Peachy Keen Guest Designer Valentine Holder from Tissue Box

Today I’ve created a Valentine holder from a tissue box.  I LOVE to upcycle things.  Basically, upcycling is finding new uses for useless or throw away items.  It’s a passion of mine. 🙂  Do you remember when I turned a Kleenex hand towel box into a car wash?  Here’s a link to that post.  I also upcycled a drink holder.  I think it’s so cute…here’s a link to that too.

oops this photo is on a vacation

I used super simple tools to create this Valentine holder.  Mainly, I used an Exacto knife, heart punches by EK Success and Marvy Uchida Heart Punch.  You’re going to be surprised to learn that I used Peachy Keen Monsters ‘n More for the two heart faces on the bottom of each skewer!  (I don’t think they sell that set anymore.)  I used Peachy Keen Wide Eyed Kids Face Assortment for the rest of the faces.

uh oh, this photo is vacationing too

I also used an ATG gun, tulle for the ribbon, pop dots, tissue paper, black ink for stamping and liquid chalk for inking.  Use a self healing mat when cutting with an Exacto/craft knife.  It provides an excellent surface for cutting and you can press down hard with the knife without worrying about damaging anything.  Be careful though!

I’m so thrilled that I finally found a reason to use these AWESOME Fringe Scissors.  I used the fringe scissors and red tissue paper to make a pretty and fun lining for the top of the box.  Zip Dry paper glue helped me attach the fringed tissue paper to the inside of the box top.

The “You are Beautiful inside and out” sentiment is from the Joy’s Life Mother & Daughter stamp set.

Look at all those cute Peachy Keen faces! I used DH’s grill skewers to attach the hearts. Poor DH. His bamboo skewers have been depleted for crafting uses throughout the year. LOL! I used a red Copic marker to color the skewer with the big heart on it. It blends in much better after coloring it red.

This vacationing photo will be back eventually, I hope!

I hope you like my upcycled tissue box Valentine holder! 😀

And now…time for a fun Give Away!!


morefunscraps Says:
February 3rd, 2011 at 10:14 AM

Love the pillow boxes. You are amazing with coming up with ideas. I so need to puchase those for my machine. I would love to have those adorable peachy keen faces. I am just starting my crafting and everything is so expensive. This would be a great gift for me to add to my crafting collection.

Peachy Keen has given me a set of their PK-754 Critter Faces Set A to give away during my week of Guest Designing. YAY! All you have to do to be entered for a chance to win these cute stamps is to leave a comment here and also on my post on the Peachy Keen blog. I’ll choose a winner Saturday, Feb 5 and post the winner on Friday’s post. 😉

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  1. Lovely! I just love the peachy keen stamps and how you used them here. Good to know about free shipping on your stamps, I think I’m going to have to get the set I want. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a wonderful idea! I want to make these for our Valentine’s day party for decorations!

  3. VinDeeLoo says:

    Very cute!!!

    Well, I can finally post here, but now I can’t post at Peach Keen. Go figure.

    vndlewis at rocketmail dot com

  4. I would love to win these cute faces! Thanks for the chance!!

  5. This is so cute!! I would have not thought of the kleenex box. It is adorable!!! TFS!!

  6. sherrie k. says:

    AMAZING PROJECT!!!!! I just “love” the tissue box. It is soo darn cute…I must make one! Thanks for such a cute idea and for a chance at such a great giveaway.
    Sherrie K.

  7. Cute! I’ve been looking for a simple (ie;cute and cheap!) Valentines candy holder for my son’t teacher, this would be cute with candy bars on the skewers. TFS.

  8. ksully4597 says:

    I love this! I never would have thought to use a tissue box! The faces are adorable ~ love them!

    ksully4597 at gmail dot com

  9. ksully4597 says:

    PKS must invite you back as a guest designer ~ you’re ideas for their stamps are amazing!

    ksully4597 at gmail dot com

  10. That is just tooooo stinkin’ cute, Joy! 🙂

    However, your ATG looks a li’l “naked”. You don’t have to paint it — you can do something similar like I did to mine. Here’s the link for you to have a “boo”:-

    Scroll down to the Mon. Sept. 27th post. — Altered ATG

    Easey peasey and. . . . . . happy ATG!! No more nakedness! LOL

    1. LadybugLinda,
      You are so right! My ATG gun does look naked. I need to bling it up for sure! I’m going to take a look and see what you did to yours. 😀

  11. Recycling is my favorite way to craft. Your valentine bouquet brightens my day.

  12. I love this! Can’t wait to try it but now I need the stamps to make my hearts complete

    Debbie Kissel

    [email protected]

  13. Hmmmm never thought to use the cardboard from those. Perfect for when you need a smaller size TFS I love using things over! And that is so stinkin cute!!!! I absolutely love it…I signed up so I can see what else you come up with.
    [email protected]

  14. scrapbooknut67114 says:

    Cute project! Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

    scrapbooknut67114 at gmail dot com

  15. suekimmet says:

    Great Valentine box/decoration! Those Peachy Keen face stamps are so perfect for almost everything!
    suekimmet@gmail dot com

  16. Love, love, love it!! Especially the fact that yu showed us how t turn what would normally be trash int an elegant treasure!



    rlhamm1 at gmail dot com

  17. Sweet little valentines…so cute! I need to look for those cool scissors! Great job this week as the guest designer, really enjoyed checking out the projects each day. TFS!

  18. SpunkyOne says:

    OMGosh too cute Joy, heck with the Critter Stamps can I choose your Tissue Box ? So stinkin cute!

    [email protected]

  19. Great upcycling! Love all of the Valentine goodness!

  20. This is absolutely adorable. I love it.


  21. Love this idea Joy, recycling the tissue box is a great idea. I may have to rip one apart and do one myself. Always looking for neat gift ideas and this would be a nice gift for someone sick. Thanks for the idea.
    angel hugs

  22. Your valentine box is darling. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us and for the chance to win some candy.

    [email protected]

  23. bunnyfreak says:

    What a great idea.

  24. infamoushoax says:

    OoOoOOooo I would love to have some of these stamps… I see them everywhere on peoples projects! Thanks Joy!

    [email protected]

  25. ScrapinShana says:

    How cute is this?! Love that you recycled something and it turned out super cute!

  26. Cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  27. patriciao73 says:

    All year long I’ve been throwing away those empty tissue boxes in my classroom! Man! If only I had known? LOL Another cute idea!

  28. This is absolutely adorable!! YOU ARE AMAZING AND LOVE THE RECYCLED TISSUE BOX! GREAT IDEA!! Thank you so much for all of your beautiful projects this week! Please forgive my absence… I just returned from California last night. Thank you ever so much for guest designing for us this past week, Joy! Big Hugs and Lots of Love, KathyJ

    1. Thank you Peachy Queen KathyJ!! 🙂 I had a great time working with your awesome Peachy Keen stamps last week! I’m glad you’re safely home & hope your trip was great. I’m looking forward to using PK stamps in some more upcoming projects! FUN!

  29. Joydee1963 says:

    That is so cute,I love to recycled stuff.Joy

  30. This is so cute, thank you for sharing it with us 🙂


    asimpson2 at telus dot net

  31. LadybugLinda says:

    Yeppers! I’m another day late, dollar short —- but still had to comment on this post.

    I KNEW I could count on YOU to come up w/ an idea(s) on how to use these MS scissors. I’ve been on the fence about getting them. LOVE how you used them for grass, too!

    Thanks, Joy!!! 🙂

  32. mrsjamieb says:

    I ran across your page and LOVE how you’ve made the cute red bow above with tissue paper and the weird scissors!! I had never heard of those before but they sound awesome! Anyway, hope you don’t mind, I couldn’t help but feature it on my new blog here:

    P.S. I bought a pair of those scissors on Ebay for $5 but not the MS brand.. I hope they work as good as hers!

    1. Hey Mrsjamieb,
      I left a comment on your blog. Best wishes with it! 🙂
      I hope you like your new scissors too.
      Happy crafting,

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