That’s Cool Penguin Create a Critter Card

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere!  Well, he’s worth it.

JoysLife Facebook Friends voted for me to make a penguin card using one of my new Joy’s Life photopolymer stamps from my “Lots of Pun” stamp set, so of course I did as they asked!  This cutie pie penguin is from the Create a Critter Cricut cartridge.

I’m going to send this card to my brother because he got an award for his ad/broadcasting work.  I think, “That’s Cool!” so I’m going to let him know.  I’m sure he’ll love the card because he told me a funny story about a guy who came into his friend’s shoe store and every time they asked the guy a question he’d say, “Yeah, that’s cool!”  LOL!  It also fits in great for anyone who did something cool, got something cool or you just find cool.  Yeah, that’s cool.

Yep, that’s more glitter sprinkled around everywhere.  You know that will end up in my eye don’t you?  It’s inevitable.

I used my Gypsy to weld 2 igloos together.  Don’t forget to flip one when you do that, or you’ll be mad at yourself.I’m going to use that Signo Uni-ball white pen to write my bro a note.  White looks sooo cool on black paper.  Don’t you think so?  I do!

Don’t forget to make your machine work for you!  Lay out scraps or smaller pieces of paper and cut as much as you can at once.  Yes, it does take some practice.  I agree.  I’ve cut crazy many a time…why, just this morning even!

I got that blue glitter paper from a box of shoes I bought! 😐  Weird!  No, it wasn’t a particularly fancy pair.  I can’t even remember what they were, but I can tell you that when I saw that glitter shedding paper, I knew I needed to put it in my stash….and then quickly get all that glitter off of my hands.  😉  When I cut glitter paper I usually do a Multicut x 2.  I also cut with the highest blade depth and pressure.  See that embossed red cardstock?  You can cut embossed paper, no problem.  I do feel sort of goofy that I then covered it with Stickles … oh well.  I heart my Stickles.

Hey, look at that stamp on that block!!  Is that a Joy’s Life “Lots of Pun” stamp?  Why, yes it is! 😛

That giant red thing is my ATG 714 gun.  I LOVE IT!  I used Black diamond, Orange Peel and Xmas Red Stickles on this card.

Yeah, That’s Cool!  That’s my stamp! 🙂  They stick to acrylic blocks.

It’s hard to take pictures of clear things.

I used the Marvy scalloped edge punch to punch out a place for my stamp to go.

I hope you enjoyed this card.  It was fun to make.  That Create a Critter cartridge is really easy to use.  Thumbs up to that!

Have a GREAT DAY my Crafty Friends!



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  1. You can’t go wrong adding bling to anything! (hee-hee, I rhymed)

  2. Is there anyway to weld them together other than with the Gypsy? I love this card and so will your brother!

    1. Thanks Shell028! You can also weld using Cricut Design Studio, but using the Cricut cartridges that’s the only other way. 😉

  3. I am so sorry but I have to say: It;s cool! LOL Can’t wait to see the others.

  4. Joy, atg gun is that just a glue gun like?I hope that’s not a silly question but I just been scrapbooking since just before christmas .Got a green cricut for christmas on black fri. ! This why your site is so great for me,being new to this. Joy

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