I Heart Savannah…I Just Do.

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Planning a trip to Savannah? Well, you should. DH & I took our 3 kids last month. I just love Savannah. Here’s a list of some of the places and things we enjoyed:

Tybee Island Food Spots:

The Crab Shack “Where the Elite Eat in their bare feet” We heart the crab shack. It’s fun…check out their site…and sit outside near the marsh! If you’re allergic to cats…I feel for you. They walk around here like they rule the roost, because they do. You may have one climbing a tree over your head if you sit outside. That may bother some folks, but I think, “Hey, my kind of place!”

(Now out of business) Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House – The service was ok, but the food was great! Again with the marsh. You’re on one, but you just enjoy it through the windows. You can go outside…where you might encounter a wandering raccoon, we did.

Tybee Island Dolphins & Lighthouse:

Tybee Dolphin Tours We totally enjoyed this tour and the prices are very reasonable for a tour of this kind. We DID see dolphins play!!

Savannah Dolphin Tour

Tybee Lighthouse Yep, we walked from bottom to top. This will divide those in shape from those who are not. Frankly, after reaching the top, I considered jumping to get down. 178 steep stairs from the bottom to the top…and then that same 178 to get back to the bottom. Great view!

Downtown Savannah/River Street:

For me, no trip to Savannah is complete without making a visit to Paula’s/Lady & Sons. (UPDATE: That’s not on my list anymore, and is much less popular than it once was. Consider Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room instead.)

OR going to Wet Willie’s and supporting Global Cooling, LOL. My favorite: Call a Cab & Monkey Shine. River Street has an open container law, so you will see people walking around with cups,mugs,various containers of libation.

We also enjoy looking out over the river and watching the enormous container ships go by. You can eat some good food at Tubby’s Tank House. If you sit on the balcony (we always do) you can watch the ships and the people. Doubling the fun. Sometimes they have live music on the balcony too.

[url=http://www.thepirateshouse.com/]The Pirate House Restaurant[/url] You’ll have a good time here. The food was pretty good. You will probably see Captain Jack Sparrow stumbling around the restaurant and he will most likely drop by your table to entertain you for a moment. Our kids really enjoyed it AND historically it’s an interesting visit. Just make sure you read about it’s historical significance.

[url=http://www.trolleytours.com/]Trolly Tours[/url] Now, you’ve got to take some kind of tour of Savannah. Your best bet is to just do a search on Savannah tours and pick the one that fits your group best.
[url=http://www.savannahriverboat.com/]Savannah Riverboat tour[/url] We took this tour with the kids and really enjoyed it. It’s a different look at River Street and you learn a lot about it’s port status.
Here’s a link to several of the ghost tours:
[url=http://www.savannahtours.us/tours/tourType.cfm/ttid2/1111?gclid=CLfy7bPFo5MCFRItxwod8yiDnw]Ghost Tours[/url]

Additionally, River Street Sweet’s and Savannah’s Candy Kitchen (I think that’s the name of the other one) are fun candy stores to pop into when on River Street. You’ll get some tasty free samples and probably leave with a ton of candy that you just had to have.

We really enjoyed venturing through Bonaventure Cemetery too. It’s hauntingly beautiful and historically interesting. Don’t think you’re just going to go in there without some kind of map and find your way to the famous folks or most interesting statues. It’s not going to happen. The place is HUGE. Get a map from a travel book, do an internet search or take a tour, so you don’t miss the highlights. [url=http://gosoutheast.about.com/od/savannahgaattractions/ss/bonaventure.htm]Bonaventure Cemetery[/url]

[url=http://gastateparks.org/info/ftmcallister/]Fort McAllister State Park[/url] We really love this park. If you like to take walks, you can take their nature trail. You’ll walk over a marsh and to a small outlook here. Also, there is a great old fort to tour. Plus, it’s really pretty. It’s a bit of a drive and not near River Street or Tybee at all.

Of course, if it’s forts you’re after…
If you decide to chug up to the top of the Tybee Island Lighthouse your admission will also get you into Fort Pulaski + the museum. We enjoyed it.

**TIP** If you do go to the Tybee Island Lighthouse (you don’t have to walk to the top…there are other things to see), you can park next to the Lighthouse office, not in front of the fort. The parking next to the lighthouse is free with your admission. If you park in front of the fort, then walk over to the lighthouse you’ll be paying for parking in addition to the admission. The parking near the fort requires change or a debit card and is timed. You pay at a box, not a person. It’s not bad parking, you’re just paying for it and the free lighthouse parking is only steps away.

We also enjoyed Wormsloe State Park it is one of the only remaining old plantation sites in Savannah. You just see those trees and want to take off running like Forest Gump.

Well, that should get you started. Before we went the 1st time I used this book to get acquainted:

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