Hey Mom, Watch This! – Great Mother’s Day Gift Idea

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Yourkidvid.

As a mom, I take a lot of videos and photos of my kids.  I always have.  You can tell.  Just peek into the cabinets on either side of my fireplace and you’ll know for sure…I ain’t lyin’.

Hey Mom Watch This #YourKidVid #MothersDay #1in85million

So, I’ve done a decent job running the video camera and snapping the camera shutter but my delivery method of showing off those important memories is pitiful.  Whenever I think about compiling it into anything rational, I just feel sleepy…and guilty for not having done something sooner.  Plus, I shut the doors on these cabinets for good reasons: mess, guilt and cell phone.

Hey Mom Watch This #YourKidVid #MothersDay #1in85million

Because my cell phone is usually close at hand I find myself reaching for it to take quick photos and videos, like today.  I took this one of my oldest son asking if he could stay home because he doesn’t feel well (seasonal allergies).  I wanted to remember the way he leaned against the wall, his whole sweet, “son-ness”.  I grabbed my phone.  Yay.  Got it!  However, my phone is sort of turning into a traveling cabinet, like the one in my den.  Everything is in there but it’s living a trapped, incoherent life and I’m still not sharing any of it!

You know what would be awesome?  If someone would take a bunch of my video clips and turn them into a hand-edited mini movie that I can save forever and share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even via email.  Guess what?  There is team of L.A. based award-winning Producers, Directors, and Editors who bring their talents to your home videos, making them hip, fun, and shareable!  It’s YourKidVid!  (Starting at only $29.99)

Hey Mom Watch This #YourKidVid #MothersDay #1in85million

I think this is such a cool service and would make a wonderful gift for anyone but especially for Mom on Mother’s Day.  (Hear that, Babe?  I’m talking to you.)  I LOVE that I could just hand over my video clips and get back a mini-movie.  Yes, please!

And…it’s soooo much better (and more thoughtful…and more unforgettable and personalized) … than flowers.  Here’s another reason I’d like to say yes to Yourkidvid and no to flowers.  (As told by my cat, Domino.)

Hey Mom Watch This #YourKidVid #MothersDay #1in85million

True story.  He’s why I have to enjoy flowers on such a high shelf that I can’t see them or else find him with petals sticking out of his mouth.  Plus, flowers can only be enjoyed for a short amount of time but a video…that’s a long lasting treasure (and I don’t have to clean up petals for days).

Don’t you think this is a great gift?  I do!  This is a good gift to send to grandma too!

Use this coupon and save 20% off any order. Promo Code: 1in85million Expires: May 12th. It can be used towards all products (including gift cards).

Hey Mom Watch This #YourKidVid #MothersDay #1in85million

Don’t miss a chance to win an iPad mini for your mom on Mother’s Day!

There are 85 million moms in the U.S., but is there a mom in your life who is truly #1? Yourkidvid, the professional video editing service for you and the little ones you love, is holding a contest to find America’s #1 mom.

To enter, like Yourkidvid on Facebook AND publish a description of why your mom is #1 on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram using the hashtag, #1in85million.

Your entry can be as simple as sharing a moment, a story, a quick note or even a video about a lifetime of motherly love. Just include the hashtag #1in85million and like us at www.facebook.com/yourkidvid by May 11, 2014. A winner will be selected by the video editing geniuses at Yourkidvid, to receive an iPad mini plus a Gift Card for a free Yourkidvid Premium Video! The winner can give the prizes to their #1 mom or keep them . . . we won’t tell! Go to www.yourkidvid.com/1in85million for details and rules.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Yourkidvid.

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  1. Blue Rose says:

    Hi Joy,
    I see we’re in the same boat…so what’s in the unopened box on the bottom shelf. I have a closet and two huge 18 gal. bins full of pictures, just sitting there, taking up space, gathering dust…waiting for the elves to make some magic. 😉 Handsome boy, nice looking cat.

    1. Blue Rose,
      That box is full of photos too. Sad! I opened the box but that’s all I did with them. I am glad to have found Yourkidvid though because at least I can get video clips from my phone into something I don’t have hidden away. Next…attacking the photo issue…it could happen. 😉

  2. I am happy you have the opportunity to display your pictures, even if they are in a closet!! All of our family photos were destroyed in a housefire, so if we find any pictures of our family anywhere, we are very excited. Doesn’t mean I don’t collect some on my phone though!!

    Love the Cat

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that you lost all your photos in a fire! That’s horrible! I’m so glad you’re okay!

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