Cupcake Magnets & Altered Altoids Tin…

I LOVE this Altered Altoids Tin I Made for my Mom!!

I told you that I would show you the rest of the gifts I made for my Mom’s b’day!! 😉  Yesterday, I showed you the Cricut cookie gift bag I made.  Well, I also made this cute altered Altoids tin to hold some adorable cupcake magnets that I made her.  I LOVE the cupcake magnets.  Honestly, I wanted to keep them for myself…but that’s not very generous…so I parted with them for Mom.  She DID give me life, I guess I can give her some magnets, LOL.  Now, they happily live on her fridge.  It’s nice to make something someone can use. 😀

** Remember – Try to get out all the bubbles when you’re making the magnets.  You can see where I missed some.

Here’s a link to the post I made on: How to Make Altered Altoids Tins

The paper I decorated the Altoids tin with is from the DCWV Sweet Stack. The magnet cupcake paper is from an individual sheet I found at Archiver’s.

Here’s a link to the post I made on: How to Make Magnets

I just love cupcake things!!  Almost as much as I love little spooky monsters and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I’m weird, I know.

Here’s a blend of 2 things I LOVE!!

How can you NOT love that?!  Zombies + Cupakes!! 😀

That’s an original watercolor by Jessie Oleson from  (You’ll enjoy looking at that site!)  I dream of owning this watercolor!!  I’d put it right above my desk so I could look at it EVERY day!!  I may be a total freak, but this watercolor makes me laugh and makes me happy every time I look at it.  What talent (and humor) he has!!

If you love that as much as I do, or you love more “normal” cupcake items check out this awesome Etsy store by Cakespy.  You can buy some of Jessie’s work!!

Tomorrow, I’ll show you the SuperJoy card I made for my Mom.  So cute!  (Clearly, I think highly of myself, LOL)

Get to Crafting!!

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