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Vinyl Snowflakes for Window using Gypsy & Cricut

This is a repost from last year that I thought you would enjoy in case you missed it! 😀

Vinyl Snowflakes I Made. Photo taken outside looking in.

First, I’ll tell you what I used:

White Vinyl

My Cricut Expression + mat

Joys of the Season Cricut Cart

My Gypsy…but you don’t need it for this project (read below to find out why)

Need vinyl?  I like to buy mine from Expressions Vinyl.

I basically used my Gypsy just to help me locate some snowflakes really fast, because I didn’t feel like looking at my individual cartridges. However, the Gypsy came in SUPER HANDY when I moved the snowflakes all over the mat so I could get the most cuts possible without wasting much vinyl. Cool!

These are the snowflakes AFTER I pulled off all the excess vinyl. That process is called weeding.

Well, like a big old GOOF I decided to pull these snowflakes off the mat by hand and apply them directly to the windows. I used to work in a sign shop so I like to push myself once in a while. I was able to do this, but I suggest not driving yourself crazy and using transfer tape.

So, that’s my crafty attempt for the day!! Now I’ve got to pick up kiddos and start dinner. Geeze!! Time flies when you’re creating fake snow effects.

Okay, Now Go Make Something Out Of Vinyl!!

Want to learn how to use vinyl with your Cricut to create all kinds of things? You’ll love my Cricut Vinylology DVD!  It’s over 3 hours of vinyl projects and instruction. 😀

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  1. Loved your snowflakes. I think if I would put these on my door right now they would melt being that it is kind of warm over here right now. LOL
  2. I definitely want to try this one...but I haven't cut any vinyl yet...I'll have to watch some more of your videos before I try it! My Granddaughter would love these snowflakes on the windows!
  3. Your entry looks georgous! I did try this but my cat thought they were toys for her and jumped up on the patio door until she had them all off the windows. So much for my hard work of putting them on! LOL!
  4. I am going to do my windows with snowflakes. When I saw how beautiful it looks on your windows, I was excited. Thanks for sharing!
  5. I need to face it... I'm still a little intimidated by vinyl. I know, I should not be, since you have all the videos giving instructions step by step. Well, today I will go and get some white vinyl and some transfer tape and I will give it a try. Girl scouts' promise!
  6. Great project....are you using the snowflakes again this year? I too am still a bit intimidated by vinyl....especially using transfer tape...looks complicated! TFS! ~Sharon C.
  7. Love the way these look! I would never have been able to do it without transfer tape, you're amazing! Did you stick these on the outside? How well did they hold up with the weather?
  8. I must put the DVD on my Christmas wish list as I have all kinds of Vinyl sitting in my closet just waiting for me to get adventurous! Thanks for sharing this though its is beautiful on the windows!
  9. very cute snow flakes- we got an early snow fall- I have 3 inches right now! love this idea kacee mcvicwif@yahoo.com
  10. I bought some vinyl a month or so ago with this in mind. I am hoping to get time to do this for my windows if not my mirrors. angel hugs Debby
  11. Very pretty! I haven't tried to cut any vinyl yet! Will want to see more of your videos before I try.
  12. Your entryway looks absolutely gorgeous! We don't have side-door windows, but my daughter would have fun putting snowflakes on the front window, I bet!
  13. Joy, Your front door is beautiful!!! :) You did a great job on the snowflakes! Your DVD is definitely on my Christmas list! ;) Thanks for sharing, Jennifer
  14. Haven't cut vinyl yet, but saw some cool glitter vinyl that I think would make great snowflakes!

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