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Shrink Film & Wire Candlestick Charm + 6 BIC MARKER SETS GIVE AWAY

Let’s Dress Up Some Candlesticks!

Have you learned that I love shrinking things?  I do!  Here are some other things I’ve shrunk. I used some white Shrinky Dinks shrink film and the Cricut Lite Cupcake cartridge to cut out a simple leaf.

Before Coloring wtih Bic Markers

I’ll tell you right off that I spent an hour and a lot of shrink film trying to cut out extremely detailed Fall images.  They cut out well, but they don’t shrink as well.  If you’re going to use the regular blade you’ll need to turn the blade depth to 6, pressure to 5 and multi-cut to 3 or 4.  The deep cut blade works best for this.  Click HERE for those settings.  In my experience simple images work the best, hence the leaf, LOL!

After Coloring with Bic Markers

I used these great Bic Mark It Ultra Fine Point permanent markers to color the leaf and then I used my heat gun to shrink it.  What I really like about these pens is that they didn’t smear or come off in any way, even the heat didn’t affect them.  That’s GREAT!

Ready for the Table!

I think it turned out really well!  DH gave me a cool set of craft wire a while back and I never used it.  I was so happy to pull it out and use it today.  Yesterday, I used buttons for the first time in a craft and today wire.  Now I’m in love with them both.  I think I’m going to need a whole bolt of wire and a vat of buttons.

Guess what?  That’s another of those candlesticks I bought at the Dollar Tree.  LOVE!  Remember when I used them to create Hurricane lamps?  That was super cool.  I’m now in love with buttons, wire and the Dollar Tree.  LOL.

These are the markers that I used.

These markers will mark on almost any surface including glass, metal, plastic, coated paper + you can use them on shrink film and they do great under the continued blast of a heat gun.  YAY!!  They are also Acid-Free, so you don’t have to worry about using them to journal in a scrapbook.  They’re great for that.  Very Cool.


Bic has been so generous to donate a 36 pack of these Ultra Fine Point Bic markers AND a 36 pack of Fine Point Bic markers (retail $41.98) to THREE WINNERS!!!  EXCITING!!  Please leave a comment on this post and I’ll use Random.org to choose 3 winners on Friday, October 8, 2010.  GOOD LUCK!!


2010/10/04 at 6:56 AM
Awesome give-a-way Joy!! I’ve seen that wire used with beads to wrap around serving forks/spoons. They are kind of cool.

2010/10/04 at 11:15 AM
Joy, you never disappoint us! 🙂 There’s always something new to learn on your blog. I love the diversity of your projects. Thanks for the chance to win!
~ Frances

2010/10/05 at 7:57 PM
I could have used these pens today! lol I made a Daisy t-shirt for my daughter’s friend with paint, but I want to add the meaning of each petal on the shirt also.

Don’t forget you can also click HERE and leave a comment to be eligible to win a Cricut Vinylology DVD!  AND … At the end of October, I will pick 5 winners who’ve left a comment on any non-give away post on Joy’s Life during the month of October. Those 5 winners will win some crafty surprises. So, you can leave a comment on all the give away posts AND on non Give Away posts and till have a chance to win tomorrow!


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  1. my colleague has these i think they are fabulous

  2. I love your ideas for the use of shrinky dink paper. I now have to go get some of the paper to try it out. I really need some good pins to use on plastic. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. scottandcarr says:

    These pens look so awesome, and would be a great addition to my scrapbooking supplies!! Just think, Joy, if you scrapbooked, you’d have reason to buy even MORE supplies!!! 🙂

  4. scottandcarr says:

    off topic, but I just saw on my Gypsy yesterday that it has a “multiple cut” feature!! How long has that been on there that I haven’t noticed??? And how COOL is that!!!!

  5. Pinky Paulette says:

    I have a pen fetish. I need those pens. Very cool!

  6. I would love to win. I will use it with some stamp and cricut cuts. Thanks for the chance.

  7. Great project. I have shrinky dinks I may have to try something like this. Thanks for the settings..

  8. OMG,, how thick am i iv been trying for days to rember my password,,, then tonite i came across the email you get when you resiger,,derrrr and there it was all this time siting in my emails my password,,,,,
    any way love the pens joy,, havent try the shrink film not sure how well it would work with allmy grand kids round me lol,,,

  9. Tshehip001 says:

    Another great project, turned out very nice

    Those Bic markers look great, I need to try them.

  10. Joy, if anyone can figure out how to use a vat o buttons, it will be you!

  11. tkirk2010 says:

    what a great idea

  12. kperryshs says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really, really, really WANT THESE!!!!!!!

  13. clairbear3 says:

    I dont have a set of markers ….yet! Thanks for the chance to win these!

  14. Like the project. It’s amazing the ideas for shrinky dinks. The markers are a wonderful give away.
    Would love to win them!

  15. stampologist says:

    Cool give away! I just love ur site!

  16. karinavela says:

    Joy, believe it or not I had never hear of shrink paper. I looks like a really cool craft project to try with my 7 year old son.
    A big thanks for all your hard work!

  17. Great color with those markers!!!

  18. I love the shrinky dink leaf and also the BIC markers, what a cool giveaway.

  19. mom2molly says:

    Another very cool project! I just want to be in your brain for a day and soak up all of the amazing ideas!! 😉

  20. amer55925 says:

    I love shrinky dinks. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Super Duper cute! really love this ides. could even make wine charms. I need these markers hope I win! Thanks.
    mbchoj at aol dot com

  22. lauraleed says:

    i love this Joy.. I try to do shrinks for kids christmas cards.. they love playing.. I would love to win these markers…..

  23. Surely1959 says:

    I love the shrinks and the bic markers.

  24. Super cute idea. Shrinky dinks are so much fun.
    Would love to win the markers.

  25. This is great! Now I’ll have to get some Shrinky Dinks! I’m in love with the Dollar Tree, too! They just made the one by us a lot bigger, and I went to load up on socks the other day. It’s amazing all the great stuff they have added. I also bought lots of RSVP pens and aluminum water bottles that I decorated! I would love to win these markers! Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. ksully4597 says:

    Where do you get the shrink paper? My niece and nephew would LOVE to do this. They recently made shrinky dinks at a party but the fact they would get to pick out the design and color it would be awesome. They are fascinated by my expression and call it “the machine”.

  27. Cute project.. and I have never seen those markers before. I better start looking for them.

  28. Cute leaf wine glass holder. I love bic markers and coloring. TFS!

  29. Great project. I like the shrink art and to know the markers don’t smear. I would love to win them; otherwise I will have to go and buy them.

  30. Hi Joy! What a creative project!! Super cute!

  31. asepulveda says:

    Cool project! These pens are awesome. Thanks for the GREAT giveaway 🙂

  32. That’s such a good idea, you probably can make wine glass charms too….. just sayin’!

    Thanks! shannon slainger@csus.edu

  33. I am a beginner crafter and am loving to learn. I would love to win the Bic Marker set. Thanks!

  34. My 11 yr old son has decided he needs to collect pens so unfortionatly he has taken my scrappin pens for his collection so it would be really nice to get a new set to hide them from him!

  35. yummy giveaway! i love markers,,, these have some really cool colours!
    thanks for the chance to win some =)

  36. I Love Shrinky Dinks, I just played with some a few weeks ago, so many memories……..thanks for the chance to win

  37. CDANIEL77 says:

    Cute idea. I was wondering if you use the markers on ornaments and acrylics?

  38. Love all of your ideas! And I love all of the colors of the BIC markers!

  39. I have never used shrink paper. this is a very cool Idea Joy. I love coloring with colored pensil and markers. The Bic markers look soo cool. What a very nice giveaway. Where can you buy shrink paper?

  40. Just got the shrink paper but to nervous to try it.
    Now you have given me a terrific idea. No holding back now.

  41. I love these fine point markers, thanks for a chance to win.

  42. Janet Licari says:

    Loved your project and instructions on the shrink and markers. I would love a chance to win the markers and will try using the shrink plastics.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  43. simplybren says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. As always love your projects. It is refreshing to have a place to go for some “out of the box” thinking.

  44. wow! Thanks for a chance to win some cool pens!

  45. I can’t wait to make some Holiday wine glass markers/charms!

  46. I would love a chance to win the markers and make the charms.

  47. OK, these like really cool markers! I love markers! So, here’s crossing all toes and fingers with the hope I will win!

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