Sweet 16…

Well, that’s Super Baby…and me.

Somewhere along the way, that little baby grew taller than me, became a beautiful young lady and the sweetest, funniest and most precious girl in my life.  Somehow, those days that seem endless when they are babies are quickly gone and you wish you could press a restart button and take a quick step back just one more time.  Back then, I couldn’t fully understand women who told me those days would pass too quickly … but now I know they do. 🙁

Happy Sweet 16 to my Precious Baby Girl. 😉

P.S.  That kid was 9 lbs and 10 oz.  I am much more comfortable this day, than I was 16 years ago.  You get what I’m sayin’ Mom’s?  😀

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  1. Happy 16th Birthday sweet ones!!

  2. Aww, happy birthday to your DD! What a sweet picture!

  3. ladybugCarrie says:

    Happy Birthday to your daughter! 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet (not so little) girl. I know exactly how u feel. My youngest just turned 18. I am a mother of 7 and grandmother of 3 and time does fly by. Now I am enjoying my grandkids because I can just send them back when they get on my nerves…lol.


  5. Hi Joy! Happy Birthday to your Super Baby Girl! Isn’t it amazing how time flies?!! Next year my son will be off to college and I’m just not ready for that! Yikes!

  6. gabyangel says:

    How precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    …and I do get it… you are more comfortable now!

  7. scottandcarr says:

    Happy Birthday, Joy’s SuperBaby!!! My oldest turned 10 today. Double Digits is a shock for me! But I know in a blink of an eye I will be wishing my baby “Sweet 16” as well.
    Hope you both have the GREATEST day!!!

  8. winnielosie says:

    Happy Birthday to Your Daughter 16th birthday is an important one. They grow up so fast. Vicky

  9. flowerdisco says:

    happy Birthday to your baby…don’t they grow fast?

    You are so pretty then too.

    I had to laugh hard at your stories below, especially the peach butt, hehe!

  10. Happy Birthday to your sweetie! Hang on it gets a little bumpy but so worth the love of a daughter.

  11. mom2gabman says:

    Happy Birthday to your Super Daughter! My oldest just started kindergarten and told me he wants a cell phone! I can’t imagine what he will be like when he turns 16. They grow up so fast!

    1. Thank you all for the sweet comments! 🙂 I was having a tough time not crying when I was writing that. Ok, I’m lying. I did cry. 😐 That’s why I had to add that P.S., so it would lighten things up a bit. So, ScottandCarr’s baby is 10 today (Happy Birthday!) and Mom2gaman’s son just started kindergarten and wants a cell phone. Hilarious! They’re all such a blessing. 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday to your daughter and congrats to you Mom, for raising such a lovely daughter! I’m sure you feel a lot better today than on this date 16 years ago!!

  13. Bithday wishes…may the LORD bless your special day!!!

  14. Happy Sweet 16 Super Baby! And SuperJoy, you look way too tiny to have had a 9 lb 10 oz baby, guess that was your super power back then!

  15. Linda Dodsworth says:

    Happy Sweet 16 birthday precious girl.

  16. kimberlin says:

    Happy Sweet Sixteen!!! Yes, they grow up in a blink of an eye-
    9 lbs. 10ozs? Oooouch!!!!!

  17. i here you Joy. I miss those days. My precious girl who we call the miracle baby as she wasn’t supposed to be and I was sick and had bed rest and she came a month early and the best part is she didn’t breathe right way is turning 15 next week on (she was born on 9/5/95) They do grow up way too fast. My baby will be 13 on 10/6 I miss the baby years but I love these years too. What am I going to do when they are gone from the house. I will be lost. LOL Happy birthday sweet sixteen to your beautiful daughter.

  18. Hi Joy. And a happy birthday to your daughter. Time flies by too fast and they are grown and off on their own before you know it.

  19. Happy Birthday to your DD. My baby just turned 24.

  20. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Hope she enjoys her special day.

  21. Happy giving birth day to you Joy! You do look so beautiful in your pic and your daughter is just adorable! My oldest is 4 going on 14 so I guess I will have a sweet 16 for her in 2 yrs LOL! She was 9lbs 1 and I thought that was big…can’t imagine 9 10! (althought my brother was a 10lb 2 oz baby so I hear from my mom all the time about my dd not being that big…especially since she was very overdue!)…hope you have enjoyed the special day!

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