Crafty Fails

Today I woke up and initially felt great.  Then I remembered what happened yesterday.  Two Craft Fails.  Crumpled brow ensues.  TWO!  Not only did I have two craft projects fail I had videoed to the end of each one and had to trash everything after neither one worked.  Right at the end!!  More eyebrow crumpling. I went to my craft room right after I got out of bed and instead of feeling inspired, I groaned.  GROANED!  True, I mostly groaned because there was glitter everywhere (like Tinkerbell threw up).  I hate cleaning up glitter!  Now I have to clean up just so I can go in there and get crafty again.  Touching between eyebrows to see if lines are permanent.

I came downstairs and flung myself dramatically into my Half Craft chair.  (The Half Craft is the office I share with my husband.  See here.)  I sighed and whined told SuperDH about my crafty fails and you know what he said?  That sounds like a post.  You should write about how you have things not work out.  Hmmm, good idea. I know I often share things that don’t turn out as I expected, but I am still able to use.  However, sometimes I have such an epic fail that only the garbage can appreciates my efforts.  Seriously, am I feeling a line?  Should I keep a mirror on my desk?

I’ve decided to pull myself together, crawl out of my Half Craft chair, heat up my coffee and tackle the glitter vomit.  Then I will sit there and force myself to be crafty do my nails since they look like I should start wearing gloves year round.  My next course of action?  I’m going to start with something simple, right out of a Cricut booklet.  If I start feeling adventurous I’ll begin embellishing whatever I make.  If I don’t, I’ll have a simple cut and will at least be back in the game.  😉  I wonder if Zip Dry could serve as a line filler in case I’m really feeling a crumpled brow line. What?  Zip Dry?  I’m feeling craftier already!!


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  1. I have had more fails then successes…and although it is frustrating to no end…it’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one. You make such beautiful things ! So mark it off to a bad day…make a smiley face and wear it…of course i don’t reccommend zipdry gluing it…that will set off another course of events you probably don’t want to happen

  2. Joy, I so enjoy your website. I learn more on your pages than any other place on the internet. Thanks for deciding to spend your valuable “crafting” time sharing your ideas and tips. Don’t know what I’d do without you!

  3. I’m glad that superdh gave you that advice. Sometimes crafting looks so easy from all of the videos, but there’s a lot involved. Someone once said to me “put on your big girl pants and get on with it.” Sounds like you’ve already accomplished that!

  4. So sad that things didn’t work out for you 🙁 . This is why we all love you guys so much that have these wonderful blogs for us though. You make us all feel as one! We all mess up! And we all come back!
    Next time still show us the failed attempts! I am sure we can all relate!
    Thank super DH for us too!

    one word of happiness before I go – – Zip Dry!

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