Changes Small and Big

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Changes big and small

Small and Big – New Beginnings

The end of the school year and beginning of summer have brought on changes small and big throughout my life, but this year it is even more significant.  Our youngest child is about to graduate from high school!  That means that my husband and I are about to be empty nesters, at least most of the year.

Reebok Trilux at the Juice Bar

We’ve been preparing for years now, I kid you not.  We made a concerted effort to make sure that we knew how to interact and enjoy time together in a way that didn’t include discussion about our three children, because after you’ve been married long enough that they’re graduating from college and getting married, you’ve spent a lot of time focused on them…sometimes just on them.

New Date Ideas

Yoga with Reebok Trilux and puppy paws

The first thing we did was force ourselves out of the house for a real date night.  Two years ago, we bought our first season of annual tickets to the Fox Theater and it sparked new conversation, new dinner destinations and new clothes, because we’d been phoning it in when it came to style and appropriate clothing.  (I also got some Reebok Trilux Shoes so I can be adaptive to my changing plans and activities!)  Before we knew it, we were like … real people again!  LOL!  I’m kind of joking, but it was really nice to move the focus back to us as a couple, more than just a couple of parents.

Aloha bowl at the Juice Bar

New Way of Eating

We’ve done some new things too.  We finally got our passports!  We just went on our first cruise and loved it!  We even made new friends, which is hard to do as you get older, right?  Lately, we’ve radically changed what we eat.  That’s our newest thing.  I’m not going to give any kind of diet tips, because we’re not dieting, but I’ll say that we’re really focused on nutrition and health.  Unlike our previous selves, we even bypassed a BBQ restaurant to go to the Juice Bar, where I got this amazing and addictively delicious “Aloha Bowl”.  My BFF there got the Acai bowl.  For us, that’s a big change, a big shift in thinking.  We’re learning about and using so many new foods, so don’t be surprised when you see some new recipes!

Reebok Trilux flooring at Lumber Liquidators

New Reebok Trilux Shoes

We’re finally redoing our floors!  Right after we left the Juice Bar we zipped over to a flooring store.  We zeroed in on this floor, the one with my cute Reebok Trilux shoe on it.  I wore these all day, which was awesome because they’re super versatile.  My daughter even told me that they were “on trend and so cute” and that she wanted a pair, sooooo I was pretty thrilled with myself.  Plus, I really like the way they look!  You can get them at Academy.

Do you like the floors we picked?  We were going to go with solid bamboo, because of the dogs, but are thinking we’ll go with these engineered bamboo because we liked the distressed look of them.  The price was the same either way, so I’m halfway kicking myself…with these adorable shoes, LOL!

Reebok Trilux Onion Blossom in Garden

Back home I checked out our raised gardens.  Last week, I bought this “I don’t remember planting this” rock and dropped it in this garden for my husband to find.  The truth is, I had no idea that chives bloomed with this pretty purple flower, if you ignore them for a long time.  Also, he and our youngest son, recently planted all the veggies in our gardens, which you can’t see at all in this shot.  My job was to tamp down all the dirt for this years planting.  It was a blast!  Tons of slamming down a big iron tamper.  It was cool.  I pretended I was a monster attacking a fictitious town, because I’m super childish.  These shoes are also good for stomping, but I wanted to keep them “clean-ish”, because I love how they look!

Reebok Trilux and brittany spaniel

Changes Small and Big

Changes small and big also refers to this guy, Scout, small.  Our oldest son, ill advisedly, got a dog, while living in a dorm…just…don’t ask.  Anyway, naturally, Scout had to come live here.  He’s brought a lot of fun, and destruction, to our home.  He and Saban get along, which is nice.

Reebok Trilux working out with English Mastiff paws

One of the best things about Scout is that he has a lot of energy.  It’s also one of the worst things, because you have to watch him every second, on the other hand he keeps me moving more than I was, which is always a good thing!  Because he needs more exercise than Saban, I actually went out and purchased some new “athleisure” wear, you know, stuff that can be athletic but you can also go shopping/out with friends/to the movies in it…like these shoes.  Perfect for my day because, right after this, I wore it to the movies with my husband and son.

Reebok Trilux at the movies

Behold their loveliness while I enjoy the comfort.  (That kid cannot wait for the movie to start.  LOL!)

Are you making any small or big changes this season?

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