Somebody Front Me the Money for This…

Build a car

I love a great idea! Usually, I love my great ideas the best, but here’s a guy who came up with something that I think is so cute and fun that it makes me want to buy a franchise. Really.

You know Build-a-Bear, right? Well this new franchise idea is basically, build-a-car. Cute! You go into the store and pick out the car body style that you like and then you move from station to station customizing the thing. How totally cool! This would be so much fun to do with kids, if you could get the grown men out of the way long enough for the kids to get to any of the stations. (I’m just sayin’.)

Check out “Chip Fooze Makes a Ride” and you’ll see how it’s all done.

Find a Ridemakerz near you a totally cool idea …

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