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Your Story Family Bingo Game 12 Days of Christmas DAY EIGHT GIVE AWAY

It’s Play Time!!

I’ve had a Your Story for about a year and I finally tried it out!  You know what?  It’s super cool AND easy to use.  I used it to laminate these Family Bingo game cards that I created using my Father & Son and Mother & Daughter stamps.  Let me show you how I made my game.

If you don’t have a Your Story and you’d like a laminator, this Scotch laminator is another great option!

First, I picked family and friends stamps from my Mother & Daughter and Father & Son stamp sets.  You can mix and match words from those sets to make a lot of combinations too.  I punched out the pieces for the Bingo board using a 1″ circle punch and I used a 1-1/2″ punch for the larger game pieces used to call the words for the game.  The “I heart You” stamp is the “Free Space”. 😀

OH NO!!  What happened to Zippy?

Zippy and I were busy getting ready to use our Your Story for the first time.  I looked away for a few seconds and when I looked back…he’d FAINTED!  I checked his batteries, so it wasn’t that.  It was the fumes from the Your Story.  PHEW!  It smelled AWFUL when it heated up!  I gave him some chocolate and he eventually came around, but he made me promise to use the Your Story in a well ventilated area.

So, easy Zippy could use it…if he had hands.

It’s really that easy.  You put your item inside a lamination pouch and when the Your Story is ready (after about 5 minutes) then you can push your item in through the front.  It comes out the back all nicely laminated.  I used pouches I bought on Amazon.  Here’s a link to the ones I bought: 100 Clear Laminating Pouches at Amazon for $16.  I’m really happy that I have a lot of those laminating pouches because now I want to laminate some more things!

I made this little holder for the Bingo pieces used by whoever calls the game.  This was SO EASY.  I just folded a piece of paper over, taped each side and then I used a circle punch to make that little opening so you can more easily pull out the pieces.  It doesn’t need the twine, but I like it and felt compelled to wrap something with it.  LOL!

Lastly, I forgot to take a photo of the dry erase markers I had for each person to use so they can mark off the words that they have on their Bingo card.  Rest assured, those markers wipe right off of the laminated Bingo cards.  I’m pretty happy with my fun little game.  I hope you like it!


On the 8th Day of Christmas Joy (that’s me!) Gave to one Winner….

a set of Father & Son stamps AND….

a set of Mother & Daughter stamps!!

FUN! To be eligible to win please leave a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen by Random.org on December 13.

SEE YOU TOMORROW FOR THE 9th Day of Christmas and a Crafty Post & Give Away!!

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  1. What a great idea. I think I might have to come up with something like this for a baby shower for my sister in the spring! Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win your great stamps!

  2. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win another set of your stamps, to go with the Lots Of Pun stamps I won last month!!

  3. Love bingo, this would be great for our family game night on Christmas Eve at my parents, where we all (14 of us) stay the night. Thanks for this idea.

  4. What a cute idea for a gift or to give to the school for their game night. I never thought of making my own Bingo set. Also thanks for the heads up on the laminating sheets at Amazon!

  5. I never thought to use my stamps for anything but cards, scrapbooks and home dec. Way to think outside the box! TFS and for the great giveaway. Glad Zippy recovered, lol.

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