Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cards

I made this one for my husband.

Who, me wait until the last minute to make Valentine’s Day cards?  Nahhh…I don’t count last night as last minute. 😉  Today, that would be last minute.  So, I got in just under the wire.  If you need to make some fast cards, these came in handy for me.  This is Lori Whitlock’s lovely, Love card.

I even used glitter! I typically hate using glitter.

Using my Silhouette software and my Cameo, I welded two shapes that were slightly larger than the “Love” card to make the folding part of the card.  Silhouette questions?  Here are some tutorials for you!

I used the Valentine Cards 2 file to make this, another card (not shown) and the lollipop heart holder below.

Fast & Easy Treat + Card
Fast & Easy Treat + Card

I made these for my sons and husband.  I used this stamp from my Wintery Pun stamp set and then I made 2 more using “From my heart to yours”, also from Wintery Puns and “U + Me ” from Sweet Popsicle Puns.

I made Super Daughter a quick Valentine last weekend, before she went back to college, using this file from Lettering Delights.  It was fast and super cute!


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  1. You made DH a card the night before…My DH and I met (totally accidental) at the CVS in town at the same time. Laughed, showed each other some funny cards, decided to save our money, bought a bag of Lindor truffles and raced home. I won 🙂

  2. Kitty,
    That is hilarious! I think that’s romantic memorable and wonderful! I know when I tell DH what you two did he’ll agree that that sounds like us too. 🙂

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