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Vinyl Rock Star T-Shirt with Cricut

Hee, hee, hee, ha, ha, ha!!  Rock Star!!

I know I showed you the musical notes card that I made for one of DS#1’s friends, but this is the shirt I made to go along with the card.  He LOVED it!!  I used iron-on vinyl to create this shirt.  I LOVE using that stuff!  I’ve made a ton of shirts lately.  Last night, DS#2 actually brought me a shirt from his closet and said, “Hey Mom, I found another shirt you can vinyl.”  Yay!!

I used Siser Easy Weed vinyl for this project. It’s so easy to work with, it’s one of my very favorite iron-on vinyls to use.  You can learn all about using iron-on and other kinds of vinyl with your Cricut in my Cricut Vinylology DVD.  You can find it, along with a short commerical, on my Products page.

After many happy years of selling thousands of Cricut Vinylology DVD’s, I made the decision to move forward in a different direction. It was a wonderful teaching tool and I loved making it! Thank you so much for believing in and supporting my small business! XOXO Joy

Can you believe that cute rock?!  It comes just like that from the Disney Princesses Dreams Come True Cricut Cartridge.  I also used Lyrical Letters and DonJuan.


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  1. Seriously Joy you need to stop with all your awesome crafts! I so need a Cricut because of you and I have no clue why I need one. DH is going to be so mad at you! That shirt is awesome though.

    1. Thank you Vicki!! Can’t we dream up someone else for your DH to blame? … like… uh… well… Joy’s evil twin? LOL 😀
      Thanks again!

  2. I’m hoping to try this. I went to the J&H site, but I don’t see which vinyl is the iron on vinyl. There are so many types! 🙁 Is there an offical name to iron on vinyl?

    1. Hey Deanna,
      There are a lot of vinyls listed at H&H and it IS confusing. Look for the Siser EasyWeed. That’s what I used. I think they call it a “heat transfer” material. I hope that helps!!

  3. I found your site through Facebook, on a reply from Joann fabrics,on how to emboss on the cricut. Then I found info where to buy heat transfer vinyl. My daughter has shirts to do, but she wants the kadu for prining them, I think iron on vinyl would be better, unfortunately the paper at the stores is expensive, so hopefully after I check out your vinyl supplier, it may work out. Thanks for all the info. There was another company, I was waiting on to release an embosser for the cricut, but I may not need it now.

  4. Hi Joy!
    have you heard of glow in the dark iron on vinyl? I want to make some super cool glow in the dark decorated shirts for halloween! I know i’m early, but if I don’t start now, I don’t get it done!

    1. Hey Deanna, I have heard of it, but I haven’t used it yet. It should be SUPER fun though,huh? I hope Cricut comes out with a Halloween cartridge. Think how fun that could be!! 😀

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