Cricut Cartridge Checklist UPDATED & ADDED FEATURE

I spent yesterday morning updating the Cricut Cartridge Checklist and it should have every new cartridge on there now.  If you find that I’m missing any please let me know and I’ll get them added ASAP.

Added Feature

Super DH “Tech Support” added some functionality that I think you’re going to LOVE!  If you click on something on the checklist it will now remember what you checked when you come back to it later! YAY!!  I hope you like this new function.  I DO!

You can click the check mark to go to the checklist.  You can also find a permanent link on the right side of my site.

But wait!  There’s more…

On January 4th I will begin 5 days of posts with new Cricut Users in mind.  I hope you’ll let all of your Cricut friends know!

Have a Super Day Everyone!!




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  1. Thanks for all your hard work putting this together!! The Tech Support is super!! After adding so many carts with the terrific sales, it’s good to have the list handy when shopping!

  2. Thank you so much for the updated checklist. Looking forward to the new year and your crafty ideas.

  3. breedlove67 says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to craft more!

  4. Wow, there are so many carts…I wouldn’t have thought that there were that many. Thanks so much for putting this together it is very helpful!

  5. Thanks for this wonderful list! It’s geting printed out right now!

  6. So excited!! Can’t wait for the posts!!

  7. Thank you so much! Happy New Year.

  8. Reneeleeak says:

    Thanks for the list! and…
    Thanks for all your time & hard work.
    Have a Happy New Year!

  9. Wow! The fact that it remembers what I checked is super awesome! Be sure to kiss your DH, I mean the Tech team for me!

    1. Hey Karen,
      I’ve got that one listed as Christmas in the Solutions area. 😉 That’s how Cricut has it listed on their site, so I just left off the Noel. 😉
      Thank you!

  10. you have a great site looking forward to coming back often. thank you for the list i was looking for one 🙂

  11. WOW Joy!!!! thanks sooo much for updating this, and love the check function….Thanks Super “Tech Support”
    I would also like to wish you and your Super Family
    A SUPER New Year!!!!!!!

  12. Cynthia Champagne says:

    Thank you for the list. First time I,ve been on your site but it will not be the last!

  13. Thanks for the checklist and check function. I am so super excited to see what you and Zippy have in store for us on the 4th. Have a safe and wonderful Happy New Year!!

    [email protected]

  14. Thanks Joy for the updates! And Thank the TECH SUPPORT!!! (DH) 🙂 I just ordered your DVD and 2 stamp sets… I can’t wait to get them…. Apparently Santa didn’t think I was SUPER good this year just GOOD! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and inspiring me Joy! Have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!!!! 🙂

  15. Joy,
    Thank you and your hubby for all the work you put into making this list for us. It is going to come in super handy!
    I wish you and your family a very happy, healthy and crafty new year.
    Many hugs

  16. vswaddy620 says:

    Wow, you have really been busy buyomg cartridges. Thank you for your wonderful work and ideas. Happy New Year to you and your family. The list is wonderful thanks for sharing it.
    [email protected]

  17. CuddlyBunny says:

    Wow, thanks so much Joy!

    This is great just to keep track of what we have, but also to print out for birthday and holiday gift “hint” lists. 🙂

    Have a great evening!

  18. Ooooo….I can’t wait to use this feature! You really are Super Joy aren’t you 🙂

  19. OMG, Joy, that is just tooooooo super. Thanks to Super Tech for the “reminder” thingie. LOVE it!!! 🙂

    Thanks to both of your for putting this together for all of us.

    Hope you have a great New Year’s!!!

    Ladybug hugs,

  20. Thank you so much for this! Happy New Year!

  21. Thanks for putting this all together Joy… I am sure it took awhile to do this.

  22. deb sparks says:

    Being new to cricut and gypsy, I am amazed at all you share with us!!!! Thanks

  23. Joydee1963 says:

    THANKS.For updated list,Its so helpful.Added the 5 ,I am getting from new year! Joy

  24. CathyinMN says:

    Happy New Year, Joy! Thank you for the updated cart list. It will really come in handy for keeping track of the carts I already have. Love your blog, and have really learned a lot. Thanks so much.

  25. Hey Joy, This is super great!!!! Thanks for all you do and have a Happy New Year! ROLL TIDE!!!!!


  26. Jannarama says:

    Joy, I realize this sounds obvious, but should the 2 pre-loaded Gypsy carts be listed under the Gypsy section, along with the Smiley Cards cart?

    What I seem to remember about these 2 that come with the Gypsy is that’s website has a link to see better info about it than just trying to view it on the Gypsy itself.

  27. Wow Joy that techie guy really came good this time lol. Thanks for all your hard work keeping this updated.
    Kim xXx

  28. Awesome Job Super Job!
    Thanks… I will take some time tomorrow to update my list.

    Gina Lindsey

  29. Yeah, info posts for newbies coming soon to a super blog near you! Can you tell I’m looking forward to these?

  30. suekimmet says:

    Thanks! The list is really a help.

    suekimmet@gmail dot com

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