The Perfect Gift for All Occasions AND Keurig K65 Special Edition Giveaway

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Keurig Giveaway #coffee #Keurig #JustBrewIt #giveaway

If you come to my house you’ll find a Keurig in my kitchen and in my craft room.  It’s a gift I give to others and to myself!  You know what I love about it?  First, it’s super easy to make a single cup of coffee, tea and other drinks.  I like that because when I want it…I want it now!  The Keurig makes it in under one minute with the touch of a button.  Awesome.

Keurig Giveaway #coffee #Keurig #JustBrewIt #giveaway

 I also don’t want old coffee or cold coffee.  So, if DH got up early and made a pot of coffee and I get up later it might be yucky by then! Ugh!  Plus, what if he makes a coffee I don’t want?  For example, he might make a pot of French  Roast but I want Vermont Country Blend or Sumatra.  What then?  The world comes crashing down, right?  Another option?  I make a single cup or cups of the flavor I want, right then.  Hot.  Perfect.  Just for me.  Ahhhh.

Keurig Giveaway #coffee #Keurig #JustBrewIt #giveaway

So, what makes a Keurig the perfect gift for a wedding, housewarming or to welcome a new baby to the home?  Let me tell ya.  I’m thinking about my cousin who is having her first baby…a girl!!  This is a great gift for a new mom because she can quickly offer a fresh cup of coffee, tea, etc. to her visitors without having to go to any trouble.  She can easily make herself some decaf, cocoas or a variety of teas.  So nice!  Perfect for when you’re up at 3pm or 3am.

Keurig Giveaway #coffee #Keurig #JustBrewIt #giveaway

This is the Kcup shelf for our Keurig in my pantry.  We’re serious about our Kcups.  We keep a variety of coffees and teas plus cider and hot cocoa.  A Keurig was the first gift I bought for my daughter for her dorm room.  She LOVES it.

Keurig Giveaway #coffee #Keurig #JustBrewIt #giveaway

Would you like a cup?  How about a whole Keurig® Special Edition brewing system for yourself?  Just enter the giveaway below for your chance to win!

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  1. I would make regular coffee for me (the stronger the better) and decaf for my hubby!!

  2. I’d make some delicious blueberry coffee and hot green tea for myself and some cold tea drinks for my son.

  3. I love the variety of flavors and beverages offered by Keurig. I like the idea of a machine in the craft room. #Brilliant!!

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