Crafty Fails

Today I woke up and initially felt great.  Then I remembered what happened yesterday.  Two Craft Fails.  Crumpled brow ensues.  TWO!  Not only did I have two craft projects fail I had videoed to the end of each one and had to trash everything after neither one worked.  Right at the end!!  More eyebrow crumpling. I went to my craft room right after I got out of bed and instead of feeling inspired, I groaned.  GROANED!  True, I mostly groaned because there was glitter everywhere (like Tinkerbell threw up).  I hate cleaning up glitter!  Now I have to clean up just so I can go in there and get crafty again.  Touching between eyebrows to see if lines are permanent.

I came downstairs and flung myself dramatically into my Half Craft chair.  (The Half Craft is the office I share with my husband.  See here.)  I sighed and whined told SuperDH about my crafty fails and you know what he said?  That sounds like a post.  You should write about how you have things not work out.  Hmmm, good idea. I know I often share things that don’t turn out as I expected, but I am still able to use.  However, sometimes I have such an epic fail that only the garbage can appreciates my efforts.  Seriously, am I feeling a line?  Should I keep a mirror on my desk?

I’ve decided to pull myself together, crawl out of my Half Craft chair, heat up my coffee and tackle the glitter vomit.  Then I will sit there and force myself to be crafty do my nails since they look like I should start wearing gloves year round.  My next course of action?  I’m going to start with something simple, right out of a Cricut booklet.  If I start feeling adventurous I’ll begin embellishing whatever I make.  If I don’t, I’ll have a simple cut and will at least be back in the game.  😉  I wonder if Zip Dry could serve as a line filler in case I’m really feeling a crumpled brow line. What?  Zip Dry?  I’m feeling craftier already!!


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  1. DUCT TAPE! Take a big piece of duct tape and tape it to where you think that line is forming. You will look funny, but it will remind you not to frown…because duct tape is strong! Plus as an added bonus, you will laugh at yourself and realize to “not sweat the small stuff”.
    I love your blog and have learned oh so much.
    Have a great day!


    1. Pita0810,
      LOL!! DUCT TAPE!! Great idea! 😀
      Thank you for the laugh. DH and I both got a kick out of it! 😉 He was wondering why he didn’t thing of that first. 😀

  2. I’m sorry neither of them worked – I’ve been there many times before so its nice to here I’m not alone and we all end up in that position a time or two – even the pros!! Can’t wait to see your next creation!!

  3. Craft fails are so frustrating! The mess! The wasted supplies! The sheer irritation of it all!

    But. We craft on. And hopefully learn something from the fail, too.

    And what a wonderfully supportive husband you have!

    Can’t wait to see the redemption project!

  4. I know exactly how you feel ! I was so disgusted on Tuesday night I walked out of my craft room and left the 4 items I was trying to cut out lying in a heap on the desk. I am new user of cricut, so just trying to get anything saved to a svg file, find it, then figure out how to separate then cut it, is so frustrating to me. I have yet to have a success at anything on it without help. I haven’t even re-entered the room yet to clean up! Guess that will be a Saturday job. It just makes me feel so dumb that I can’t get it.

  5. sy3_smith says:

    sometimes things just don’t work out. but you tried! that’s what counts! hang in there! it sucks when they fail!

  6. Even if you weren’t such a GREAT crafter, I would still read your blog, because it is funny and insightful. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one with days like that!

  7. I have been where you are so many times. I destroy my craft room with nothing to show for it and I don’t even want to talk about the mess. I just step away for a moment, clean up, and it seems when things are clean and organized, I am good to go again. Sending you hugs!

  8. Been there done that with the glitter especially the very small stuff…grrrr. I have thought about mixing it with glue everytime i use it to make it less messy!! Even great crafter make mistakes that is what makes us even better!!!

    Vickie M

  9. Oh Joy, I love that you are so down to earth, but you’ve probably read me saying that before. We all make mistakes or have blunders, but you tell about them. Thank you for being you

  10. crystalsnap says:

    Remember….. Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff!!!!

  11. LOL you are sooo funny Joy, I have so enjoyed all of your awesome creations. Today is a new day.

  12. sandrarena says:

    You always make me laugh! Thanks for sharing the fact that even Superjoy has occasional trouble and glad to know I’m not alone in the failed project area. 🙂

  13. I always hate when Tinkerbell throws up in my craft room (it is usually after my 3 year old granddaughter has been visiting) :-D. Hang in there, Joy, we all love your sense of humor and all the insightful and inspirational things you give us (whether they work … or not!).
    thomfam at inreach dot com

  14. Cheer up Joy!! We all have days like these. My daughter once got into 4 FULL jars of glitter, so I know what you’re talking about. I’m still laughing about Tinkerbell throwing up. Tooooo funny!! We’re here for you win or lose. 🙂

  15. Oh Joy, if we didn’t have failures, we wouldn’t be able to celebrate our successes!! I spilled a container of fine glitter a few weeks back…I need to tell my daughter that Tinkerbell vomited there…he he he!!

    Have a GREAT weekend!! Can’t wait to see what you have for us next!! 😉

  16. Joy, Joy, Joy, I know how you feel! I have those days oh’ so often. I just walk away, and go back to bed! LOL!! Then I start cleaning and in the middle of cleaning my crafty mojo returns and I’m off to my craft room. Which would explain the half cleaned house…LOL!! I hope your craftyness returnes because we all look forward to seeing your wonderful creations.

  17. So sorry to hear your day started off bad, but I know you will get back in that craft room and come up with something very exciting. Remember you are SUPER JOY!!!!!!! Looking forward to any crafty thing you come up with.

  18. juliet1002 says:

    Thanks for posting this. This is often how I feel I spend so much time and money to make something and then at the end its not how visioned it to turn out! THen I just get plain mad and think I should have just bought it ! SO thanks for sharing this, I needed to hear this!

  19. CathyinMN says:

    Joy, I’m so sorry about your craft failures, but I’m so glad you posted this. Many times I have craft failures and sometimes think maybe I wasn’t cut out to be a crafter, either, but I’ve got so much time and money invested, I keep plugging away and something good eventually is made.
    I love your blog and creativity. Your projects you share are amazing!
    Love the mad cat photo, too.

  20. i feel ur pain. ive had my cricut for a couple of months and nothing ever turns out like how i had pictured in my head but that’s why i love your site. you show me that even super awesome experienced cricut users can have bad craft days. it makes me believe that i can master my cricut and make wonderful projects too. that’s why i keep coming back to ur page. ur awesome super joy and i can’t wait to see what ur next project will be :0)

  21. scottandcarr says:

    I already wrote on your Facebook post, but I wanted to say again, LOVE YOU, MISTAKES AND ALL!! <3 Thanks for ALL you do for us!!

  22. Sorry your projects didn’t turn out the way you pictured them, but it is nice to know that our fearless leader “SUPER JOY” has set backs too.

  23. Joy you crack me up! 🙂 I was just where you are two days ago. I just could not get these two cuts from a cartridge to fit together. And I had just bought this wonderful paper that I tore to shreds. I was so upset. I left it sitting there for two days now. But im glad to know im not the only one. And will try again tonight. No worries we love you with the mistakes and without. 🙂

  24. tapper831 says:

    Thank you for coming down to “human” level now and again. Nice to know we are not alone!

  25. finecrafter says:

    Sorry to hear about your “failures”, however I don’t think failures exist. You can always learn from whatever went wrong and remember not to repeat it, therefore making it a success!! You know it’s not just your crafts that bring everyone here, it’s you, and your spunky, funny personality that always gives us a good laugh! Keep going, YOU ROCK!

  26. I hope you have a better day today, but keep in mind your mistakes may be beautiful to us and IF it is truly a mistake we can learn from you!! Have a joyful day

  27. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who fails it is good that you tell us about these also then we know what not to do. See you still help us

  28. Hey Joy, so I have been sitting in an ICU waiting room for three straight days and feeling tired and just overwhelmed. My dad was taken off life support and breathing on his own for about 5 hours now. My sister has been on her computer a lot, I was just sitting here thinking ok I need a little joy in my life right now. She just left her laptop to get coffee, lol She is not getting it back now lol Your tinkerbelle vomit made me laugh. I hope your next crafts are successful. I am planning a 4H meeting and getting some craft ideas from you. Thanks a bunch oh and btw I would rather take tinkerbelle vomit over any of this mess in the hospital lol

    1. Joyfill,
      I am so sorry that I missed your post and sorrier still at what you were going through when you wrote this. I’m sending you blessings and I pray that you are doing well today.
      With hope & love,

  29. It’s Ok Joy, we all have those days! Today when I left to take my lunch, I gave myself a giant cut on my finger that I can’t get to stop bleeding. After that I went to a baby store to buy a gift for a shower in a really nice part of town. As I am coming out of the store, I see 2 guys trying to break into my car. Thank God I called the police and they caught them before they destroyed my car. Now I get to try to make a shower card with my icky wound. I hope this day hasn’t killed my creative flow. Take a fun break and refresh! Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

  30. Joyfill, I hope your dad is ok. I’ll say a prayer for you and your family.

  31. Breathe!!
    I hate it when an idea I have just does not work out!!! I keep telling myself that it is only paper but it doesn’t always make me feel much better!! It is nice to know one of my crafty idols (you) occasionally has a crafting failure, it only makes you slightly less Godlike! LOL
    I hope today’s crafting went better for you.

  32. OMG, you are human! Somewhere under that “super cape” there is a woman. Thanks for always giving us a laugh along with great inspiration. Love this site!

  33. Well, you have more success than failures! I’m still new to it and have more fails than succeeds! Always enjoy your posts!

  34. shewhodreams says:

    Gosh I just love your blog and now I know your human to. lol Hope today was better and all the glitter is gone.

  35. Joy, so sorry it didn’t workout, sorry I can’t think of anything funny to cheer you up….
    we have all had these days,
    I can’t wait to see your next project, I am sure it will be SUPER!!!!

  36. I had a good laugh at the mad cat face! It really helps me to be reminded that I’m not the only one with days like that! Thank you for sharing both the good AND the bad!

  37. Love the cat face! Thanks for the story it made me not feel so alone in that department. LOL!

  38. I’m soooo glad that I’m not the only one who has that happen to them! I’m sure you’ll be fine…. Can’t wait to see what happens once you get it right! LOL 🙂

  39. It’s good to know we all have those days. I seem to have more than others. Just get back in there & try again. I always feel like I can make it work if I try a different approach. Good Luck. Watch out for Tinkerbell. That cracked me up.

  40. Joy, my glitter bleeds for you. Errrrr, I mean… heart!! 🙂

    I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been trying to create a “special project” for my blog, but my printer is giving me prob’s. Why can’t everything just work out the way it’s supposed to??!!!

    I think I know what your prob. was, tho. I think that cute li’l purple cape of yours was a bit tilted and caused all the cafluffle!! 🙂

    Hang in there, Super Joy!!! You’ll get your mojo back! You always do!!! (along w/ that great sense of humour!)

    And…..I can just picture you sittin’ in a “half chair”. LOL

  41. When things like this happen it is so annoying apart from the wasted supplies it is the time factor too. Hope your having a better day.
    Kim xXx
    P.S Did you get my email I sent it earlier this week to HeyJoy at joyslife dot com??

    1. Kim T,
      I don’t think I did get your email. I just checked and didn’t see it. Will you resend it? 🙂

  42. scrapbooknut67114 says:

    Hope you have a better day!

    1. Thank you all for your sweet comments! You made me laugh and feel better. 😀 I’m so glad that sharing my experiences made so many people feel better about mistakes too. It really warmed my heart reading all of your responses. 🙂 I have the best SuperFriends!

  43. JOY!

    Thanks for sharing your frustrations with us!! I am more then sure we have all been there!! With you in spirit and hoping the day turns around…..I am sure it will…… you are SUPER JOY after all!! Hugs N’ Smiles for your day!! =)

  44. Joy, you make me laugh! I see myself in your stories about messed up projects because I go through those too. I have been known to GROAN on more than one occasion. Is it hard for you to decide what scraps are worth keeping for another day, and which ones are actually trash? I have a lovely selection of glittered pieces, punched and embossed squares of every kind. Anyway, I LOVE your cheerful attitude. We should be neighbors!

    1. Hi Grace,
      It is hard to decide what scraps are worth keeping and which ones aren’t. However, I’ve finally decided that when it comes to paper I won’t keep most pieces unless they are about 3-4″ square. I cut down all my paper into usable amounts before I add it to my scrap box. Sticking with those measurements helps me keep scraps from taking over my home, LOL! 😉 Thank you for your kind words. It would be great to be neighbors! 🙂

  45. patriciao73 says:

    I’ve been away too long from your blog! Too busy being a teacher! I enjoyed reading about your craft fails! It helps us to remember that we can try our best and to not give up! Keep on crafting Joy! At least you have more time for it than I do! But I try to get together with friends at least once a month or every two months. I just ordered your “pun” stamps, so hopefully I will put them to good use after they come in!

  46. Sorry for the bad day you had. Glad you are feeling better and hopefully better to clean up the mess! 🙂

  47. looks like you hit the nail on the head with this post looking at all the comments. I have a whole drawer full of glitters and glittery empossing powder that rarely get’s opened because I hate finding glitter in my pasta.(my craft room is my living, dining room and kitchen) after I discovered Stickles and glitter gel pins, things have been been better. love ya Joy

  48. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I scrapped a project!! Put it to rest and moved on! Have a great day!!

  49. Joy,
    I love how you are so honest with how you share you heart with us. I had this happen last week and actually said this wouldn’t happen if I were more like Joy. I admire your creativity and how you share your ideas with us. You make me want to go back to my desk and try the project again! You’re the best!


  50. HighMaintenanceScrapper says:

    Thanks for the humor and sharing your talents. You most certainly have a gift!!!!

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