How to Make Cricut Circle Calling Cards

These are 3×3 Calling Cards Used for Cricut Circle Crop Swapping.

Things to take to a Crop

I went to MY FIRST CROP EVER!!  It was a Cricut Circle crop held in Atlanta.  I was a total crop newbie.  I didn’t know what to take, what went on…nothing.  I figured it out though. 😉  Some of the things I took were:  paper, adhesives, some Joy’s Life stamps, ink, scissors, a trimmer with a scoring blade, an extension cord and my Cricut Expression.  I didn’t have a special scrap bag to take so DH helped me pack a rolling carry on bag and strapped my Cricut to the top.  It worked great!

I also took some vinyl and transfer tape along, which turned out to be a good thing because I was asked to do a vinyl/Cricut Vinylology demo.  It was soooo cool because the other demos were done by none other than Shannon from Provo Craft and the awesome and talented Teresa Collins.  Wow.  I got to meet Teresa Collins!!!  She is so nice and so pretty…just like she is on TV.  There will be some Teresa Collins Cricut Imagine cartridges out soon!  We got to do a make and take with some of her papers from those cartridges.  AWESOME!

How to Make Cricut Calling Cards

I’d heard a lot about Calling Cards being used for crops, but I wasn’t sure what was expected.  I decided to make it fast and yummy, so I used my Cricut Imagine and the Yummy Imagine cartridge to print and cut my cupcakes and their backgrounds.  I used pop dots to pop the cupcakes up off of their backgrounds.

I used the Cricut Imagine Yummy cartridge along with my YUMMY PUNS stamps!!

So, the basic rule about the calling cards for the Cricut Circle crops is that the calling cards must be 3″x 3″.

You use them for entering prize drawings AND for exchanging with other people.  It’s amazing the different cards that people make.  Uh…don’t be like this newbie, make enough.  I didn’t realize that everyone exchanged them, but they do and they expect you to have one to share.  Find out how many people will be at your crop and make enough.  Take an extra extension cord too.  Mine came in handy for Shannon when she did a Yudu demo.

What Goes on a Cricut Calling Card

Lastly, you create the back of your card.  The back is where all of your info goes.  Most have some or all of the information mine has:  Name, Circle #, Circle Board Name, Email and blog address.  You can write other things on there too, but most people stick to the basics.  I hope this helps you!  Even if you’re not part of the Cricut Circle, I think the calling card idea is great for many get togethers, don’t you?  I guess the old days had a pretty good idea, huh?  Next, we should all get butlers so they can receive our cards for us when people come to visit.  Oh YEAH!

Now for the fun!! My friends at Cricut for have graciously donated one of their awesome Cricut cartridges!! Just leave a comment on this post for a chance to win the Give a Hoot Cricut cartridge. I’ll choose a winner on (EXTENDED TO MONDAY, March 21).


scraptasticgrammy Says:
March 14th, 2011 at 9:27 AM

These calling cards are awesome. And I would love to see one of your vinyl demos in person because I love your DVD.
Thanks for the opportunity to win.
Marijo aka Scraptastic Grammy

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  1. Wow, Joy! Cute cards. And I’m surprised you’ve not been to a crop before. Most of them are really fun…although I tend to not get alot done….I tend to socialize and check out what other people are doing! LOL! 🙂

  2. CUTE! glad you had a good time at your crop! I love going.

  3. These are so cute. I think I’ll make some “just for fun”

  4. VinDeeLoo says:

    Very cute. I would have absolutely no idea what to do on mine.


  5. keeponscrapn says:

    Calling cards are cute do you trade them like atc’s (artist trading cards) ???? We have a group that trades atc’s each month its fun.. Thanks for your site its great:)

  6. I love these calling cards:) Thanks for the video on how to make them. And thank you for the chance to win:)

  7. ScrapinShana says:

    Wow! This is such a sweet project! I wish I had an imagine!!

  8. Wow, what great cards. Thanks for giving us a chance at such a great cartridge.

  9. gardener821 says:

    Oh, goodness, I salivated looking at the cupcakes. Talk about yummy looking goodies. Would love to win the cartridge. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. sunshinekmp says:

    Now I need a cupcake! 🙂 Very cute! Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. junkiesdelight says:

    love the calling card. How do I find a crop in my area?

  12. Very cute Joy! I’ve never been to a crop, but I’ve seen a lot around GA. I just haven’t made it to one yet. Thanks for a chance to win the giveaway!

  13. Soooo Stinkin’ Cute Joy! I went to my very first crop back in January… it wasn’t for the circle just a local crop…. I also had nooo idea what to take with me and such but I figured I would take what I would use on a daily basis and it worked out fine! Nooo calling cards for that but I hope to one day get to make them for the circle as well… I also just ordered my Imagine… I’m soooo excited to finally get it and It suppose to be here Friday! YESSSS! 🙂

  14. Adorable cards, so sweet and zero calories whats not to love!! 🙂

  15. newbie here love all the projects you have made so busy looking ran out of time to play

  16. I love the calling cards they are sssuper sweet. Im getting my imagine this week. And can’t wait to try this out. Thannks joy.

  17. deb sparks says:

    I too love the cards, and I have never been to a crop. Sounds like so much fun!!!

  18. purpleunicorn says:

    Joy! I check your blog at least weekly sometimes more for inspiration and great ideas! Thank you so much for all you do … I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your cards and other projects.! Lanell

  19. Haven’t been to a crop yet…. but will be sure to soon.
    Love the calling cards, how cute!

  20. Some friends and I get together the first Saturday of every month. We scrap, make cards, 3D projects, whatever each of us has to do. Really enjoy hanging with friends and getting crafty.

  21. Cute calling cards! Who Who loves Joy’s Life?? I do!

  22. I really like those calling cards ! I would really like to win the cart too…. I was fortunate enough to have my friend let me test drive her little Cricut, and pay her a little bit over time. She gave me one Alphalicious cart, but I sure could use a new cart ! Thanks so much for this great giveaway, and for letting me have a chance at winning it !

  23. sherry2545 says:

    I love your calling cards and I just got an imagine so I love seeing projects done with this machine . 🙂

  24. I think the idea of calling cards is wonderful. Like the beautiful ones you made… it’s leaving a little of yourself with the recipient. Thanks for sharing!

  25. How did I miss this giveaway? 🙂 It was super fun to meet you in Atlanta Joy!!!

    And I’m so glad I got one of your cards 🙂

  26. Wow, those cards are a great idea! And I love that cricut cart-the owl is so cute. I’d love to win it, thanks for the opportunity! 🙂
    satchan511 at hotmail dot com

  27. DelaneyRose says:

    Oh wow, I am starting to wish I had held off on buying the Expression and gotten an Imagine instead! So many more possibilities. But I love this Give a Hoot cart and I covet it every time we’re at Wally World. So here’s to hoping!! =)

  28. NancyRuess says:

    Our Women’s Ministry has just started doing crops and I have been gathering some great ideas to share, and make the crops more exciting and fun! Thanks again for the great ideas!

  29. Hi Joy – thanks for sharing these awesome calling cards! Or trading cards! Whatever you call them – they are CA-HOOT (cute) LOL Thanks for the chance to win the cartridge – I would love to get this one! AM

  30. KristaK66 says:

    Super cute! I’m heading to a crop this weekend!!! I cannot wait, with a little one running around it’s the only way to get my scrapping done. Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. Love, love, love the calling cards. They are such a great idea! I go to sooo many retreats, crops, etc that I need to make a whole lot of those. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!!!!


  32. jenleisen says:

    I LOVE these cards! I’ve been to open crops before, but never a Cricut Circle. Could you explain more to us sometime what all is entailed, what you do at one, or even just a link to where we can find more information? I think it sounds like fun! I LOVE sharing ideas with other crafters or adopting their ideas for my projects. Thanks so much!

  33. These are so cute! Love ’em! I love calling cards in general- been using them since I was 20 LOL 😉 Everyone always says, oh what a good idea!

  34. gardener821 says:

    I’ve never done calling cards. Guess I haven’t had a need for them yet. Maybe I need to rethink that. Your color combo and cupcake images were yummy. Thanks for the cart giveaway.

  35. Your calling cards turned out very cute!!

  36. This is so cute!!! I just love your projects! I have a thing for cupcakes!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!


  37. always_painting says:

    Love the calling cards! I LOVE cupcakes!! I would LOVE to win this cart. Thanks for such a great giveaway!! LOVE your website!! You are AWESOME!!

  38. Just wanted to tell you how awesome you are! Thanks for being so wonderful!

  39. christyjordan says:

    Love the calling cards, funny that I had been thinking about that very thing!! Thanks for all the GREAT videos and such 🙂

  40. Adorable cupcake calling cards. Thanks for inspiring my creativity on a frequent and regular basis! Thanks, too, for the opportunity to win another great giveaway! I’d love to win this cartridge!

  41. Love this cart. Dont have it, but its on my list!

  42. supermom3x says:

    Oh my goodness, Those calling cards are so super cute. I have to scraplift that idea for my cakes. Oh Oh Oh pick me. please count me in for the cartridge giveaway. Thank you and keep up the creative flow!!

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