangs. It looks super cute in red though! I like it!

    Just a question- are you a mac user? I’m having a super hard time updating my gypsy on my mac. I’m new to the gypsy and haven’t been able to get it to work at all. If you have any hints, will you post them please? thanks!!

    1. A BAT HEAD!! I think you’re right 9isfine! Thank you!
      I don’t use a Mac. I wish I had some helpful Mac hints for you, but I’m Mac”less”.
      You can try giving Provo Craft/Cricut a call:
      Cricut® support hours
      Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (MST)
      Cricut® support: 801-932-1144
      toll free service phone: 877-7CRICUT
      fax: 801-794-9001
      email: [email protected]
      I hope they can quickly get you and Gypsy all worked out! 🙂

  20. janmor913 says:

    Cute card! Love all your tips on the Gypsy. Keep ’em coming!

  21. I can’t wait to download the smiley cart!! Happy Halloween to you and yours!! I have really enjoyed all of the fabulous ideas and posts this month and I will be back tomorrow as I am everyday! LOL Thanks Joy

  22. So cute. Can’t wait to download this tomorrow 🙂

    Joy thanks for such a fun October. Can’t believe it’s already over 🙁 All the projects were fabulous. You’re the Best!

    Happy Halloween!!


  23. What a fun and evil card! 🙂

  24. clairbear3 says:

    This is Super Cute! Congrats on your successfull month of Halloween/Thanksgiving posts, it was great to see all your amazing projects throughout this month 🙂

  25. Cute cute cute!!! Thx for a great month of sharing your AMAZING JOY talents with us!! I look forward to the new year and your new ideas!!! YOU inspire ME!

  26. You showing this cart makes me giddy with excitement for tomorrow! I can’t wait to download it to my Gypsy! OOOhhh… Ahhhhh… But gotta get through tonight, first. Have fun, everyone!

  27. dgutierez1 says:

    Oh Joy, I cannot wait to play with cartridge – I’m so excited!!!! Thanks for sharing…

    Deanne G
    [email protected]

  28. That foil paper looks awesome!! I got an email for the beta test too but I couldn’t get mine to dowload correctly and then they closed it. 🙁 I can’t wait until they get it up and running again! This cart looks so fun! Thanks for the demo. You always give me a reason to go buy the Stickles! 🙂

  29. That is the cutest devil I have ever seen. I can’t wait to download mine.

  30. I am so glad you are continuing with another theme as I have loved seeing all your projects each day. Plus I have learnt a whole load of new tricks along the way.
    Kim xXx

  31. sy3_smith says:

    that card is so cute!
    I have to write a paper but happy halloween!

  32. He is one cute devil Joy! October is over already??? Wow, it was fun! Now, what will we do in November with Joy? I’ll be here to see tomorrow!!

  33. Janet Licari says:

    Happy Halloween Super Joy!! Thank You for your posts this month…so much useful information and great projects. Todays cart looks interesting and has so much on it for all kinds of projects. Looking forward to seeing more from this cart. Thanks for all you do.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  34. this cart looks so cute. can’t wait for download for the gypsy.

  35. MissMichelle says:

    Great wrap up to October can’t wait for Novembers!

  36. I can’t wait to get the download!!! Looks like alot of fun! Thanks for sharing.

  37. He is really cute. I need to at this cart. I do not have a gypsy yet but it on the list.

  38. flipflopdiva says:

    I have loved your new ideas everyday and looked forward to them!! This one is really cool!! I guess they are bat ears!! I’m gonna have to try this paper, too. My daughter got some really shiny paper from Recollections the other day at M’s and it’s cool, too!! Look forward to November!! Happy Halloween!!

  39. There’s a few teenagers I could send this card too. THanks for the inspiration. papermemories4u at yahoo dot com

  40. Thanks for all your hard work this month. You are so full of great ideas!

  41. I’m so happy to have a Gypsy….and tomorrow I’ll have 6 cartridges new to me!! This one looks real cute…great for pre-teen/teen cards, I think. Although my 9 yr-old son is a little devil…..

    Thanks for a GREAT month!

    ~Sharon C.

  42. Great card. Thanks for all your halloween ideas. I can’t wait for thanksgiving and christmas too

  43. Can’t believe where October has gone, I just got here. I just found this site this month and ” I will be back”. I liked your fun projects, sense of humor, great information on products and the Gypsy tips. I sure have learned a lot this month , can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next month. Oh! trying to get free stuff is also GREAT, but that’s not why I keep coming back.

  44. Love it! Just bummed that I don’t have a Gypsy and won’t be able to play with this cartridge. Oh well, I’ll just have to find a scrappy friend who does! Thanks for sharing!

  45. I love this cartridge. I can’t wait to download it and make some of these fun projects! Thank you for all that you do!

  46. jsdobmeier says:

    i love your work. One problem tho, now I want to buy a gypsy just so i can use those images!

  47. Can’t wait to download!!! Thanks for sharing!! I love this cartridge!!!

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