Time in New England…took me away

I’m not the only one who knows that Barry Manilow song, am I? DH calls him Barely-Man-Enough.

 Well, here it is…my adventure.

new england

Well, I haven’t actually been to New England…yet, but I am going soon. I’m taking a road trip with my 3 kiddos. I’m so excited! I love to travel by car, that way I’m totally in control. Plus, I have a fear of flying. Yeah, embarrassing. It’s not so bad that it will keep me from flying, I’ll just be really wishing that I wasn’t while I’m doing it.

The other day I also realized that I have a fear of closed in spaces. That was when I practically got locked into a tanning bed. My life is just one adventure after another, LOL.

I’ll write you each day about my upcoming adventures. Some may include photos that the kids take, so don’t judge too harshly. Actually, they’re pretty good budding photogs, but sometimes what they think is a good focal point, isn’t.

I hope our trip is safe and fun. I have no doubt that it will be interesting. We’re touring all of the New England states AND, if I feel like it, the Canadian side of Niagara Falls + Toronto (really fast). If I get stuck at the boarder, I hope one of you will come to my rescue. LOL JK, I read the site…no sarcastic joking with the boarder guards. Got it!

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